Monday, July 13, 2009

Watch as the world wakes up!


Victor's JewLaws said...

The Judas says,,,"We did not target Mr Christian" We see here in the subtlety of language again that Judaism is the religion of "Judas Iscariot"..

The "Judas" did not target the "Christ".
He was assisting in making the world a better place through the expression of "TikkunOlam" and having the Man censored by the hand of anothers authority. He was Fighting Fascists and "Rascists. The hand of the Judas was, to all outward appearances, left clean.
But it is the things he does in secret that interest those who try to understand him.
Why does he do it ? Is his price really as low as 30 pieces of silver ?

Yet the BlowHard Judas has the Chutzpah to trumpet to the world that only HE is Chosen as a Jew and as defined eugenically via the laws of matrilineality. It matters not one iota as to the worth of his behaviour. Only his race and genetic heritage defined his notional "Choseness".

And they fight back Dem "rascists" from the perspective of entitlement and of believing themselves to be an ontologically exeptional caste of humanity.

I say they are frauds and impostors.

Anonymous said...

If you're wondering whats going on, a snivelling rat-faced leftist has hijacked the old BA blog URL. The real blog is on a different URL now:

Anonymous said...

Who would have guessed BA, that Roozendaal had the IT skills to perform such a feat. I only ever gave him credit as a pusher of Shit on the rest of us via the NSW legislature. His reach, the splendor of his power and his effectiveness continue to render us inspired and envious.

He truly is THE "Chosen One".