Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Worldwide Blood & Honour Magazine B&H Magazine is now available for distribution in Australia

B&H Magazine #42 NOW AVAILABLE!
Featuring interviews with Britain’s newest resistance fighters Frontline Soldier, from the worldwide musical resistance the legendary godfather of white power rock n roll Johnny Rebel talks to 28, Open Season (AU) and Freke.

Exclusive first review, song by song of the long awaited Legion Of St George CD - Last Talons of the Eagle!

Colin Jordan, R.I.P.

The League of St George interview, Oswald Mosley, Nationalist political updates, CD reviews, news from the frontline, scene news, BM, BNP, NF, TP, EF, FC, N9S, ENF and BUA news. Gig reviews, 28 divisional reports from around the white world!

All you need to know about the White Rock n Roll Resistance Movement!

Mags ONLY $10 each (FREE postage) and money raised helps finance B&H activities in Australia, so your support is appreciated. (we also have plenty of back issues available)

To arrange payment email

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