Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Brainwashed, deluded, retarded?

Donald Oorst Fight Dem Back co-founder and Guardian of the New World Order.
You decide for yourself, but if the following is not in the running for the dumbest statement to EVER be issued by the illiterate ‘university lecturer’ Donald ‘duckmonster’ Oorst then we don’t know what is. Read it and, particularly if you reside in or frequent any of these PROVEN trouble spots, not only in Victoria but in places such as Parramatta and Blacktown in Sydney, ask yourself just what sort of drugs, illicit or prescription, or other mind altering substances this idiot is on!

Read what he is suggesting. To follow his ‘logic’ Australia needs to import MORE primitive and utterly inassimilable Black Africans to combat crime and REDUCE the crime rates!!!???!!! Hysterically funny also is his comment regarding ‘racists’ disregard for ‘facts’. This coming from a creature who exists in an alternative reality, a parallel universe if you will, where all would be just hunky dory if we’d just cease and desist all forms of resistance to the ZOG New World Order and prepare to be assimilated into the Multi-Cult.

From the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gangsters’ Forum:

duck monster
Post subject: Re: but i like mildura.
Posted: Mon Aug 24, 2009 3:19 am
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Statistically the incidents of crime and sexual assault drops with a high Sudanese population, because the crime rate is lower amongst the sudanese (sic) than the general population. Not that facts have ever mattered to racists. Fucking lying racist pieces of shit, I hope the cops devestate (sic) these pricks.

'Statistics'? WHAT statistics can you possibly be referring to? Produce them and demonstrate how the bizarre conclusions were arrived at.

Oorst, you are not simply a drooling moron, you are an extremely dangerous one. You really, truly need to be locked up and denied any further contact with real people. The remainder of your miserable life should be spent in a cell lined with rubber wallpaper wearing a jacket with very long sleeves.


Anonymous said...

We need more fluffy refugee OorstRaelians...Yaaaaayyy.

Anonymous said...

Another from the Kosher homelands.

bunny olesen said...

OH SUDAN? You mean the same country where the janjaweed murder darfurians, rape the women from babies to the very old? THAT crime free sudan? the place where 1.5 million christians have been butchered in the last 20 years alone? Is that dude INSANE? he MUST be, just ask the countries that do have populations of sudanese & somalians as well, the commit violent acts of gang rape against young white women. in sweden alone the incidence of rape has increased approximately 1,000% in the last 8 years. Finland, that had not had a reported gang rape in 400 years, is now DELUGED with them, EVERY one committed by sudanese & somalians. Blacks are the most racist people on the planet, lazy, violent, self-entitled, greedy, god it makes me sick.