Friday, July 31, 2009

What's In A Word?

It is said that one learns something new every day. At least those who have a functioning brain can live in the hope that they will acquire new knowledge on a daily basis. Today I discovered yet another ‘new’ Leftist term which, in itself, is nothing ‘new’ considering the Left is notorious for inventing new words and terms and mercilessly mangling the English language in the process.

My all time favourite is a term I once heard a particularly nasty and militant Feminist use during a radio interview. In my opinion it is a classic. The word was ‘problematisational’. Now, to be honest, I reckon she simply made that up, on the spot! I have a sneaking feeling the word she was looking for was ‘problematical’ but who can be sure when you’re dealing with the ‘creative’ minds of lunatics and they’re under pressure to appear clever?

Besides, ‘problematisational’ sounds suitably pompous and complex for your typical Left Wing pseudo intellectual. Perhaps people even expect them to talk made up shite?

Anyway, the term I ‘learned’ today is ‘Freelance Activist’. I will not pretend to know what the particular genius meant when he used this term to describe himself but I do have a few suggestions.

Freeloading Leech On Society.

Useful Idiot For Hire.

Rent A Moron.

Anarchist For Sale.

Rebel Without A Clue.

Will Protest For Food And Accommodation.

Have Dreadlocks, Will Travel.

I Don’t Know What I Want But I’ll Fight For It Anyhow.

Any more suggestions folks?
Not only but also, does 'freelance' mean he's not a member of the Activists Union? Whatever happened to 'No ticket. No start'? I thought these twits were the friends and heroes of the Working Class. It's a mere inconvenient detail that they're all unemployed, unemployable Middle Class wasters who sit in their bedrooms all day squeezing zits and sniffing their own farts.
After all, it's not their fault they're all desperate and dateless, not to mention clueless, pencilnecks. It's all down to the evil, wicked NAZIS!!! If it were not for all those cruel and evil Fascists and Capitalists and Racists they would have really nice, fulfilling and enriching lives...perhaps...


bushranger said...

What about these two:

"Too stupid for paid employment"

"Certified ignoramus"

Anonymous said...

how about "ass pounding septic sodomite" ??