Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Crack Down on Internet Free Speech. Part Two. Insult to Injury.

Dr Töben has been imprisoned for 3 months

Thursday 13th August 2009, Dr Töben's appeal was heard today, beginning at 10.00 AM. Numerous arguments were put forward by the defence barrister Mr David Perkins. At the end of the hearing the three judges retired for approximately three quarters of an hour. Upon their return, they read out the verdict, that the appeal had been rejected, and ordered that Dr Töben begin his sentence immediately. He peacefully accompanied the two Federal Policemen who arrived dressed in business suits. Initially he will be taken to Yatala Labour Prison, from where it will be decided to which prison he will serve his sentence.



Anonymous said...

While they might be able to take away Toben's freedom to move, they'll never take his self respect, his honor, or force him to kneel, as they most certainly do yearn for.

Always look the Jew in its shifty lifeless eye Fred, as we know you always will.

Mclelland's Herr Doktor seeks to 'punish' the unpurchaseable yet again.

Anonymous said...

Kikey Noses.....It's still, contemptuously and contumaciously ....UP

Anonymous said...

"Polacco de Ménasce was a high-ranking mason in France and in the
upper circles of the Resistance Movement. He is no lightweight, and
I have interviewed him over and over again. He completely
understands [his people's] modus operandi - the use of cultural
debauchery, sexual corruption, the destruction of morals,
[destruction of] music, art, fashion etc. He has written about that,too."

R. D. Polacco de Ménasce

Interesting letters.

Anonymous said...,25197,25942955-7583,00.html

Points to note for forked tongued, slithering ShitHeel Jews masquerading as honest brokers of "truth" for the "Goyim".

Judaism IS codified, concentrated racial predjudice designed to cause trouble wherever it is injected into "Gentile" communities.

Judaism routinely "vilifies" non-Jews under the protections of being a relgion.

Judaism is its own incitement of others to "hatred" of the Jews. Hence its need for self abusive secrecy.

Judaism posits the lie that "Chosen-ness" is a function not of behaviour, but of matrilineal lineage and racial entitlement. Only "Jews" are Chosen.

Judaism prophesied that 6 million must not come home before "Israel" could be created.

Judaism has been apoplectically babbling about 6 million, 6 zeros, a 6 pointed star with six triangle and 66666666666 for ever. 6 million were apparently at risk of injury in 1919 post WW1.

Judaism wanted six million killed, either actually or via the truth by consensus mechanism that make "manifest" the "truth".

Muuuuurrrrdeeeerrrerrrssss !!!
Gollum, Gollum.

Judaism feels we are "envious"...Funny fantasist stuff that.

Judaism provides "Jews" with a licence to pre-emption by instilling in Jews the desire, need and yearning for "poiusecution". Every Jewish child is educated to expect torment by envious Goyim who are not Chosen, even though most Goyim know nothing of "Jews"... Jews must therefore elicit persecution to make manifest the nightmare.

Judaism and its acolytes show the utmost contempt for the "Courts" by abusing them in the afore mentioned context to elicit the ire of the rest of us, "UnChosen".

Judaism is the religion of the "Gentiles" because we are included in it. Goy Kiddies might perhaps need to learn how they are included... We must have the Courage to Care and "Learn to Include"..What say you Jews ?

Judaism uses and abuses other minority causes as Trojan horses to protect its undeniably necessary access to the communities of "Goyim" if Judaism is to have any relevance in the context of its own inane scribblings. What's a Jew if its not fiddling with the affairs of others.....IRRELEVANT, and one cannot existentially manifest as "Chosen" if their is no larger mass of comparitively "UnChosen" underlings to surrepticiously mingle with and to mirror one's own perception of Kosher magnificence. Self Abusive Chosenness, as shameless as it is, demands an applauding, then gagging audience.

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Release for the Jews will come with the inevitable dismantling of Judiasm.

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Attention and relevance seeking Jews suffer from the MuchChosen syndrome caused by Judaism.