Tuesday, July 21, 2009

White Survival is definitely NOT a spectator sport

Sadly, there are many Whites reading this now who are doing just that, being lazy, cowardly watchers from the sidelines or, even worse, convinced they are merely innocent bystanders caught up in a war of hate largely initiated by White 'extremists' who just won't 'get with the program' and quietly sleepwalk into extinction.

I believe the true tragedy is that every new victim of Mathew Henderson-Hau and his motley crew of misfits ‘FDB’ seems to have to learn for themselves, the hard way, about the grim reality of so-called ‘Anti-Fa’ politics and their peculiar modus operandi. It is as if every new victim is the first and as if there is not already reams of information readily available on these lowlife scumbags.

Like some Orwellian nightmare most people appear to exist in a ‘consensus’ type reality that has no history. A grim dystopia where there is only the ever changing, knife edge present and an uncertain future.

Everyone, and believe me because I have warned many, simply believes it cannot happen, or will not happen, to them. Until of course it does. Virtually all resistance thus far to FDB has been totally reactionary and very much after the fact.

Nobody ever seems to take the fight right up to FDB except Whitelaw Towers. Nobody is ever proactive or stoic enough to sustain such a determined and ongoing fight against them and in fact Whitelaw Towers itself is consistently attacked, often in the most vicious and cowardly manner, by other so-called ‘White Nationalists’ for doing just that, fighting back. I have even been accused personally of perpetuating, and so in effect supporting, FDB by giving them oxygen!?!

Strange… One has to question the motivation for such an attitude. Whose agenda do these people actually serve? Certainly they do not do any pro White elements any favours whatsoever so, ipso facto, it is they who are aiding and abetting the enemies of White Humanity.

Bear this in mind. When someone steps on me I certainly do not instinctively extend my tongue to lick the sole of their boot and beg for mercy. My first reaction is to rapidly extend my arm with my clenched fist on the end and smash their fucking face in.

The vile and perverted creatures we are dealing with at FDB, and their Chosenite supporters and hordes of Mud people beneficiaries, will not ever respect pro White people in any way. They exploit reasonableness and good nature as weakness and simply despise even more, if that is possible, any White people who seek to make ‘peace’ with them, make ‘deals’ with them or to placate them in any way.

As White dissidents, our very existence is an affront to them and an insulting embarrassment to their claims of total dominance and control in the One World New Order of Global politics. They don’t just want us to shut the fuck up or even to just go away. They want us dead, people. D.E.A.D. Dead. Their past and recent actions have amply proved this to be the case.

Please. Never underestimate our enemy’s capacity for pure, unadulterated evil. Ignore their constant stream of bullshit, broadcast through their various bought and paid for media channels, about being civic minded ‘concerned citizens’ nobly championing the poor and downtrodden. Fighting the good fight against extremism, intolerance, hatred and Raaaaycism! Building a better, safer world for you and your children. Blah, blah, blah. This is all typical Chosenite chutzpah. Pure bluff.

They will openly steal from you and yell “Thief!” at you. They will look you straight in the eye and lie through their teeth, every single time. Telling you black is white or up is down not only gives each of them greater merit among their peers and buys them points in their own version of the afterlife, it is a natural high, a physical buzz, a rush, for them to screw over another dumb Goy. They get their rocks off by lying.

For them, to deceive is as natural and instinctive as drawing breath. This is how they have managed, like cockroaches, to survive among us for millennia despite being despised and shunned at all levels of every decent, civilised society.

These are not reasonable people. They are not compassionate. They are not honest people. If they told you it was raining you would have to go and stick your head outside to check. If you shake hands with one of them then count your fingers afterwards. Don’t believe a single word they say.

The tale of the ‘honourable Chosenite’ is probably almost as big a fable as that of the so-called ‘moderate Muslim’. Yeah sure, it can happen, but it is so rare as to be utterly inconsequential. Don’t be distracted and bedazzled by such nonsense.

Get this straight, people. Get this crystal clear in your heads and keep it there. Be aware of it every waking moment of your lives. There can be no appeasement of FDB and their Mossad approved backers.


Whitelaw Towers will never give up its mission to warn the World about Mathew Henderson-Hau, Brian ‘Weezil’ Stokes, Cam Smith, Anarchist Andy, Donald ‘duckmonster’ Oorst and the other Criminal Gangsters of Fight Dem Back.

How many more innocent victims do you want to see? How many more decent, hard working White folks have to be attacked, harassed, stalked, threatened and vilified before you get off your arse and do something?

Real White Men do not negotiate with terrorists.

It’s time to get proactive folks.

Support Whitelaw Towers and spread the word.

Join the REAL war on terror.

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