Sunday, August 23, 2009

Electronic Jihad on ANN

Well what can we say? Seems a group of very pissed off Muslims have been busy shutting down Western Web sites. They have promised to keep on doing this until Palestine is free of the Zionist occupiers. But Hacking furniture stores and ANN whats up with that?

It would seem our Islamic Electronic warriors have fallen for another Zionist Lie. All White Nationals are evil Nazis and support Israel. Taking down an Australian White Nationalist Web Site that is not afraid to speak of Zionist crimes is a bit remiss. Its a bit like doing the dirty work for your enemy. The Zionist in Australia will be very happy with what they have done.

Sadly they are not going to make to many friends out of this. So if you are wondering what happened to ANN don't panic. I have been assured that all the Data is safe but it may be a day or two until the admin can get the front page back. If they bothered to read the forum they would see that those guys and gals are no friends to Zionism. Talk about making a rod for your own back.

Fixed open for business.

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