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More on FDB's state of denial

From The Fight Dem Back Criminal Gangsters’ Forum:

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duck monster wrote:
Statistically the incidents of crime and sexual assault drops with a high Sudanese population, because the crime rate is lower amongst the sudanese than the general population. Not that facts have ever mattered to racists.

“Yep. The ABS numbers have not only never supported racists' ethnic crime claims but prove quite the opposite. Ethnic migrants are in fact under-represented in crime figures, notably in sexual assault. Per capita, Anglos in northern NSW commit more sexual assault crime than anyone, "Africans" included.


But where ARE these 'statistics' ol' weezy? We never see them! And we CERTAINLY never see any evidence with our own eyes to support such claptrap!
"sexual assaults are most commonly committed against young (Anglo) women aged 15-19 and those crimes were committed by persons known to them, from within their immediate peer group.

Old racist furphy, move along, nothing to see here.”

Okay, firstly the ABS, so far as this writer can ascertain with his humble research, does not provide ‘numbers’ relating crime and ethnicity which can either prove or disprove anything. The ABS is not special in this. Every ZOG controlled nation on Earth ensures its statistics are fudged to the point of virtual uselessness and sometimes even go that extra yard to (semi) openly falsify figures.

For example, in the United States statistical surveys on crime Mexicans are classified as ‘White’ thereby evening up somewhat the huge disparity evident in the numbers of Black versus White perpetrators. Ironically, despite this deliberate ploy, Blacks STILL outnumber the ‘Whites’ in the crime stats, PARTICULARLY in serious crime such as Murder, Rape and interracial Hate Crimes. But you won’t find that last category even listed, as it is only possible for a WHITE to commit a so-called ‘Hate Crime’!

Below are just a few comments we could find quickly regarding the Australian situation that cast real doubt over Brian ‘weezil’ Stokes’ harebrained assumptions. Obviously, with more time we can, and will, provide further commentary and evidence from other objective (non White Nationalist) sources.

From The Australian Newspaper 5.1.07:

VICTORIAN police are being urged to set up a special taskforce to tackle gang violence and lawlessness among young African migrants living in Melbourne's inner-city housing commission estates. The push - led by rank-and-file police and terrified neighbours - is backed by the state's powerful police union, which claims sections of the African community need to be "properly educated" in Australian values.

"The Sudanese are very difficult to deal with - they come from a lawless background and they really have to be properly educated about Australian society's standards," the Police Association secretary, Senior Sergeant Paul Mullett, told The Australian.

Youth worker Les Twentyman said while there were African gangs involved in crime and violence, there were also gangs from other ethnic origins such as Pacific Islanders and Lebanese. He said gangs were an escalating problem that would eventually lead to "no-go zones" in Melbourne if they were not properly addressed by police.

From ‘The Realists’ Blog:

‘Reports from Adelaide show that over the past 16 months, 450 offences had been committed by 93 members of Adelaide’s 1500-strong Sudanese community, or put another way, a staggering 1 in 16 Sudanese refugees commits on average 1 crime every 3 months. In light if these figures, is it possible that Australia may be headed down the same path as England, with violence caused by what Tony Blair describes as “a distinctive black culture”?’

‘Last year Nixon (Victoria’s Police Commissioner) told us Sudanese refugees, if not all African refugees, were “under-represented in the crime statistics”. In fact, we now know Sudanese and perhaps other African refugees are over-represented — by as much as eight times. On ABC radio this morning, the SA Police commissioner admitted that the crime rate for the Sudanese population was higher than the general rate perhaps 2 times the rate or more. Mr Burns said that over the past 16 months, 450 offences had been committed by 93 members of Adelaide’s 1500-strong Sudanese community. What Nixon fails to add is that with just 6200 Sudanese in Victoria, this means about one in 19 Sudanese each year gets picked up for alleged crimes – more than four times the one-in-83 rate for all Victorians.’

Tim Priest on Middle Eastern Gangsters and the Multi-Cult’s conspiracy to protect them:

Ethnic Gangs Aided and Protected by the Multicultural Industry

The critics still refuse to concede that we have a problem. They are still clinging to the multicultural theme. To highlight the problems with Middle Eastern communities in this city is to threaten to tear down the multicultural facade.

The amount of money spent on the multicultural industry beggars belief. It is a lucrative and sustainable position for many. Governments pay huge money to anything that bears the word multicultural. Indeed the police department, like other government departments, spends vast amounts on multicultural issues, multicultural jobs, multicultural consultancies, education packages, legal advice, public relations and the rest. Having expended large amounts of money on multiculturalism, they are hardly likely to criticise it. Those that feed off multiculturalism are not likely to question it.

When I gave evidence to the Cabramatta Inquiry, I risked my career and my safety in coming forward. I did it because I had sworn an oath to protect the community I served. That community was Cabramatta, which is made up almost entirely of residents born outside this country, mostly South East Asians, and their children. But when I went forward and exposed the shame of Cabramatta, the residents were not Asians in my eyes, but Australians no matter where they came from. It was my duty to speak up for them and to protect them.

Race was never an issue. I have received many awards in my police career but the ones I hold dearest are those I received from the Cabramatta community. One old man who had spent seven years in refugee camps in South East Asia before coming to Australia said the day he landed in Australia was like dying and coming to heaven. Cabramatta was a community of ordinary people like that old man, who recognised the problems of drugs and organised crime in their community and spoke up and agitated for change. It was a slightly built Vietnamese man named Thung Ngo who led the charge on behalf of a community that had had enough of crime and forced a parliamentary inquiry into Cabramatta which ultimately saved their community from destruction.

Not once during that inquiry did I hear any member of the Cabramatta community - apart from the Anglo Saxon local member - complain that they were being racially discriminated against because of the inquiry or its aftermath. They wanted change; they wanted a safe law-abiding community. It was my duty to do everything I could to honour my pledge to protect and to serve.

But I have not heard anything like that from the Middle Eastern community. Initially the gang rapes were the fault of Australian culture, according to one religious leader in the south west. I note that he has now softened his stance and is calling for change among Middle Eastern youth. But they are just words; there seem to be no Thung Ngos among them.

What is it that draws such defence for this community from certain sections of the media? Why didn't they join in to defend the Asian community during the fallout from the Cabramatta inquiry? And where are these apologists when it comes to the plight of our first Australians, our indigenous peoples? Their cause is not trendy enough, not global like the refugee or Islamic issues. Yet one of the most depressing sights that has confronted me as a policeman is the shame of Redfern.

I first saw Everleigh Street some twenty two years ago, and nothing has changed since. The atmosphere of sheer hopelessness and desperation still hangs around the neck of every young Aborigine who lives in those ghettos, yet they hardly ever rate a mention.

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More On England...

This writer was actually living in England during that formative period of ’69 – ’71 and can tell you the rumbles between the preceding Mods and Rockers were child’s play compared to the vicious rivalry between the new ‘Skinheads’ and the ‘Greasers’ (SkinBo’s and GreBo’s the kids called them) and most of my mates chose to be Grebos. The early Skinheads were seen basically as slightly too fashion conscious, almost to the point of being a bit prissy, whereas the Greaser Boys were rough, tough and grimy. They mostly rode British motorcycles and had long (for the time) hair. One of our local gangs were the ‘Night Hawks’ and took on the Skins whenever they ran into them. From all reports the violence was very extreme with hospitalisations on both sides.

I was actually stabbed in the backside with the sharpened end of a rolled up umbrella by a ‘suede–head’, a London based variant of the skins. He and his mate had taken an instant dislike, while following me down the street, to my shoulder length hair and denims. He wore a long black overcoat with a red rose in the lapel, I shit you not, stovepipes and ‘brothel creeper’ boots. His pants were short enough to display his bright red socks. In this respect I saw, when I later encountered the Revesby Sharps, a link between the Suede Heads and the Aussie Sharpies who also wore red socks along with white slip on, moccasin type, shoes! Suede Heads, like the other smartly dressed street thugs, the Teds, liked to conceal long needles, razors and other sharp instruments under their lapels. These served two purposes, they could be whipped out and used as a weapon in a fight but also were a very nasty surprise to anyone foolish enough to grab them by the collar or lapels. Ouch!

The Skins, fashion wise at least, were the natural progression of the Teddy Boys, albeit looking more like labourers than night club doormen. The Teds, like the Skins, favoured straight, tight fitting, stovepipe pants and generally close fitting or well tailored shirts and other clothing. They were clean, sharp and smart. The Grebos tended to mimic the California Biker look with flared jeans, denim jackets, black tee-shirts (quite unusual for the time) and cowboy style boots. They were into the current crop of Glam Rock, The Sweet, T-Rex etc but also traditional Hard Rock like Status Quo, Deep Purple, Uriah Heep and, increasingly the emerging Heavy Metal like Black Sabbath. All this music followed a very slow, steady and linear progression from a rock solid Blues based Rock.

The Skinheads on the other hand tended to more volatile in their fashion conscious approach to music and although, like their direct ancestors the Mods, they were still listening to stuff like The Who, The Small Faces, The Faces, Rod Stewart etc. There was a flirtation with Ska and Reggae, although at the time, the turn of the Sixties into the Seventies, it was still referred to as ‘Rock Steady’. Bands like Slade adopted the Bovver Boy image early on but just as quickly they morphed into a Glam look. The Skins, particularly the Manchester and Liverpool ones, were into, at least briefly, Motown, Tamla and what was called ‘Northern Soul’. The Oi! stuff was still to come.

This was a time of sorting out and shaking down various elements into identifiable tribes although, as with all these things there were a lot of grey areas and crossover types existed for some time. The Football Hooligan/Bovver Boy/Skinhead/Rude Boy/Suede Head/Teds/Rockers/ Mods thing was all being thrown into a centrifuge rather than a blender and what was coming out was not beautiful, peace loving ‘coffee coloured’ rainbow people but rather hard nosed types totally dedicated to maintaining some sort of purity for their chosen styles. In a word, and ALL White Nationalists understand this word, IDENTITY. All these various tribes, as much as any born again Christian fanatics, KNEW they had found the real thing. Every different tribe laid claim to the truth and the way. The bitterness and resentment between them was very real and a lot of heads got cracked.

Today, in a nutshell, despite the outward appearances of diversity, it is precisely the opposite. Never in the entire history of the White Western World have our youth been SO conformist and so easily exploited and manipulated by those in power and those with a very specific global agenda. All this twaddle about today’s youth being socio-politically, as well as tech, savvy and cleverly aware etc is complete and utter BULLSHIT!

In a case of ‘who made who?’ it is debatable whether or not the Stanley Kubrick film ‘A Clockwork Orange’ sustained and/or boosted an already burgeoning Skinhead/Bovver Boy sub culture or even inspired some to get into it in the first place. It was certainly a landmark event. The author of the original book was appalled at the shit that went on when the kids started emulating what they’d seen at the cinema.

Dressing like Lancashire miners, sans cloth cap, and with shaven heads, it’s also debatable how cynically contrived the Skinhead image was and how indicative it was of the wearers’ Working Class credentials. I mean, seriously, the early Skinheads can’t have ALL been bricklayers, factory workers or dockers. How many were dressing down as much as they were dressing up?

It’s like Darp and FDB sucking up to the trade unionists like they know anything about being a battler or a worker. These bourgeois twats wouldn’t have had too many bread and dripping sandwiches or worked up a real sweat outside of the gay gym they attend. The only calluses they have are from wanking. But of course there ARE genuine, Working Class Skinheads but you won’t find them among the ranks of the so called Sharp Skins or FDB’s other gay fuck buddies.

Over to you…

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This Is England...really?

I have just watched a DVD I purchased of the film ‘This Is England’. To be perfectly honest, I actually enjoyed it very much and found it well directed, produced and photographed. It was well cast and well acted, although Frank Harper, great villain that he can be, is becoming a little tiresome as the token evil, psycho, wicked, Nazi, Racist bastard. In this he plays a cameo role as a National Front leader, whipping up the ‘mindless’ hatred dontchaknow? I found the music was also very powerful and particularly important in manipulating the mood of the viewer. All in all, every bit as good, if not better, propaganda than anything made by Spielberg. It really sucks you in…for a bit.

But a lie is still a lie by any other name and the perpetuation of the cynically contrived myth of the birth of the Skinhead movement in 1969 as a melding of Black and White Working Class youth in rebellion against ‘The System’ is yet again trundled out. The FACTS are that the average White Working Class lad of the time had very little time for the alien interlopers who were putting his dad out of a job and making it increasingly impossible for him to get a decent job himself with good pay and working conditions.

Remember also, the late Sixties was still a time of deeply entrenched Working Class pride in the might British Empire they had given their blood, sweat and tears to build. There was still the Black and White Minstrel Show on the TelAvision, a golliwog on the Robertson’s marmalade jar, the movies were still full of sly, sycophantic, eyeball rolling ‘Yessum Mastah!’ Niggers, stand up comics mercilessly ridiculed ‘wogs’ and all was well with traditional Working Class White Racialism. Jeezuz! Even Monty Python, the so-called thinking man’s comedy of the era, was vitriolic in its misogyny, it’s lampooning of Blacks, Asians, Jews and Homosexuals. This was the zenith of White Pride, cultural colonialism and arrogance.

This film is intrinsically a very clever, though slightly flawed, FORGERY of a time period when elitist White Conservatives, following the ZOG approved template, sacrificed their own people on the altar of Khazar Multiculturalism. This is where it all began folks, the true beginning of the end.

You’ve got to hand it to our enemies though they really are good at their job. Mainly the manipulation of youth, many of whom will watch this film and see it as a virtual documentary reading it as ‘history’. The pill, the bitter pill of deception, must always be sugar coated if it is to be swallowed obediently and without any real resistance. As with all truly excellent propaganda it is not what you see and the light in which it is portrayed that is anywhere near as important as what is NOT shown.

What we are NOT shown, apart from the almost artily bleak streetscapes of flat blocks and acres of graffiti splattered concrete, is the truly awful squalor of the ethnically based slums filled with the absolute dregs of humanity scurrying like cockroaches and eating the heart out of a once mighty nation. What we are NOT shown is the impulsive, predatory nature of the Muds hitting British shores in wave upon wave of culture and economy destroying assaults.

We are shown poorly coloured, grainy shots of Thatcher’s Neo-Con Britain, the disastrous and very closely run Falkland’s campaign, yep folks, campaign, a ‘war’ was never officially declared. A soundtrack of heart wrenchingly despairing music is played over the top of these cleverly edited pieces. Sorrowful violins saw away over scenes of British and Argentine corpses being gathered up on the muddy fields of the disputed South Atlantic islands. Judging from the editing, the politics of the makers is obvious to any with even a rudimentary understanding of the way things really panned out and who the real enemies were and are.

Despite all the good work done by the producers in this masterwork of (fairly) subtle propaganda they are still a little predictable and clumsy in their hackneyed portrayal of the root of all Racist evil all coming down to poor parenting and in particular a bad, absent or non existent father. Basically, it’s the same tired old formula, poor potty training and slack parenting = bullied at school = youth angst = rebellion = illiteracy - (see the way the lads spraypaint 'Nashnal Frunt' on the walls. Give us a break!) = manipulation by older and more ruthless 'haters' who exploit these mini soldiers as canon fodder in the Racist War *yawn* In other words, Patriotism is merely a personality disorder and Nationalism is a psychosis. Zzzzzzzzzzzz…..

The similarities, loss of father, alienation at school, bullied for being different, are all so stereotypical. But if this was always true then half the bloody world would be gangsters whereas the truth is quite the opposite. Most are well behaved and meekly compliant sheep. The similarity also of the Skinhead leader character ‘Combo’ to ‘Hando’ from ‘Romper Stomper’ and Derek from ‘American History X’ are glaringly obvious.

The ‘darkies’, be they ‘Pakis’ or ‘Yardies’ (Jamaicans), are always very carefully shown in the movie as the innocent victims of blind, mindless, White hatred and resentment. No shots of Blacks and Asians ripping off the native British. No referrals to some of the most brutal Anti-White Hate Crimes perpetrated outside of America’s worst ghettoes including rapes and murders.

Time is certainly NOT on our side when it comes to Nationalism (of any shade, White or otherwise) as the years extinguish the links with our History and each subsequent generation knows less and less what has been lost because there is no real interest in listening to the stories of parents and grandparents when TelAvision and video games appear to offer a far more glamorous alternative. Why buy or borrow a book when you can watch the video?

The Khazars and their Bolshevist useful idiots, such as FDB, despise History because it gives people hope and identity and within the sterile, anaerobic vacuum essential for the pathogens of their vile propaganda to thrive and succeed, the true facts of History are ruthlessly jammed down the memory hole and into the furnace of Zion’s hate. And nobody even seems to notice. That, my gentle reader, is the real tragedy.

Although the atomisation of our teenagers and younger twenty-somethings into what appear to be many tribes separated by clothing styles and musical tastes the instant anything even vaguely original emerges it is appropriated by the marketing gurus and watered down for general consumption.

What passes for ‘youth culture’ today is largely nothing more than manufactured ‘opinion’ which, streams uninterrupted in all its digital high fidelity and efficiency, engulfing our young people at their most vulnerable age like an insidious, toxic miasma. Just as none are more enslaved than those convinced of their freedom, so too are today’s youth who exist within the ‘matrix’ of a consensus ‘reality’.

As a footnote and in light of some recent events and comments made on this Blog, here is an interesting excerpt from a review of the film ‘Romper Stomper’ taken from the ‘Australian Screen’ Site:

“In another sense, it’s a continuation of the Australian bush-ranging film traditions of the Story of the Kelly Gang, made in 1906, but without the bush, or the sentimentalism. Hando and his mates are the modern descendants of the Australian outlaw ethos – protecting their land, just like the Kelly’s. They’re just a whole lot more alienated from the wider community, but their own sense of community is very strong.”

Interesting that the reviewer mentions a lack of sentimentalism in Romper Stomper as I believe it DOES have some, just nowhere near as much as ‘This Is England’. You see the propaganda makers have simply honed their craft to a finer edge in the nearly twenty years between these films and now fill in the gaps between the simplistic and overt violent scenes with some actual meaningful dialogue and emotion. It all makes for greater entertainment but it don’t fool me. What do YOU think?

Inglourious Basterds 'sic' in review.

Something different..

Kill Adolf
Posted by Steve Sailer on August 26, 2009

"While watching Inglourious Basterds, I had time on my hands to ponder once again whether Quentin Tarantino’s variegated gifts and inclinations would have made him even more suited for other careers. Reviewing Kill Bill: Vol. 2 back in 2004, I wrote, “His talents, while broad, don’t mesh well together. He should instead direct others’ scripts, while reserving his own writing—with its vivid but absurd monologues and grandstanding convolutions—for the stage.”

Having worked on the screenplay for Inglourious Basterds since the last millennium, Tarantino intends this to be his masterpiece, which suggests he deserves more imaginative career aptitude advice.

Surely, for example, Tarantino would have made an ideal Artistic Director of the Roman Colosseum during its heyday under the Emperor Commodus. “I’ve got it! We’ll start with a Mexican standoff among three gladiators, 27 Christians, two Nile crocodiles, and a giant squid. They eyeball each other tensely … suddenly, all hell breaks loose!”

Inglourious Basterds has been profitably dis-marketed as an action movie about eight Jewish-American commandos scalping 800 German soldiers. (In case you were wondering, an amusing Brad Pitt plays the Basterds’ commanding officer, a gentile Tennessee hillbilly of part-Indian blood, evidently embodying Tarantino’s self-image.) Yet, the movie actually dwells far more on the auteur’s idiosyncratic obsession with the Nazi-era entertainment-industrial complex headed by Goebbels.

Jeffrey Goldberg has a memorable article in the new Atlantic Monthly, “Hollywood’s Jewish Avenger,” about how watching Tarantino’s Jewish soldiers torture Nazis left him “so hopped up on righteous Jewish violence that I was almost ready to settle the West Bank.” Yet, when Goldberg interviewed Tarantino, the director didn’t volunteer much interest in Jewish vengeance. Instead, just as the distribution of screen time would suggest, Tarantino found other topics more alluring:

Tarantino helpfully points out to Goldberg the parallel between Goebbels’ relationship with Hitler and his own relationship with mogul Harvey Weinstein:

Goebbels provides one of the most amusing moments in Inglourious Basterds, crying when Hitler praises his latest film. “If Hitler says that this is the greatest movie you’ve ever done, I can see Goebbels getting choked up,” Tarantino said in explaining the scene. “When Harvey Weinstein does that, I get a tear in my eye.”

Besides not getting any good lines, the poor Jewish Basterds look like they were cast by Goebbels himself for an SS training film. Despite the numerous charismatic and handsome Jewish actors in Hollywood, Tarantino managed to pick a sorry bunch of stereotypes who all look alike."


Tuesday, August 25, 2009
Inglourious Basterds - A review by Trevor Lynch

"Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds [sic, sic] has been hyped as World War II action movie-cum-sadistic gorefest. In reality, it is a self-indulgent snorefest. I thought I would need a gin and tonic before I went in, but it turns out what I needed was a cup of coffee. Yes, there is some gore and sadism, but frankly I found myself hoping for more of it. Anything, really, to relieve the sheer boredom.

Inglourious Basterds is about a team of American terrorists, consisting of seven Jews led by a gentile, Aldo “the Apache” Raine (played by Brad Pitt), who hails from Tennessee and claims to be part American Indian. The character is clearly based on Tarantino himself, since he too has an Italian name, hails from Tennessee, and claims to be part Cherokee. The mission of the Basterds is to terrify the Nazis by killing them in the most sadistic manner possible and mutilating their corpses. The dead are scalped. The survivors have swastikas carved in their foreheads.

Tarantino has asked the same question, and Inglourious Basterds is his answer. During WW II, the Jews needed the leadership of someone like Aldo the Apache, a mostly white man with a bit of red savage mixed in, just like the people who have churned out six million holocaust flicks need to take direction from Quentin Tarantino. With Tarantino in charge, the war would have had a very different end, and Inglourious Basterds shows us how.

Should Jews be insulted by this premise? Of course they should. But the movie itself is far more insulting still. Indeed, this is probably the most anti-Semitic movie ever released by Hollywood. Tarantino’s Jewish characters are one-dimensional, inhuman monsters. The Jewish Basterds are all as ugly as Der Sturmer cartoons. They have virtually no lines in the entire movie. All they do is skulk around, waiting for Aldo the Apache’s commands to murder and torture Germans.

Other Jews were equally smitten: Tarantino’s producer, Lawrence Bender, told Tarantino, “As your producing partner, I thank you, and as a member of the Jewish tribe, I thank you, motherfucker, because this movie is a fucking Jewish wet dream.” Harvey and Bob Weinstein, the film’s executive producers, also reportedly enjoyed the film’s theme of Jewish revenge.

The symbolism and the message could not be clearer: Jews use movies and movie theaters as tools to destroy their enemies. And since the white people in the audience can most readily identify with the Germans, the message gets through: the Jewish movie business is a tool of hatred and vengeance directed against all white people."

May be worth getting out on DVD. But I will wait until the History Channel put it up as fact along with Schindler's List

The Tinder Box of White Nationalism is about to IGNIGHT! A warning from a Black American.

Manning Speaks Out Against the “Mack Daddy” Obama.

The expression mack daddy, as it is usually spelled, has a few senses. The earliest one, and the origin, is 'a man who is a successful pimp or violent criminal'.

It would seem that even the American Negro knows that Whites in America have had enough.

People take the time and listen to this Black man. He has taken the time to listen to us. His warning of what may happen when the White Man has had enough is rather interesting.

It would seem to me that the Governments of the world have their heart set on pushing the white race into a final confrontation. Have the Communist Jews along with their useful idiots forgotten how cranky we get when our backs are against the wall? Or are we just falling into a trap? Either way we are being screwed people.

Well folks listen to a BLACK MAN spell out a possible future. The warnings from the White People of the world are usually dismissed or violently suppressed. Lets see what happens when a black man warns the world that the time for talk is nearly over.

Again its a crazy old world.

Due to the Socialist Utopia Australians and Kiwi's now reside in. WLT must use material from the US the UK/Europe and Canada to spread the message. We will attempt to use Australian and Kiwi content when we can. Feel free to drop us a line on anything you may think is worthy of reporting from our neck of the woods.

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National Black Foot Soldiers.

Lets see the Southern Poverty Law Center rip into these savages. Fight Dem Back will immediately condemn these people and insure it doesn't take root in Australia. Yeah right. This is truly disturbing stuff.


“When we walk in your stores we expect you to immediately recognize our skin color & regard our heritage. We expect to be able to present you with this, the black skin voucher, and take what we want from the shelves unquestioned.”

" The number one thing that white people dont understand is that we dont have to work. Angelou adressed whites who refused to accept the new Black Skin vouchers and on the illegal arrest of Cahokia's Oundre Atkins and Anthony Atkins for robbery and murder."

Source Waitress Tammy Cantrell, 44, and cook Mark Gerstner, 24, were found shot to death early Monday at the Steak 'n Shake restaurant in south St. Louis County, about 10 miles outside St. Louis' city limits.

St. Louis County Prosecutor Robert McCulloch said the "horrible murders" were part of a robbery that yielded less than $200 for the suspects. He said both men, who are being held without bond, were familiar with the restaurant and its procedures.

“We will call for an end to black on white crime when adequate restitution is made for slavery” – Nead Diggers (ABOVE) The NBFSN adopts Mandingo Blackwell (below) and recognizes his actions in the early January Durham, North Carolina Rite Aid alleged robbery as a legitimate Nead Diggers’ Reparation’ Protest.My Skin Is My Receipt “We recognize this as a protest & not a crime,” says North Carolina Black Foot Soldier Moses Grandy. According to reports, two Rite Aid workers were wounded when Blackwell burst in the store demanding reparations. Twenty four year old cashier Ruth Long, a mother of two was, after allegedly refusing Blackwell’s instructions, killed. “We demand the immediate release of brother Mandingo Mandella Blackwell,” speaking on behalf of the NBFSN, Grandy states. “Had due reparations been paid this protest wouldn’t have been necessary. Her blood is on white America’s hands.”

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@ndy has his own blog!

Yes folks its time we gave @ndy his own blog Here The one stop Zionist Anarchist Shop for all your Slackbastard needs.Enjoy.

What ever happened to FDB Co-Founder "Campbell Smith"

Yes sports fan what ever happened to him? One minute he is doing interviews on the radio and the next thing he is gone. Maybe he got a respectable job? But what did Dr Cam Sexenheimer aka Cam Smith do before he moved on? Well he posted on Storm Front Down Under as Bleach.

Lets roll...
Above Cam Smith aka Bleach at Storm front Meeting

Fight Dem Back C0-Founder Cam Smith inciting SF member
International Controversy to commit violence.

International Controversy
Join Date: Feb 2005

"Last night, I stormed into a 7-11, full of anger.
I burst through the doors with my maglight (I forgot I had it in my hand ), 2skinheads in combats in that store and the asian store owner looked at me like I was nuts and that I might do something.
When I quietly and calmly ordered something over the counter, the 2 skins gave me a nod and a smile.
They probably thought I was going to act out a scene from Falling Down (watch the movie if you haven't already seen it).

Just thought I would share my random night with everyone!"

Take it away Cam Smith aka Bleach. Nice avatar by the way.


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"It'd be even funnier if you actually did something"

Again Bleach the man mountain of shit

FDB Co-Founder on race mixing

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Default Re: Looking For A Song

"Why listen to something that promotes race-mixing?"


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Default Cate Blanchett: Aryan goddess or race traitor?

In her new movie 'Little Fish' she has an intense sex scene with a boatie

(I know it's only a movie and all but it encourages race-mixing!!!)


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Default Re: My sister is dating a non white!

If I were you I'd disown your sister, not saying that you should, just a suggestion.

FDB co-founder Cam Smith with a touch of White Nationalist Poetry. Barf Bag on stand by.

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"Default Ancient Dream
Aryan homeland in my dreams
where the dactylorhizas grow
the cul-de-sac of the poinsettia
do not touch the flowers
the reasoning of the buzzard
birch trees."

FDB co-founder on Asian Students.

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Default Plagiarism cover-up for Malaysian Students

The report vindicates Ian Firns, a lecturer who in January 2003 first alerted his superiors to 15 cases of serious plagiarism by students enrolled in the Master of Business Administration program in Kuala Lumpur. Mr Firns awarded each of the students zero, and listed the website addresses from where he said they copied their work.

However, Dr Ryder ordered the papers to be re-marked, with all the students passing, some with 84 per cent.

"See what the Malaysians are doing to our education system"

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Default Re: are aussies the most rascist?

"Asians are the most racist."

And this has to be the best. Here we have Bleach aka Cam Smith bragging about his deception towards a real White Nationalist who ran the Australian Red Watch site. He even has the nerve to try and get Aussie WN to turn on his victim. What a DOG.

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Default Re: Redwatch Anti Racist Hit List


Edit - for christs sake the bloody idiot gave all the info up to the red via a email conversation with the very bloke he was trying to get info on.

"Yea we need less idiots like Ben and more wise guys like Daevid. We have to watch out for infiltrators because this is getting ridiculous"

Yes folks you remember KKK Daevid? Here and Here

So people follow the links and have a read. If you have any idea what ever happened to Cam Smith after we showed the world that he was and is a Government agent please drop us a line.

Brainwashed, deluded, retarded?

Donald Oorst Fight Dem Back co-founder and Guardian of the New World Order.
You decide for yourself, but if the following is not in the running for the dumbest statement to EVER be issued by the illiterate ‘university lecturer’ Donald ‘duckmonster’ Oorst then we don’t know what is. Read it and, particularly if you reside in or frequent any of these PROVEN trouble spots, not only in Victoria but in places such as Parramatta and Blacktown in Sydney, ask yourself just what sort of drugs, illicit or prescription, or other mind altering substances this idiot is on!

Read what he is suggesting. To follow his ‘logic’ Australia needs to import MORE primitive and utterly inassimilable Black Africans to combat crime and REDUCE the crime rates!!!???!!! Hysterically funny also is his comment regarding ‘racists’ disregard for ‘facts’. This coming from a creature who exists in an alternative reality, a parallel universe if you will, where all would be just hunky dory if we’d just cease and desist all forms of resistance to the ZOG New World Order and prepare to be assimilated into the Multi-Cult.

From the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gangsters’ Forum:

duck monster
Post subject: Re: but i like mildura.
Posted: Mon Aug 24, 2009 3:19 am
Remember,remember, the fifth of November
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Statistically the incidents of crime and sexual assault drops with a high Sudanese population, because the crime rate is lower amongst the sudanese (sic) than the general population. Not that facts have ever mattered to racists. Fucking lying racist pieces of shit, I hope the cops devestate (sic) these pricks.

'Statistics'? WHAT statistics can you possibly be referring to? Produce them and demonstrate how the bizarre conclusions were arrived at.

Oorst, you are not simply a drooling moron, you are an extremely dangerous one. You really, truly need to be locked up and denied any further contact with real people. The remainder of your miserable life should be spent in a cell lined with rubber wallpaper wearing a jacket with very long sleeves.

Monday, August 24, 2009

My God they are truly monsters.

No not the Nazis. Well maybe the Hollywood invented Nazis. And who invented them? Those evil Nazis who carried out all those terrible atrocities against the Jewish race. Turning them into soap and lamp shades.

Well this just may shed a little light on how they come up with so much rubbish. They are the monsters. They just project themselves onto the screen when ever they need a sadistic Nazi story. This stuff is just bloody sick.

The Israeli military occupation started in the early 1970s to capture and keep the bodies of the Palestinians who they murdered. Since the early seventies, thousands of Palestinians have been buried in secret and number graves by the Israeli military. Since the early seventies, thousands of Palestinian victims of the occupation were “autopsied”, and many of their bodies kept in military numbered graves. Most members of the resistance who were killed were taken for “autopsy”, and also those who were wounded were abducted from the hospital by the Israelis.

Well we all recall this earlier story we ran. "I shit you not readers. This is an incredible story that first broke today on Sky News Australia. It has since disappeared from the News Headlines and off the Sky News web Site. This is some sick stuff. These creatures have been caught out selling body parts from dead PALESTINIANS. In the story shown on Sky News Australia charges also included Child Pornography. It showed only Rabbis being led away. It is so incredible it is almost unbelievable."

If you took the time to read the sourced story you should be feeling very sick by now. These Monsters are hunting down people. Murdering them and then stealing their organs to sell off like second hand car parts. Can you believe this. Sadly I bloody can. All this is happening in our lifetime. Not during WW2 or 1960's China, right bloody now. The anti racist orgs all controlled by Jews are stone cold silent on it. The loud mouth Government controled Anarchists the real useful idiots say NOTHING. Sure they spend a unhealthy amount of time pushing Anti Nazi WW2 properganda. Or crying over the Spanish Civil War. But nothing at all about this modern day horror. Just mind numbing Zionist PR. The poor poor chosen people.

So who broke this story this time? Must be another Nazi like all of us?

Freelance journalist Donald Bostrom tells Press TV that an international war crimes investigation awaits Israel over its soldiers' harvest of organs from dead Palestinians. He underscored that the International Court of Justice -- the principal judicial body of the United Nations -- will likely investigate the report. Donald Bostrom said he was informed of the atrocities while he was working on a book in the West Bank. He was later approached by UN employees, expressing concern over the claims that Israeli troopers snatched Palestinian youths from their villages in the middle of the night and later killed them in order to trade in their organs.

So have you seen this on the 6 o'clock news? Of course not. Will Hollywood be making movies about these terrible crimes? Of course not. But hey you have plenty of Evil Nazi movies coming out lately. Plenty of Holocaust movies to back the evil Nazi movies up. Plenty of Bullshit on the Hitler Channel (History channel) You know APPARENTLY or it was REPORTED Hitler had one nut , his mother hated him, and he was a deranged drug addicted coward and a bloody Fag to boot.

While these Zionist go about acting more like a primitive African Tribe in the Deep Dark Forest of Toowoomba. You are allowed to watch stacks of re runs of Schindler's List. Hey its only a matter of time until they present that Bullshit film as fact on the National Geographic or the Hitler Channel. Just watch that movie. All of it comes from Jewish writers in Hollywood. Ever wonder how they come up with this stuff? They are only writing about what they truly would like to do to all of us. My god people these Zionist are a bloody evil lot.

So what will the international community do? Well lets see. Stuff all from Blackall that's what. But wait, whats this? Whats happening over in Sweden? The home land of Donald Bostrom.

As the Israeli-Swedish relations stand at odds over an article regarding Israeli soldiers killing Palestinians for their organs, and Israel’s demand for official apology, the Swedish government summoned the Israeli Ambassador for talks on the issue.

OK someone has taken note. Please lets read on.

Israeli officials reported that comments made by Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman also caused anger in Sweden as he said that Sweden did nothing while the Nazis were killing the Jews.

Come on guys who didn't see that coming? I cant fool you people. What about this one?

Israel says that the article is racist, but Sweden said that the only issue that united the Swedish parliament at all times is the condemnation of anti-Semitism.

Of course you knew the racism card would be played. This is why I like you guys. But we are missing one more text book tactic from these monsters.

Israel is also weighing the possibility of filing a lawsuit against the author of the article, Donald BOSTRÖM

Wow jackpot. All three. This must be serious. I can hear the Zionist controlled Left in Australia cheering success again.

When will the world wake up? Soon I hope. I pray Donald Bostrom changes his own oil in his car. If you all know what I mean.

Then again he may end up like these Journalists.

Weezil "Brian Stokes"eggs on the Atheists

From the MachineGunKeyboard Blog:

Atheist bus ads come to Australia - but not without a struggle

Sunday August 23rd 2009, 7:31 am Atheist Foundation of Australia President David Nicholls has finally persuaded Metro Tasmania to run bus advertising promoting atheism, but not before having to go to conciliation via the Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Commission after Metro knocked back the atheist ads in 2008. So, Taswegians will soon be seeing something like this on buses: This text is a bit watered down from the original proposition, which was Atheism: celebrate reason, sleep in on Sunday. This was apparently interpreted as unnecessarily targeting christianity. (sic) I do agree that atheism really should go after religion in general.”

Erm, should that include Islam, and in particular the more fundamentalist and militant strains such as the Wahabists, the Taliban and suchlike?

“Given the prevalence of xianity (sic) in Australia, Australian atheists can on occasion be a bit myopic and fail to address the nonsense propounded by all religions, not just xianity.”(sic)

Again, we ask, have you and/or the ‘Atheists’ got the ‘nads to get medieval on the arses of the Islamists?

“The first approach thus is certainly excusable in Australia on that basis alone, but I suppose the final draft is in the end most appropriate (and less wordy to boot). For the record, I’m still a fan of the text used by Ariane Sherine’s original UK bus ads, There’s (sic) probably no god. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life. Mind you, even that text was softened by the use of the word ‘probably.’ I see no reason for atheists to soften their message.”

Hey, how about THIS for a reason, Weezy. How about they might get their pointy little heads kicked in by certain Religious extremists who don’t exactly respect ANYTHING other than their own kind and could not give a toss about ANY State Law particularly Australian Law? And while you’re so keen to egg these Atheists on are you willing to put your OWN sorry, crippled arse on the frontline? Like all gutless Left Wing agitators and provocateurs you enjoy the safety of being out of range. “Oh, I’m sorry darlings, I’ll be home washing my hair that night while you lot are manning the barricades.”

You fuckwit!

“Religionist advertising has never been subject to such limits, nor have religionists traditionally had to fight to get advertisers to run their tripe. The AFA are now taking a new tack, one that I agree with very strongly. AFA will be asking that religionist adverts be subjected to truth-in-advertising laws.”

Well, let’s face it Weezy old bean, in THAT case the propaganda of the criminal cabal of the Multicultural lobby would see the entire lot successfully prosecuted for false advertising. In case you hadn’t noticed it ain’t exactly what it says on the tin. The label promised us ‘diversity’, ‘enrichment’, ‘harmony’ and, pretty much, Utopia. The crime stats alone indicate otherwise. Let’s not even bother with the plethora of socio-economic studies etc that prove the West in general has gone backwards at a great rate of knots since the unwanted and un voted for cult was foisted upon an unwilling population by the conspirators and their useful idiots in politics and academia.

YOU, Weezy old chum, are just another foot soldier, a disposable idiot, for the system. If you are lucky, once you’ve reached your use by date the kindly Zog Trooper will place his pistol muzzle against the back of your neck and give you the last painkiller you’ll ever need. Your heroes of the old Soviet regime used to refer to this jokingly as ‘wet work’. Or have they promised you a special position in the New Order? You didn’t actually BELIEVE them did you? What a credulous little cripple you are.

“I don’t know how successful this will be, but it’s definitely worth a crack. There’s no proof gods exist,”

Well, there ain’t exactly a lot of proof they DON’T either. So that line of argument’s pretty much immediately redundant.

“so if the letter of the law is obeyed,”

Tsk, tsk,tsk, there you go again. Oh, you Commies just love the ‘letter of the law’ dontcha? But, strangely, only when it favours YOU. Funny that, innit?
“most religious propaganda won’t pass muster.”

There’s CERTAINLY no proof Communism ever did anyone any good (100 Million plus dead just CAN’T be wrong) except the conspirators and perpetrators (and we ALL know who they were/are don’t we folks?)…yet YOU say “What exactly is wrong with Communism?” You are a hypocrite and a moron. No further proof is needed.


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Electronic Jihad on ANN

Well what can we say? Seems a group of very pissed off Muslims have been busy shutting down Western Web sites. They have promised to keep on doing this until Palestine is free of the Zionist occupiers. But Hacking furniture stores and ANN whats up with that?

It would seem our Islamic Electronic warriors have fallen for another Zionist Lie. All White Nationals are evil Nazis and support Israel. Taking down an Australian White Nationalist Web Site that is not afraid to speak of Zionist crimes is a bit remiss. Its a bit like doing the dirty work for your enemy. The Zionist in Australia will be very happy with what they have done.

Sadly they are not going to make to many friends out of this. So if you are wondering what happened to ANN don't panic. I have been assured that all the Data is safe but it may be a day or two until the admin can get the front page back. If they bothered to read the forum they would see that those guys and gals are no friends to Zionism. Talk about making a rod for your own back.

Fixed open for business.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Antifa Australia...again...sorry...

Firstly I’d like to know does Antifa Australia’s mum know what he’s doing in his bedroom?

“Antifa Australia said...

Not so funny when innocent civilians are being terrorized by the fascists like you.

Now what kind of bastard would want to misrepresent AFP? let alone with little intelligence.

I think the war has begun,”

A declaration of WAR? Which particular Nation State do YOU represent? Oh we know which one you WORK for. But is this simply another threat by proxy a la FDB? And who, precisely, is the Nation State you are declaring “war” upon?

“Antifascist orgs are after you fascists,”

Isn’t that what is technically known, in legal circles at least, as STALKING with intent?

“oh thats (sic) scary”

WE will be the judge of that, thank you very much. At the moment it just seems pathetically funny…but…knowing a little of the cowardly propensity for sneaky violence so-called AntiFa have then we’ll allow ourselves the option of taking the threat seriously…if, at a later date, you girls actually grow a set of ‘nads and actually DO something!

“considering that the whole of australia (sic) is anti-fascist.”

Oh, please pray tell when and where this particular phenomenon manifested OUTSIDE of trendy, bourgeois, race blending ghettos like Surry Hills and Newtown.

“You ought to be shitting yourselves fascists.”

Erm, no, we’ll leave the defecation to YOUR crew when it dawns on you that we are not all skinny pencil necked dweebs like YOU.

…and…not only but also…why do you employ the epithet ‘Fascist’ like it’s a BAAD thing? Did you realise that by any reasonable and truthful definition of the term ‘Fascism’ that every Trade Union is a ‘Fascist’ Organisation? Strength through Unity, you MORON. That is ALL it means. A group of like minded people united in a common cause where the interests and welfare of the individual, through the absolute necessity of the struggle for success of the ideals pursued, necessitates the, at least temporary, subordination to that of the collective.

It’s all for the greater good, you see.

Now go away.

Australian Crime Data Base. White Victims of an unseen war.

The Dark side of crime in Australia. Visit Here for more.

Sydney Forum a must see event.

Yes folks its getting closer so I hope you have booked a ticket. This is the number one event for White Nationalists of Australia to meet and greet. Its about free speech people so you can guarantee that no Left Wing Zionists will be in attendance.

If you are a White Nationalist a National Socialist or even just a defender of free speech I urge you all to book a ticket NOW. This is the place to share ideas listen to others and most importantly NETWORK.

Of course we will be in attendance so I hope to see you all there. Please don't forget Sunday. Day two of the event is the best time to catch up for a drink or two and some burnt snags. Hell we may even cook a few for ya all.

lets make this years forum the biggest and best yet.

Some Happy News

Looks like Britain's version of Fight Dem Back Unite against Fascism failed to halt the BNP Red White and Blue Festival. Even more interesting is that BNP members used the UAF hired buses to catch a ride. Now that's class. More Here.

Oh dear. Attorney: FBI trained NJ blogger Hal Turner to incite others

Well not much comes as a surprise of late. I never really followed Hal that much but I certainly know a few who did. I feel very sorry for these people and hope that they do not let this terrible betrayal stop them from being hard working White Nationalists.

Aug 18, 2009
Associated Press Writer

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) - A New Jersey blogger facing charges in two states for allegedly making threats against lawmakers and judges was trained by the FBI on how to be deliberately provocative, his attorney said Tuesday.

Hal Turner worked for the FBI from 2002 to 2007 as an "agent provocateur" and was taught by the agency "what he could say that wouldn't be crossing the line," defense attorney Michael Orozco said.

"His job was basically to publish information which would cause other parties to act in a manner which would lead to their arrest," Orozco said.

Prosecutors have acknowledged that Turner was an informant who spied on radical right-wing organizations, but the defense has said Turner was not working for the FBI when he allegedly made threats against Connecticut legislators and wrote that three federal judges in Illinois deserved to die.

"But if you compare anything that he did say when he was operating, there was no difference. No difference whatsoever," Orozco said.

Special Agent Ross Rice, a spokesman for the FBI in Chicago, said he would not comment on or even confirm Turner's relationship with the FBI.

Orozco spoke to reporters after a court hearing in Hartford on Tuesday. Turner, 47, of North Bergen, N.J., did not appear, because he is in federal custody in Illinois. His arraignment on the Connecticut charges was rescheduled to Oct. 19.

In June, Turner urged his readers to "take up arms" against Connecticut lawmakers and suggested government officials should "obey the Constitution or die," because he was angry over legislation—later withdrawn—that would have given lay members of Roman Catholic churches more control over their parish's finances.

He wrote in Internet postings the same month that the Illinois federal appeals judges "deserve to be killed" because they issued a ruling that upheld ordinances in Chicago and suburban Oak Park banning handguns. He included their photos and the room numbers of their chambers at the courthouse.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More From The Leftist Brains Trust

From Our comments page:

Slitheen23 said...

“I can't stomach white supremacists of any kind...”

We believe the correct term you just might be grasping for with your room temperature I.Q. is either White Nationalist or White Separatist. The entire 'supremacy' nonsense is a gigantic Left Wing RED herring as the largely self evident facts of the matter renders any further quibbling over details and minutae or further serious contention utterly redundant. Honestly, having to EXPLAIN the obvious is as tiresome and time wasting as attempting to teach algebra to cockroaches.
Personally, this writer has never met a White person, EVER, who described themselves as a “White Supremacist”. You, my microcephalic friend have either fallen hook, line and sinker for the typically vitriolic and shrill Anti White Zionist propaganda OR you are one of the perpetrators and disseminators of such claptrap yourself.

“but the Australian and American versions are the worst possible kind. Australia belongs to the indigenous Aboriginals and America to the native "red" American Indians.”

Real estate of ANY sort “belongs” to those intelligent, resourceful and strong enough to take it, hold it, utilise it efficiently and develop it to EVERY inhabitant’s advantage. Have the native inhabitants of those two continents mentioned NOT benefited in ANY way whatsoever from White Technology, Science and Medicine?

“Full stop....end of argument.”

Erm…no. You, like ALL Leftist swill believe you have the divine right (or at least the secular equivalent) to dictate the terms and limitations of all socio-political discourse, to monopolise what your twisted little cerebral cortexes perceive as the ‘moral and ethical’ high ground and to brutally supress any dissent just as your Bolshevik heroes did back in the 'good old days'.
Just as the anointed version of the so called 'Holocaust' or Shoa has been deemed unchallengable, YOUR outrageous presumption of infallibility is as ludicrous and unscholarly in its arrogance and ignorance.

“How on God's earth”

Oh, you DO believe in G.O.D.?

“can they lay claim to something that doesn't belong to them?"

Read again the above explanation on proprietary rights of possession, “ownership” etc.

“Stupid, pig ignorant rednecks the lot of them.”

NOT like YOU, eh?

“At least European white supremacists, being from ancient white cultures, have a realistic claim on their respective lands.”

Here again you reveal your miserably pathetic perception of ‘Nationhood’. For true Nationalists of any hue the ‘Nation’ is not found within the arbitrary bounds of geo-political maps but rather in the genes. A White Nationalist is a White Nationalist whether he is living in London or Liberia, Stockholm or Sydney, Berlin or Boggabilla. Fair enough that there SHOULD, ideally, be a lengthier and stronger connection between blood and soil for the ‘Nationalism’ to be truly legitimised and fully realised but ‘Nationalism’ manifests in many, far more subtle and sophisticated ways than the simplistic nonsense YOU proffer.

This writer believes in this war for the survival of the White European peoples that our ‘Nation’ is in our Blood and our skin is our uniform REGARDLESS of where we happen to find ourselves living on this spinning sphere we call Earth.

Finally, you Sir, Madam or otherwise, are a fool and a peculiarly simple one at that.

8:32 PM

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fear And Loathing In The Blue Mountains

From the Hunter. S. Thompson Fetishists’ Stroke Site (Please feel free to take your copy of ‘Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas’ with you into the booth and, sir, please use the tissues provided) known as MachineGunKeyboard:

Sue the bloggers ’til they shut up - ‘cos it works

Monday August 10th 2009, 3:55 am

Hmmm! Now where have we seen THAT tactic before? Funny how the Left squeal and shriek like stuck pigs when they are on the RECEIVING end of legal intimidation.

“Blogs are all about opinion and interactivity. If what you have to say isn’t controversial, it’s probably not worth saying. The interactivity comes in the comments. Good blogs get insightful commenters. Great blogs get stalkers. Brilliant blogs get legal threats. slackbastard, published by Melbourne’s @ndy, is a sledgehammer in the hand of a skilled yet rabid wordsmith.”

Rabid? Well certainly! Skilled? At WHAT precisely? You’ve just GOT to be kidding, right? Extracting the old urine a mite there, eh? Oh dear, that ol’ Weezster just cracks us up!!! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! And we’ve never heard a penis referred to as a ‘sledgehammer’.

“@ndy covers current events from an anarchist/anti-corporate and anti-racist perspective.”

Oh yeah? You mean like his own mind numbingly BORING ‘Homage To Catalonia’ style wanky, pseudo reminiscent fantasies about the ‘glorious’ days of the old and original Red Brigade?

“@ndy normally forges intense, insightful, well researched bits,”

Well researched? Indeed? I believe you’ll find more than the odd one or two challenges to THOSE claims. It's a tough choice for who gets the gong for sheer ineptness between @ndy and Cam Smith.

“but every once in a while he’ll”

What? Make a complete and utter FUCK UP?

"fire off a short sharp mortar round. Such was the case in January 2008, when @ndy published “Aaarrrggghhh! Dylan Lewis! Tania Lacy! So Much Hate!”

@ndy locks & loads:
Uh, oh! That's nasthty gun talk, isn't it Weezy old chum?

Number Ones

“Dylan Fucking Lewis is back on my TV screen, this time acting zany while flogging mobile phones belonging to Crazy John.”

And the point would be?

“According to a culture industry source “Dylan Lewis is a multi-skilled musician and media personality who can entertain and keep a crowd engaged anywhere, anytime!” but I think he’s actually one of the most annoying cunts to ever be spat out of a womb.”

We actually AGREE that he IS indeed an extremely tiresome eejit…BUT…why pick on HIM in particular when there are so many other richly deserving Left Wing targets like…umm…let’s think…the entire ensemble of The Chaser for instance or how about those old has-beens from The Panel? Or the Gruen Transfer ‘tards? Why poor little Dylan? Did you discover his grandfather was once a Sturmführer in the Waffen SS or something even worse like voted for Pauline Hanson?

“The rare experience of hosting an abundance of television shows combined with his professionalism, elite talent and ‘wow’ factor allows him to deliver at the highest level”, but substitute “thick eyebrows” for “professionalism”, “dickheadedness” for “elite talent” and “vomit-inducing” for “wow” and I think you’ll be much closer to the truth.”

Funnily, or perhaps not, those last few descriptors suit the FDB crew PERFECTLY!

“Caulfield Fucking Grammar has a lot to answer for, that’s for sure.”

FUCKING Grammar? Oh, these Lefty ‘wordsmiths’ truly are masters of the language!

“Even with my not knowing who the hell Dylan Lewis is, @ndy’s satirical Hunter S. Thompsonesque spray cracked me up.”

You AND @ndy are not worthy to sniff Hunter’s fossilised skid marked shorts. Dickhead that he was, HE at least did have some real talent and was a genuine original. YOU are a pair of farking LOSERS!

19 months later, @ndy gets an amusing email:

Dear Sir,

We represent Dylan Lewis. It has come to our notice that a website titled “slackbastards” which appears to be controlled or owned by you has made reference to Dylan. Under the subheading “Number One’s” references to Dylan of a defamatory nature have been made. We have obtained legal advice confirming the status of the material as being offensive and defamatory. We seek to have the article/paragraph removed immediately from the website.

Should you not remove the offending material we are instructed to brief solicitors on behalf of our client to seek an injunction and damages.

Mark Klemens
Managing Director
Profile Talent Management
323 Montague St,
Albert Park, Victoria
Australia 3206
T: +613 8598 7810
M: 0412 386 765


@ndy replied to Klemens:

Dear Mark,

Thank you for your email.

First, two very minor corrections.

The title of the blog is ’slackbastard’, not ’slackbastards’; the subheading is ‘Number Ones’ not ‘Number One’s’.

Secondly, a few questions.

1. Could you please identify precisely which passages, and which terms, in the paragraph below, that you allege to be defamatory?


Number Ones

Dylan Fucking Lewis is back on my TV screen, this time acting zany while flogging mobile phones belonging to Crazy John. According to a culture industry source “Dylan Lewis is a multi-skilled musician and media personality who can entertain and keep a crowd engaged anywhere, anytime!” but I think he’s actually one of the most annoying cunts to ever be spat out of a womb. “The rare experience of hosting an abundance of television shows combined with his professionalism, elite talent and ‘wow’ factor allows him to deliver at the highest level”, but substitute “thick eyebrows” for “professionalism”, “dickheadedness” for “elite talent” and “vomit-inducing” for “wow” and I think you’ll be much closer to the truth.

Caulfield Fucking Grammar has a lot to answer for, that’s for sure.


2. Could you please explain to me why you seek the removal of the article as a whole?

3. Further, given that the post was made on January 4, 2008, why was your email sent 19 months later, on August 6, 2009?

4. I have received four comments in response to my post of January 4, 2008. I am unaware of anyone else paying it any attention other than yourself. Given that this is the case, could you please explain to me what ‘damages’ have been inflicted upon Dylan Lewis?

Klemens replies:

I refer to my previous email. Should the paragraph as requested not be removed within 48 hours then I will seek our clients instructions to brief solicitors forthwith to commence proceedings against you. Our client will seek an injunction and damages. The result will mean, inter alia, substantial costs orders against you. Please confirm by return when the paragraph has been removed.

Mark Klemens
Managing Director
Profile Talent Management
323 Montague St,
Albert Park, Victoria
Australia 3206
T: +613 8598 7810
M: 0412 386 765

inter alia! Wow, is that French? mmrrrowr.

Klemens pretends to not understand that one person’s honestly held opinion of another, such as @ndy’s opinion that Dylan Lewis is ‘annoying,’ cannot be claimed to be a defamation. Such speech is protected under Australian law as ‘fair comment.’ @ndy has not accused Lewis of any unlawful activity nor accused him of an act which he has not committed. @ndy merely offers his opinion of Lewis as ‘annoying.’

As I said, I had no idea who Dylan Lewis was before @ndy let me in on this note from Lewis’ agent. I did some looking about; Lewis is apparently a DJ on a Melbourne radio station. His Nova100-FM bio says:

[...] Dylan then went on to do a couple more music telly shows - ‘The 10:30 Slot’ and ‘Pepsi Live’, and then he appeared in ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ (which he won because of his amazing style he learnt as a boy in Adelaide), ‘Celebrity Circus’, and ‘Celebrity Nob-ends’. Clearly the use of the word ‘Celebrity’ in these shows was an overstatement and pretty much marked the end of his TV career. So he moved to England for a while to drink pints. Upon his return and David Bowie-ish reinvention, he landed a gig at Nova and has been there ever since. Dylan had a little bit of experience in radio having had a go at PBS and JJJ a little bit during his ‘Celebrity’ years. But he wasn’t very adept at it so had to sleep with the boss and be a gimp for a few weeks in order to get the gig.

He’s very glad he prostituted himself [per barista in comments, why doesn't Klemens threaten to sue Nova for defaming his client as a prostitute, hmm? -weez] though because now he’s less shit at radio and wants to stay forever. [...]

You know what? @ndy’s right- Lewis IS annoying. Anyone who had anything to do with ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ would be so by definition. Due to defamation law reform in Australia in recent times, you can no longer defame with truth. However, a defamation case defendant making a claim of ‘fair comment’ need not even prove the truth of the statement, rather only state that the comment was based on their honestly held opinion to prevail against any defamation claim.
Hmmm...could THIS be the reason perhaps that the FDB wankers have gradually ceased their rapid fire threats of 'legal action' against many White Nationalist Patriot activists EVERY farking time they expose more immoral and illegal activities indulged in by the so-called 'AntiFa'?

Electronic Frontiers Australia notes:

[...] there are several defences for defamation, including truth and fair comment. If the statements are either true or are phrased in the terms where it appears that the maker is giving an opinion rather than a statement of truth, then the maker is unlikely to be liable for defamation.


263K. Defence of fair comment

(1) A defence of fair comment at common law is sufficiently pleaded if it alleges that the matter complained of was a comment that –

(a) was based on –

(i) true fact; or

(ii) material that was published under privilege; and

(b) related to a matter of public interest; and

(c) was made honestly by the defendant.

While he IS annoying, I don’t think that Lewis necessarily fits @ndy’s colourful characterisation as the ‘one of the most annoying cunts to ever be spat out of a womb.’ The ultimate honour goes to Mark Klemens, who thinks he can heavy a blogger into silence with lawyery shit for said blogger expressing their honestly held opinion about a public figure.

Clearly, Klemens is just hoping @ndy will piss his pants and pass out upon receipt of a couple of brief yet lawyery sounding bluff emails. Given the ironclad protections afforded to speakers under ‘fair comment’ specifications, Klemens would not only have zero chance of success in a defamation claim, he’d unquestionably find himself liable for @ndy’s costs incurred in defending the case.

The possibility exists that Klemens will do a lot more damage to Lewis’ career than @ndy ever could through the Streisand Effect. The world now knows that Lewis has a bullying, threatening cockhead for an agent and thus will be as well-known for that as anything else.

I wonder what the remainder of Klemens’ clients think of being represented by an agent who bullies bloggers over legitimate fair comment. There’s no doubt they’d be unhappy with having to pay defendants’ legal costs associated with any such ill-considered action.

However, I fully support Klemens’ decision to sue bloggers. Nothing pumps up the readership numbers like an arrogant millionaire former barrister who tries to suppress the public expressions of a hobbyist writer with a team of lawyers. Suing bloggers definitely shuts them up, too. This item you’re reading is prima facie evidence of that, innit?

Awaiting my writ. Don’t you want one, too?

Well, Weezy old bean (or is that HAS BEEN?) YOU have been the very worst offender over the years for firing off (as it turns out, imaginary) writs. How's it feel to be a potential victim of your own favourite tactics?


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fascinating that Kklemens ProfileTalent is financed by StevveVizzard who has said dreadful things about other people while doing skits on the ComedyCompany.

hypocrisy is so dangerous and loathesome.

Well, Fight Dem Back just about has hypocrisy monopolised.

Comment by Marshall Stacks 08.10.09 @ 3:32 pm
in the reply email to andy,
none of his questions are answered, but
he gets instead,
the THREAT that he will incur
“substantial costs orders against you - frightening him, not with Law, but with Expense.
as Shakespeare wrote ‘first, let’s kill all the lawyers,”

Oh GOODY! Can we start with Darp? Or…perhaps not. He is unlikely to ever become a lawyer now due to the brave and heroic actions of certain unnamed White Australian Patriots.

Comment by Ann O'Dyne 08.10.09 @ 3:38 pm
It is not possible to further DEFAME any person who has put themselves on BigBrother.



Comment by Bwca Brownie 08.10.09 @ 3:43 pm
This is fascinating too.

It appears that the media career of MK began with hostage DouglasWood.

WAG THE DOUG - An Eyewitness Bloug Your Democracy

Industrial barrister Mark Klemens, the front man for the agency, is Molly Meldrum’s manager and was the beak who got Darryll Ssomers off a drink driving …

Comment by Bwca Brownie 08.10.09 @ 3:50 pm
An Ode to A Toad

Raise a glass to Dylan F. Lewis
Whose brownshirt Klemens came here to screw us.
A boil, a blister, a posterior chancre
He’s Nova100’s annoying midmorning wanker.

Far too mundane to be Vyle and Jackie
Dylan’s only insipid when he tries to be wacky.
Annoying and boring, a self-interested tool
A lumpy brown lump in our FM cesspool.

Run away, hide and cover your head
You better go cower down under your bed.
‘Cos it’s morning again, it’s 9am soon
When Nova will bring us their lit-igi-ous goon.

-Hornsley W. Dickham
Comment by Dewey, Dickham & Howe Attorneys-at-Law 08.10.09 @ 3:57 pm

Ah, this is wonderful. There is a defence of satire - though I was a bit unsure until I read Nova’s own description of this person - they ACCUSE HIM OF PROSTITUTION. Why doesn’t his agent sue them? Because they know the statement is ironic and hyperbolic.

And the offending statements from slackbastard are …. what, exactly?

Personally I think the insult is shabby and basic, but threatening to sue someone with a case which you know a) you probably can’t win and b) would trash your client’s reputation if you tried, rather lacks the kind of idealism that creates pride on yer deathbed.
Comment by barista 08.10.09 @ 10:10 pm

David, your notation of Nova100 defaming their own is indeed an astute observation. Mind you, I expect Lewis wrote his own bio entry.

@ndy’s adjectives are profane and in-your-face, but in sum, he still only expresses an opinion that Lewis is ‘annoying.’

Naturally, Klemens won’t and would never have sued @ndy. Also, I’m quite certain that I’ll never hear from Klemens regarding what I have republished, despite it being verbatim quotation of @ndy. Why? It’s all bluff & bluster, intended to frighten bloggers into silence. Didn’t work on @ndy, would never have worked on me, either. If you follow twitter at all, you already know that Klemens’ bluster has fully backfired.
Again, much as FDB's bluff and bluster has backfired on THEM. FDB currently has all the credibility of the proverbial Three Dollar Note.

The mere threat of suing a blogger is newsworthy. It’s a classic David & Goliath tale, and in such a scenario, you definitely don’t want to be Goliath- it’s a PR disaster.

While you’d expect a lawyer not to care about PR disasters, you’d similarly expect a talent agent to know better.

Klemens, in the depths of his arrogance, figures bloggers for bumpkins. I’m quite sure there’s a few non-legal practitioner amateur writers on various online modes who would, as I said in my post body, piss their pants and pass out on receipt of a couple of lawyery sounding emails. However, bloggers are not anyone’s idea of a homogeneous group. Just because one writes a blog doesn’t mean they’re wet behind the ears. There’s just as many grizzled online writers who’ve been down the rosy garden path many times before. Like you, David, I was a professional writer, a radio journo in my case, for decades before anyone coined the term ‘blog.’ If I don’t get a few threats a year, given my topics of choice, I’m not doing my job very well.

So… Mr Klemens- bring on the writs or shut the fuck up."

Now THAT plea should sound familiar to any who have followed Whitelaw Towers for a while. WE have issued the same challenge to Brian 'Weezil' Stokes SEVERAL times and...guess what?...not a writ, not a summons, not a court order, not a criminal charge or fine or ANYTHING has EVER surfaced! So WHO, precisely, are the paper tigers, the bloated and pumped up bags of wind?

I’m sure the remaining clients you represent would appreciate you not rubbishing their reputations as thoroughly as you’ve trashed that of the already annoying Dylan Lewis.
Comment by weez 08.10.09 @ 11:17 pm
barista wrote:

“Personally I think the insult is shabby and basic…”

As I wrote at the time in response to a comment by ‘kate tyson’:

“you’re right, it’s a mean and nasty comment.

i think i must’ve been in a very bad mood when i wrote that."'re simply working to form. You are a FUCKWIT and will always remain so.

"my apologies for causing you offence — i’m sure dylan is a swell guy. well, i can’t honestly say i’m sure of it, but it remains a possibility anyway. mind you, i do find his tv persona to be incredibly annoying.”
Whoah thar boy! Can everyone say BACK PEDDLING? Or how about licky, licky, sucky, sucky?

Mean and nasty, yes, but not meant to be taken literally or seriously. That it produced the reaction that it did is, quite frankly, bizarre.
Comment by @ndy 08.10.09 @ 11:51 pm

Bizarre, indeed, @ndy. To paraphrase Dr Cam, someone needs to take a teaspoon of cement and harden the fuck up.
Ha! Ha! Ha! Yeah, the soft, flabby Dr. Camp SexWithMinors would know all about being 'hard' wouldn't he? I particularly like his pink, puffy little hands with those spindly fingers. Somehow we don't think the good doctor ever laid too many bricks or dug too many trenches.

Comment by weez 08.10.09 @ 11:57 pm

Ann, Marshall & Brownie, sorry about the belated appearance of your comments. Akismet made a rare misdiagnosis of your notes as spams. Fixed.
Comment by weez 08.11.09 @ 6:48 am

Ferkin’ idiot … but dangerous perhaps … I see he has young Galbally in his stable - now there’s a family with a mortgage on ‘nasty’.
Comment by John Snelson 08.12.09 @ 7:15 pm

And he’s got Danii Minogue, too. I understand she’s got a mortgage on ‘coat-tails.’
Comment by weez 08.13.09 @ 6:52 am

Don’t you wonder how much Faustina ‘Fuzzy’ Agolley digs being referred to as ‘the resident ‘afro’? Klemens could have called her the ‘token negro’ and been at least as complimentary.
Comment by weez 08.13.09 @ 6:58 am

If Dylan is prostitute it means that Klemens is his pimp. What’s the rate and his hook? Just curious, Dylan, not an offer.
Comment by Melchior 08.13.09 @ 12:33 pm