Saturday, August 22, 2009

Antifa Australia...again...sorry...

Firstly I’d like to know does Antifa Australia’s mum know what he’s doing in his bedroom?

“Antifa Australia said...

Not so funny when innocent civilians are being terrorized by the fascists like you.

Now what kind of bastard would want to misrepresent AFP? let alone with little intelligence.

I think the war has begun,”

A declaration of WAR? Which particular Nation State do YOU represent? Oh we know which one you WORK for. But is this simply another threat by proxy a la FDB? And who, precisely, is the Nation State you are declaring “war” upon?

“Antifascist orgs are after you fascists,”

Isn’t that what is technically known, in legal circles at least, as STALKING with intent?

“oh thats (sic) scary”

WE will be the judge of that, thank you very much. At the moment it just seems pathetically funny…but…knowing a little of the cowardly propensity for sneaky violence so-called AntiFa have then we’ll allow ourselves the option of taking the threat seriously…if, at a later date, you girls actually grow a set of ‘nads and actually DO something!

“considering that the whole of australia (sic) is anti-fascist.”

Oh, please pray tell when and where this particular phenomenon manifested OUTSIDE of trendy, bourgeois, race blending ghettos like Surry Hills and Newtown.

“You ought to be shitting yourselves fascists.”

Erm, no, we’ll leave the defecation to YOUR crew when it dawns on you that we are not all skinny pencil necked dweebs like YOU.

…and…not only but also…why do you employ the epithet ‘Fascist’ like it’s a BAAD thing? Did you realise that by any reasonable and truthful definition of the term ‘Fascism’ that every Trade Union is a ‘Fascist’ Organisation? Strength through Unity, you MORON. That is ALL it means. A group of like minded people united in a common cause where the interests and welfare of the individual, through the absolute necessity of the struggle for success of the ideals pursued, necessitates the, at least temporary, subordination to that of the collective.

It’s all for the greater good, you see.

Now go away.

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