Tuesday, July 21, 2009

War on Terror is now officialy over? Let the war on Extremism Begin.

Looks like our Government and other Zionist controlled Governments have had a change of heart. But are they just getting ready to focus on White separatist groups and other non conformists instead ? We think so. Oh the joys of a Non White Multicultural Defense Force to help usher in a new era of Harmony. Yay oh happy days.

War on terrorism is over ... in lexicon
Stephanie Peatling
July 7, 2009

THE phrase "war on terrorism" is set to be expunged from the official lexicon.

Nearly eight years after the September 11, 2001, attacks the Federal Government is reviewing the official language used to discuss terrorism.

"Experience has shown that the language used to describe terrorism can be counterproductive," the Attorney-General, Robert McClelland, said. "Certain words have the potential to glorify terrorism and terrorists, while others can cause anxiety among Australians and create divisions within and between communities."

Of particular concern to the Government are phrases that specifically link religion to terrorism, such as "jihad" and "Islamic extremists".

The "war on terrorism" as well as its more American-style cousin, "the war on terror", are also in the Government's sights.

"We need to use language that does not inadvertently glorify terrorism but rather describes it in terms of base criminal behaviour of the most reprehensible kind," Mr McClelland said. The project was inspired by a similar linguistic realignment that recently took place in Britain. A counter-terrorism phrasebook was drawn up by the Home Office to help public officials talk about terrorism without making an explicit link between Islam and terrorism, with politicians starting to speak of "al-Qaeda terrorists" instead of "Muslim terrorists".

The Australian project will involve focus groups of members of the public to test their views on the language of terrorism. They are being run by the Australian Multicultural Foundation.

The executive director of the foundation, Hass Dellal, said people did not want a new wave of political correctness but wanted language to be used more carefully. Words and phrases such as "moderate Muslim", "jihadist", "Islamic extremists" and "Muslim terrorists" were too general.

He said participants did not want religion removed from discussions about terrorism but that the context needed to be made clear. The phrase "war on terrorism" was particularly pernicious because it had quickly become "shorthand for Muslims".


Now readers just think about it for a second. The implications of re wording the so called "War On Terror" now puts us all in the gun sights of the corrupt and greedy Governments that currently control our people. Multicultural groups (read left wing Marxist) who are pushing this new agenda will certainly be using this new tactic to wage war on the White Nations they hate so much. No more evil Muslims just evil Nazi's and extremists. I don't know about you but I get a little nervous over the possibility of being put in the same category as Islamic suicide bombers.

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Britain Awake said...

War on extremism, more like the war on white nationalism!