Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sabotage Inc.

Strange days indeed people. Well the staff at WLT must say its very impressed with the way certain Australian Nationalist Groups have decided to down their weapons and start to talk again. Oh yes the intel between these groups is once again flowing. Who knows for how long but maybe we are all getting a little wiser and serious? This would be making the Agent Provocateurs a little concerned and desperate.

It would seem that even the bitter hatreds of the past have had to take a sideline for now. The false claims of KKK infiltration of the Australia First Party has got everyone rolling their eyes. So it should. This latest attack from the Zionist run Media and the Vandalism of the Australia First Head quarters are tactics from a bye gone era. One that all we know now to be State Based run and sponsored then and now.

So whats the latest from combined intel gathering? Looks like old Davey Boy Palmer hasn't spoken to the media at all this year in fact it could be as far back as two years. Not that he doesn't mind all the attention it is David Palmer after all. Makes me wonder if old Johny Lee Clary is in town?

One question every legitimate WN group in Australia over the past couple of days is asking is"Who Benefits from all this". And they all agree it ain't any of us. But we all have a fair idea of who does.

Old White Law Towers received an email the other day from Australia's own 60 minutes. Asking us of all people if we were David Palmer. That's the caliber of our top notch investigative reporting. They wanted to know if we were David Palmer and if so could he contact them. That got us thinking, oh and I bet David also $$$$$

If David is again in contact with the media why in the hell is it that 60 minutes is using the old shot gun email to find him. Why not just ask a fellow Journo? Not to mention the angered and frustrated emails we received from Fellow White Nationalists about the recent Government owned and run Youth Radio Station JJJ interview with David Palmer. You see these WN who have been active for about 3 years have been lucky enough never to have heard of him before. That was until the KKK story from the Sydney Morning Herald last week. But it has transpired that the caller who claimed to be an even crazier and insane David Palmer (hard to believe)was in fact a hoax and a impostor. Strange hey. Well not really this is all to be expected.

These are the facts that we have learnt so far readers. All though we will not go into other things we have discovered for now. Or the groups who are all concerned at what is going on. One thing is for sure we are all reading from the same book on this one.

I hope you all have been taking note on who has been trying to give this KKK crap credibility. We may do a follow up in the coming days, but I think for now we will let the Aussie Patriots do a little investigating on their own first.

WLT would like to thank those people out their who see the big picture. We applaud the maturity shown by these men and hope that everyone in the WN movement can learn from it. The Future Belongs To Us.


Anonymous said...

the Beastie Boys should really be called the Bagel Boys- they are all kikes, I thought you should know!

Whitelaw Towers said...

Mate its just their for public consumption. We haven't rushed out and bought a CD. I'm still listening to Black Sabbath even thou Ozzie married a Jew.

But you are correct and we are sorry if we have offended.

Anonymous said...

re: Ozzie marrying Jewess - no better message for white men and women not to take drugs, look what can happen! Yuck! Have you seen the result of his mating with that yenta beast!?