Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Yet More "Anti White Racism".

Fernando Pena. Non White Marxist. Hater of the White Race.

Stop White Racism & Oppression.

This dodgy looking self proclaimed anti racist and follower of Marxism is typical of the members at the Anti Racist/ Anti Fa group FDB.

Here is a list of the organizations he supports.

Workers World Party:
Open Society Institute:
For human rights & civil rights issues visit the ACLU, Southern Poverty Law Center, & ADL:

But who is the racist?

Fernando writes..

"Susan Sontag once wrote, "the white race is the cancer of humanity". I must confess that I agree. It may sound harsh, but when one objectively analyzes the myriad of crimes committed by whites against people-of-color, Ms. Sontag's statement is obvious. For the past 2,000 years, white crimes against people-of-color include: slavery, imperialism & conquest, colonization, theft of resources, racism & discrimination, theft of dignity, robbing of language and culture... the list is endless. Wherever white people settle (ie. invade) they oppress, enslave, and abuse the indigenous non-white population."

For a list of crimes against whites in Australia see HERE
For an example of who was behind the Slave Trade see HERE
For an example of other stupid Anti Whites and the theory of imperialism and conquest see Here. Yes another Marxist but that one is a Government sponsored one.

Back to our Anti White Anti racist.

Some progressives have stated that white people are genetically (ie. biologically) "wired" for racism and oppression. I tend to think the problem is culturally rooted. Specifically, the problem with white people is the following: whites are the embodiment of Western civilization and Western civilization is inherently based on greed, selfishness, oppression, racism, anti-Semitism, and murder. The history of the Western world is a never-ending sequence of horrific crimes against humanity.

Well I can see who the racist is here. Here comes that word again "Hypocrite".
Lets see what his kind has given to the world shall we? Here. "The history of the Western world is a never-ending sequence of horrific crimes against humanity." Ok so Non whites live in harmony and always have hey? Here and Here So many great non white Heroes Such wonderful and noble people are these Non White Societies. Here


White people have had 2,000 years to change their ways and, yet, THEY HAVE NOT. Whites seem unable to practice justice and fairness. Therefore the only solution is to reduce whites to a minority wherever they are presently a majority (USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, etc). The sooner whites are reduced to a minority, the sooner the world can be remade into a unified global society based on justice & dignity... a world free of war and conflict. In such a world, the natural instincts inherent in people-of-color (eg. sharing, justice, peace, fairness, etc) will then finally be free to flourish. Lastly, the fewer white people in the world, the less chance they'll have to re-emerge and restart their oppressive & racist ways. Sadly, this is the only solution, and, however this solution is realized is justified (large scale non-white immigration, birth control, abortion, etc)."

Justice and fairness? Well according to data from 2007 the Top Ten Human Rights Violators of 2007 Here are all Non White Countries. But its all whiteys fault right?

This is the type of every day racism White people are forced to endure. Please people don't flag that Racist blog let it stay as an example.

Thanks to anon for the tip off.

Here is some Non Whites living in perfect harmony as nature has dictated to them. WARNING SERIOUS HARMONY.


Anonymous said...

Shocked at this anti white racist !!
it's racist like you that start wars and hatred !! SHAME SHAME ON YOU

Whitelaw Towers said...

My god you have to be joking. Here you go, here is another one who uses the phrase "shame on you"

Please do me a favor, read the rest of my blog before you make stupid remarks like "it's racist like you that start wars and hatred"

Its people like you who perpetuate the state of the world because of your stupidity.