Sunday, August 30, 2009

As Requested. We Can't Be Beaten.


Anonymous said...

An excellent track from an excellent band!

Rose Tattoo came to my notice way back in 1978 with the release of the classic 'Rock 'n' Roll Outlaw' album. This album is as fresh and vibrant three decades on as it was back then.

Sadly, three of the original members are no longer with us, all having fallen victim to cancer.

I managed to catch the band live just the once. That was in 1981 when they were the support act for Rainbow. Although Rainbow were one of my favourite bands at the time, I have to admit that the Tatts completely blew Blackmore and company off stage. No mean feat!

Rose Tattoo were a quite superb live act - no nonsense, no frills, honest, down-to-earth rock 'n' rollers. They are sadly missed.

Another Aussie band I like a lot are Kings of the Sun. Whatever happened to them?

Anyway, thanks for posting this great video.



Anonymous said...

I've met Mclelland. He seems to be a decent fella.

They'll keep tryin' to beat us with Herr Doktor, by proxy if necessary,,,,snivelling Kapos that they are.

I wonder if McLelland, who might be of Celt heritage, understands that the JEW identifies by a religion of codified prejudice and racism that demands our and McLelland's subjugation under the auspices of Noachide Law.

McLelland comes across as a reasonable sort of fella, but might be susceptible to doing the biddings of the Jew in order to elicit their approval. This is not the way of the Celts.

The Celts answer only to themselves and never, wittingly, to Jews. Spurn the snivelling WormTongues Robert McLelland. The Judas bears you and the rest of us much ill will with its whispering forked tongue and blood stained sharp teeth. Remember your heritage, and the noble ideas by which they identify as a free people who revulse instinctively and the idea of "Noachide" or "Dhimmi".

The Jew will appeal to your sense of vanity and vainglory, and if you succumb, then your arse it owned by these maggots. The entire Gentile world as ignorant innocents demand that you act forthrightly and stoically on their behalf to preserve their freedom. We must not be sold into Peurile Noachidiocy by our elected leaders. You have a responsibility to keep the Jew at bay. It has a plan for us. It covets.

I urge you Robert Mclelland to read Revilo Oliver's classic, so that you may understand that which covets you as a proxy for it malevolent works.

Remember that William Wallace was captured only because he was betrayed.

Anonymous said...

Hey is still UP !

Jews whining "Anti-semitism" is akin to a perpetraitor whining regards the Child whose innocence it covets speaking publicly about the unspeakable acts committed against him or her by the dementor.

Judaism demands defilement of the innocence and purity of truth. It is the dirty old man of the religious world, and 'Jews', particularly establishment Jews, its co-opted agents. They cannot be permitted to continue including us in their religion.

Anonymous said...

FugaziQuo....Can you advise us on the status of Brendon O'Connell ?

Whitelaw Towers said...

No mate but we will update everyone if we hear anything.