Monday, August 10, 2009

The Decline of Germany.

How it was and should be.

A Nation crushed for refusing to be part of the New World Order

The results.

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Anonymous said...

Check this stink out at the Anarchist's Hole. It is symptomatic of the decline of Europe and the dirty molesting hand of the Jew. Our "consent" to our own destruction is manufactured in a similar manner that "consent" might be garnered in the Child.

Looks like Kosher "Anarchy" includes unlimited accesss to anybody's children.

I've been looking for the "Anarchist's" link to NAMBLA, but can't find one yet. It is "members only" I suspect.

How does it rationalise the repugnant theft of innocence by those that have defiled their own.

"FightDemBack" .....the parents that would protect the innocence of their own children, by ANY means necessary to neutralise the threat. The access of these perpetrators to children, especially orphans, should be protected by "hate" laws administered with the "Courage to Care" for those with a "need" for access, or so they think.

Welcome to the Animal Kingdom of Kosher Anarchy, Maggots, Faggots , "Anti-Rascism" and Drilling for Dung.

“Jackson steadfastly maintains that he has been asexual in his relations with boys, which is certainly possible—but for us, that is irrelevant. The state’s vendetta against Jackson rested upon anti-sex laws that we oppose on principle….

“Sex is a natural activity for humans—even children. We believe that in any kind of sexual relations, the guiding principle should be effective consent, regardless of age, gender or race. That is, if those involved have effective knowledge and desire to do whatever it is they will, that should be the end of it. We oppose arbitrary and reactionary state interference in such intimate matters.”