Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Decline of Australia.

How it was. How it should be. Boy I love the old 25 pounder. I curse you red scum for what you have done to my home land.

Our first taste of being slaves to the New World Order. Again Zionist to the left and Zionist to the right. They send us there to kill them and insist we bring the rest back. The beginning of the end of my country. The last time my family will ever serve in the Army of the New World Order. We only fight for our homeland now.

Time to get the ball rolling. Disarm the people. False Flag.

No turning back now. Conform Consume & Die.

Watch the pretty bird. Again fighting for the New World Order. Mean while the real battle is at home. That's alright our new Multicultural Defense Force will look after the White Aussie Battler.

Our Future is secure.

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