Saturday, July 04, 2009

A Warning to you all!

Seems that FDB along with their Jew Reporters have just given us another life long member to the struggle. They just don't get it do they. Once the shock wears off then the fight begins.

First comes the set up here

Then comes the gloating Facebook racist is multicultural community radio staffer

People in the WN or NS community who encourage people to join these Facebook groups are putting people at risk. Never accept an invitation and always be highly skeptical of the person who asks you to join.


Trouble said...

I wish her all the best and from first hand experience it gets a lot easier to handle the barbs from our openly homosexual communist swill opponents once you've been 'outed'.

Always the Women said...

The smug gloating demonstrates the "Jewishness" of the pained wailing organisation known as "FightDemBack”, a suspected subset that operates under the direction of those resident at the persecution complex of the BnaiBrith. They're making us "Goyim" ....."Better".

The fork tongued nature of this revolutionary organisation is encapsulated in the name "FightDemBack". They are Zionists. Zionism demands the global manufacture of a racially non-descript underclass by which the Jew back references its self ascribed magnificence. The world is their “Israel”.

The "Jew" is a fraud, and has only the Courage to "Care" for the "Gentile" in much the same way that the Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy Mother "cares" for its child. FDB are a social mechanism by which the Jew administers its "care" in the form of ideological faecal matter injected into the collective mind and body of others. It takes great pleasure in doing this, especially in a previously healthy society. In this way, the Jew seeks solace in new found relevance, as it sets about “repairing” the injured society and making it in to some sort of Frankensteinian monstrosity that pleases the Jew.

But then, for noticing this, I'm an "Anti-Semite".

Judaism....a backward referenced attitudinal doctrine of prejudicial, racial relativism that seeks its manifest destiny by defiling all around it.

The Jews of FDB celebrate what they perceive to be the "impotent rage" of the Goyim, in that we apparently cannot "defeat" the lies of the Jew.
More than any other, the Jew has blood on its hands. It has this because in lieu of duping some of us into worshipping its miserable idolatrous arse as a proxy for "God" it must , in a true impotent rage, "Kill the Best Gentiles", because it is an affront to the precious sensibilities of the Jew that we refuse to kneel before their fraudulence and their lies.

I remind Asher Moses that some of us get house calls from your glorious Mossad, representatives from your "God" I presume. Why ? Because you hate us ? Because we don't kneel. You may rest assured that every single Jew is physically safe in the presence of those that understand you, because we know you yearn for us to strike you so like the pre-traumatic victims you are, you can have a manufactured pretext to strike murderously and wail in pain at us as you do. But we know you, and we see no end to YOUR provocations. We humour you with our self restraint, because we know and pity you.

The religion of the Jew lusts for persecution, and we non-Jews are unfortunately included in it. Doesn't it makes sense that you will torment the Goyim so that we satiate your sado-masochistic lust? You know that the desired reaction will not come through genuine concern for our welfare, so you must torment us to elicit the desired physical response that you call "Anti-Semitism". You goad us into doing your bidding. Either way …you Hate us….don’t you Jew. You want us to hurt you, and you hate us even more when we won’t.

You appear to be almost psychotic.

Yet we find you infesting the psychoanalytic and psychology professions where you, implied to be “sane” by your position as adjudicator of Goy sensibilities, administering your "Tikkun Olam" with judgemental opinion and anti-depressants, particularly to Women as you did when you went slithering into the sphere of influence of "Adam and Eve", the first “Gentiles”. Always misleading and applying your approvals to the Females first ? Because they are most susceptible to your deceptions and flattery ? You especially detest the females that understand you don't you ? You despise them don’t you Judas ?

That people is why the slippery pricks and the "anarchists" of the Kosher kind at FDB particularly love to attack non-compliant Females. They despise them especially, because an aware Gentile female circumvents your Lies.

On JewHissness said...

If the Jew respects others more than himself, then does the Jew seek to find self-respect in destroying the existence and memory of the other ? Probably.

Sick to the F.....g YidCore...

It is difficult to remain quiet on the Jew when FDB are a quintessentially "Jewish" coagulation of repulsive ideas.

"To defeat Judaism, the Jew must first understand himself and war against himself. So far, the Jew has reached no further than to make and enjoy jokes against his own peculiarities. Unconsciously he respects the Aryan more than himself. Only steady resolution, united to the highest self-respect, can free the Jew from Jewishness. This resolution, be it ever so strong, ever so honourable, can only be understood and carried out by the individual, not by the group. Therefore the Jewish question can only be solved individually; every single Jew must try to solve it in his proper person. . . . "

Anonymous said...

Judaism's Finest expressing "Tikkun Olam". They're apparently "repairing the world".


The Asher of the Jews said...

I wonder if Asher Moses, who probably fancies himself as a bit of an investigative reporter, will be getting about the suburbs masquerading as and Israeli Art Student/Peddlar, visiting peoples homes, workplaces etc taking notes, probably pictures in secret etc, and then "reporting" what he's noticed.

What do you reckon Asher ? There's been an Art Scam getting about the place lately...according to the media...What they don't say is that these Art peddlars are Israeli's and their purpose, really and you do know this Asher, is to spy on the "nastiest" "Goyim ". A nasty Goyim is one who might deny you the manifest destiny you covet in the form of kneeling Noachides as a testament to your magnificence.

Will we see you Asher out on the streets ? or are you far to "good" for those sort of shenanigans. You're a bit higher up the pecking order.
You prefer dobbin' on the Goyim like the Judas don't you and being a "journalist" who reports impartially on the facts gives you a lot of credibility to the ignorant plebians.

The Rabbi's say, I think, that the meaning of the Torah is contained not just in the writing itself but also the spaces. Can we interpret the name "Asher Moses" to be a provocateur ? An "Asher" of the Jews who seeks to provoke the mythical "Goyisch Amelek" into "Holocausting" the "Jews" as desired in the religious scribblings.

Anonymous said...

I think an email to 2MIA and the local riverina papers and radio stations (in Wagga, Griffith, Leeton) containing the Darp Sick File, the words of the founder of FDB would be in order at this time?

I think 2MIA would be appalled that they have been cooperating with a group started and organised by a person who is an admitted child abuser and illegal drug user, among other things?

Perhaps some hyperlinks to Brian Stoke's MGK website where he openly displays child porn posing as art?

What do you say, Mr. Whitelaw?

Whitelaw Towers said...

Is the media talking to them? If so please email us with what you know to thanks.

Anonymous said...

Well, it is obvious that someone from FDB has spoken to 2MIA already. Perhaps they should now be given the other side of the story, the truth behind who FDB really are?

Despite being a multicultural community radio service, nobody likes people who think inflicting pain on children is funny, regardless of whether the perpetrator says it is just "a Chaser style prank". Take the real Chaser's recent poke at terminally ill children for example. No Matthew, even the lefty Chaser did not get away with that one. But the difference is YOU ACTUALLY ATTACKED THE CHILDREN AND ADMITTED TO IT, THEN SAID IT WAS HILARIOUS!

I understand you have extensive archives on Darp and Co.? The unfortunate reality for Darp and Co. is that it is all in their own words! So, send it on to 2MIA and the Riverina papers. I'm sure it will prevent any further co-operation between the two.

Louise said...

There is a place to reply here. Seems when FDB have you in their sight, you are unable to. I didnt receive a reply to my email to them, I was sent a link to say they had posted my email with his response.

I laughed that he found out who I was, when I sent him email in my work address, posted on young and grumpy in my hotmail address and said I was Terrie-Annes Aunty in a post that never went on, nor any other after the first post.

A friend posted a link to the Facebook group. I made it easy for them to know who I am, I was never anyonymous.

Whitelaw Towers said...

Louise these people are nothing but scum. We promise you and everyone else that one day these people will be exposed.

One thing is for sure they are not making any friends. Not that they had many to start with.

Manufactured relevance said...

In dealing with the Jews and their Lies, you're never anonymous. The JEW, as "God" of this world makes it a prime imperative to stick its proboscis into the affairs of the other. "G_d" knows what we all think, and the JEW, as G_d's impostorous usurper, makes it his business to know.
The Jew loves flattery and applause, hence the infatuation with HollyWood as a mechanism to elicit such a response. Far from being the passive victims that they would have us believe, they are malevolent Bullies prone to histrionic fitting and tantrums when they can't get their way. The Narcissi will not be denied the worship of the "Gentile".

How sad it must be to be born with such a needy complex.

Fight Dem Back....Funny Shit That coming from the Jew who presumes to "repair" that which was just fine before he rolled up on the scene.

Anonymous said...

Could it be that the Jew covets the racial look of the European Gentile ?, because the Jew has only a second rate approximation. Did the Jew win a consolation prize for not placing ? and are they pissed at us because of it ? Are these bodysnatchers attempting to monopolise and confiscate our "race" for themselves by encouraging us to mate outside our own. Do Jews only 'excel' in an illusory sense by engineering mediocrity in all that surrounds them ? Is Judaism a religion of back referenced, comparitive relativism ? If Jews are excluded from any society is that cruel persecution ? Are Jews "Chosen" by the infinite ? Are Jews firm and fearless friends, or fair weather friends of convenience who discard "friends" when the opportunity to profit is better elsewhere ? If Christianity is the religion of the notional "Christ" is Judaism the religion of the notional betrayer, collaborator and Kapo, Judas Iscariot ? Do Jews thrive on "hatred" to the extent that when settling as refugees in a new society that has welcomed them, would they set about manufacturing and inciting "hatred" because it is the lifeblood of their persecuted existence ? Would they then go about courageously and caringly "curing" this new found "hatred" to show us that they are a "caring" people ? Is FDB Jewish in nature? Is David Yeagley a "racist hater" who must be fought back against ? Would an alliance of mutual respect and protection between all cultures and identities that wish to discover their potential independant of the influence of the "JEW" be "racism and hatred" simply because they don't wish or need to include the "JEW" to live productive lives ? Would denying the JEW his relevance and forcing irrelevance through non-contact or "blackballing", be "racism and hatred" just because we don't need or want the influence of the Jew?. Is removing an innocent Child from the influence of a Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy Mother persecuting the Mother ?
Could they still be "Chosen" or administer "TikkunOlam" in such circumstances ? Are the "Jews" trying to manufacture a racial caste system by mixing up all the different races ? Would the mixed up races be the existential manifestation of "Goyim" ? Why do Jews like the words, "existential","manifestation", "ontological" and exceptional" and Why can't I be Jewish ? I'm envious that I can't. Am I a "Hater" ?

Why does Jew BenLee want me to catch his disease ? and what's that Shit he's got in his syringe ? Is he trying to make me better ? "Mummy, why am I sick all the time ?" ,and why are we all in this (Judaism) together ? He's on the radio right now. Hey Ben.... am I just a "Goyim" ? Why ? I've never thought of myself as such or you as being anything in particular, but you say you're a "Jew". Please Explain to us what that means and the role assigned to each of us within the context of the idea by which you identify yourself. Gees Ben, I'm identified no idea in particular, but just happen to be of Celt heritage. We're a fairly inoffensive lot in general, but I find your lot intriguing in a sad sort of way.
Should I take some medication "Anarchist", to FightBackDem psychoses ?

Whitelaw Towers said...

Yes yes and yes.