Thursday, August 13, 2009

Australian Jewish Agent Exposed.

I think the above pic is very close to the mark. As anyone who has met her would know. Shamefully stolen from Incogman

Hello readers. After much thought and reservation we have decided it is in the interest of the Movement that we expose yet another Jewish Fraud. Before we go any further we must state that we are all victims of this fraud and we believe that the KKK has also been taken for a ride.
The actions of a Jewish fraud should not be seen as the actions of the KKK in any country. We again state that this site is an Australian site therefore we publish this in the interest of our Nation.

It has been mentioned before that members of the Jewish Task Force Forum planned on infiltrating Storm Front in the hope of recruiting White Patriots to assist these Jewish Extremists.

Zionist Jews Recruiting White Nationalists From Storm Front.

Zionist Jews Recruiting White Nationalists From Storm Front. Part 2

WLT has also shown that Agent Provocateurs from the Jewish Task Force Forum have infiltrated other White Nationalist Groups in Australia.

On the Cover of the Rolling Stone

Australian Protectionists reaction to the Death of Jorge Haider.

In Defense of the Aryan Guard Calgary!

Its a crazy old world aint it? How many more people can the APP piss off?

Strangely enough the JTF has removed all of Darrins membership details from the Forum. Cover Up anyone?

OK now for the latest.

As many recall the latest "Australia Calling" recently interviewed members of the Australian KKK.

(07/29/09)This week Derrick interviews Maxine Grey, the leader of the Ku Klux Klan in Australia and her sidekick, Hobbit. There is more going on in the invisible empire than the reds realise. Be afraid, Darp. Be very afraid.

This was one of the most popular Radio Shows to date. It was very controversial and was in the end nothing but a smear on Australian Nationalism. But here is the kicker folks. Maxine Grey, Tina Greco, Silver Fern, Skippy, Kiwi, what ever her name is, is a Jewish Spy. We will leave our personal views out of this and just supply you guys with the shocking proof.

First we must establish if Tina Greco is in fact Maxine Grey? Well this nails it people.

Tina Greco/ Silvern Fern/ Maxine Grey. JTF Forum.

Now folks compare this sound file an actual recording of Tina Greco with the Interview from Australia Calling.

Tina on Jewish Task Force Forum.

Tina Greco - Melbourne
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"My answer to being a spy, sorry the fan was causing a problem with the sound when recording, but its hot as hell here".

Compare people. Australia calling Maxine Grey.

100% proof. So now we have established that The Head of the KKK in Australia is a member of the Jewish Task Force Forum lets see what else she has to say?

Tina Greco - Melbourne
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Gender: Female
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"Yes Lubab I do work of the government, I gather information on person or persons that are considered a risk to the welfare and safety of the Australian population, and yes I have been a apart of a fact finding misson as apart of the said Military unit I am currently attached too.

No currently no member of JTF is of interest within the scope that are set for the current level of investigation.

There of course are person or persons of interest that do access the forum, but as I said nothing that current investigations have shown to be of any great interest.

Internet warriors are not a security issues just a thorn in the collective side of the intelligence agencies that have international powers.

I prefer blunt people Lubab, they are at least honest......

I have recorded my first rant if you will, but being a woman with a drop dead sexy accent, don't you think that is more dangerous for the male listeners. Heaven forbid it might cause an injury.........

But for dear Lubub I will record a show..."

Tina Greco - Melbourne
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Gender: Female
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"Great Idea, I live in a city were I am the only Jew I ring a friend of mine who is a Rabbi every week and it provides me with what I require.

Think of all the Jews unable to contact physically a Rabbi, this allows them too."

Poor Tina she better move closer to the inner city hey. Also

"LOL I am Half Scot Half Italian, two strong fiery stubborn races, and a Jew to boot and proud of it Thumbs Up

Just never eat haggis Undecided Undecided Undecided But oat cakes Yummy"

Hot stuff folks but very serious. If you have been involved with this Jew then I am sorry to say you may have compromised your own safety. Personally we think she is mentally ill and no doubt would think she is a Government Agent.

Will the Media and or FDB report this? Can you read the headlines people. KKK Australian Jewish Hate Group. What a joke.

Special thanks must again go to the good white folk of this nation who have worked so hard on outing this Zionist Plant. We thank you.

Screen Shot collection

Hands off Australian White Nationalism you Zionist Pricks.


Anonymous said...

Good Work on pointing out another Kosher Turd to avoid. It's not always easy dodging the Shit of the Jew. Often one only finds out you've trodden in it after its been walked into the carpet and about the house. By then the carpet's often completely soiled beyond redemption.

If they can't squat and Shit a putrid load on the carpet directly, they'll always find a way to get it there somehow.

The below is really funny Shit.

The word verification of the day was coincidentally "pests"

Whitelaw Towers said...

"If they can't squat and Shit a putrid load on the carpet directly, they'll always find a way to get it there somehow."

I could not put it any better myself. Good read by the way at Incogman truly funny stuff.

Anonymous said...

I must admit to feeling slightly queasy and uneasy (poetry?) when I read comments such as the first one on this post. When one has read as I have, and with increasing nausea, the details of the Khazaric propensity for scatological obsessions, then all this ‘toilet talk’ is very disturbing, particularly coming from those who claim to be on our side. Please, minimise the poo stuff.

The Khazars are instinctively predatory pederasts (seek no further proof than the quite bizarre behaviour of the leadership of the FightDemBack gang) with a very specific and peculiar predilection for grooming catamites among the weaker and more meekly compliant and credulous Goyim. Once ‘recruited’ such disgusting peccadilloes as ‘felching’, ‘rimming’ and ingesting the fluids of their ‘partners’ enemas constitute the ‘sports’ of these decadent, indulgent and quite frankly, criminally deranged, bourgeois perverts.

The catamite ‘bum boys’ such as Brian Stokes, who at least CLAIMS White European status, truly are the willing ‘useful idiots’ of their Khazar masters such as Asher Goldman and Mathew Henderson-Hau.

The excreta based infantilism and child molestation, including actual genital mutilation, begins from the moment of the Khazar child’s brutally cruel and primitive circumcision ritual and, supplemented by the curriculum of twisted and Talmudic rites through childhood, being weaned on Freudian pseudo psychological claptrap and proto Masonic Kabbalism, results in adult creatures so utterly neurotic and sociopathic it is a wonder they can function at all in mainstream society.

Perhaps this is one of the key explanations for the Hollywood and ZOG Box phenomenon. These creatures are not just ‘great storytellers’ or ‘excellent entertainers’ they are delusional lunatics and moral cripples who have created a bubble of unreality within which they can cope with life (as they imagine it) and from which they can bamboozle and control the Goyim.

They have NOTHING of any worth to offer the White Man.

Anonymous said...

"The Aryan of good social standing always feels the need to respect the Jew; his Antisemitism being no joy, no amusement to him."

From Otto Weininger, who is is likely a true righteous Gentile.

Well, we want to. But how difficult it is.

Sometimes one's distain and revulsion for all things Kosher is recognisable only via the basest of language as a mechanism to display public disdain for the notion of "Chosen". It is a method of convincing ourselves that things can indeed be better without their influence. While the Jew cannot rise above that which it is, we can, by choice, meet them at their level, to show them perhaps how they are seen by those who are not constantly pre-occupied with the image of magnificence mirrored by Kosher narcissism.

Good to see that you know the Jew too and have identified the Weezil as a Rump Rider of some repute. The peurile idiocy of the Jews is unrestrained by introspection.

Anonymous said...

Rumour has it that the OorstRaelian extension of the JTF has been searching the internet via for pictorial emblems and appropriate ideas to include on its new banner.

It has confiscated for itself the Motto, "Don't tread on Me". They are close to "Choosing" the Chosen pictogram for inclusion in the banner.

Intrinsically and elementally pure Sarah SilverMan is on the odious board of advisors and is considering the suitability of the various offerings piled on her desk. She is emininently qualified for the role. We wait expectantly and with bated breath for the results.

That 'Gonorhia' Scrubber you've linked to is seriously wrong from the point of view of "Chosen". What's to envy ?

Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot said...

Could it be that she is now turning up on Facebook as "Lotie Rose"?.

She certainly doesn't like this blog or anyone associated with it. Her claim is that Whitelaw Towers and Australian New Nation are run by a black and an arab respectively.

This was here response to my defending ANN and Whitelaw Towers.

"The Jim's are well known here, the webmaster lol who Trever Lewis married to a blind click in Alice Springs selling Abbo art.

I strongly suggest you meet these people, because you are sprewing misinformation. Jim Saleam is an arab, jim perrin Aka whitelaw towers is a adopted abbo half cast. Unless you have meet them in person I strongly suggest you don't state lies."

There is an American clan guy called Ray Loy who is so taken with miss Lotie, who he affectionately calls Tina, he has kicked a number of White Nationalists from his friends list for being 'Nazis' in response to a post from a guy with some guts called Paul, in which Paul said, in trying to warn him..

"Ray, lotie rose is tina greco. i will not be associated with her in any way. you will have to decide on one of us to delete. no hard feelings either way. be well my friend and be safe."

Pip pip

Whitelaw Towers said...

You get the most flak when you are over the target. Cheers mate that is some funny shit.

Our credentials are secure 828. Please feel free to check us out.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a Fetid Feminist Cottage Cheese in a collection of conjoined Sausage Skins.

Anonymous said...

(Actually there are a lot of very young jewish boys and girls who are "contacting physically" their rabbi. hundreds on cases listed. But I digress.)

Just found your site. Thanks for your work.

1. It is not clear to me from your posts whether you *know* that the zionists are doing this on premeditated purpose, as evidenced in their "Protocols":
• infiltrating *any* organisation that can support a race/nation, causing division, and destroying it from within
• where (eg) the KKK is not involved in (eg) murder and violence, actually impersonating the KKK, and inciting or committing murder and violence.

2. Check this out.
This guy has an awfully long nose. There is only one version of this story, and it is on every news wire, trumpeting "white supremacist". I had to hunt through old news stories to find any further details.

According to the zionist media, he "joined" the KKK while in prison, to "protect himself" from the blacks who wanted to take his virginity. Now that particular twisting of details of a tale, using tiny bits of what might be truth, and making massive lies (the opposite) out of it, can only be accomplished by someone eating excreta, such as a hollywood writer.

What I am saying is, he is a kosher nazi, but not the usual false flag matzo. He just did what he did, partly because they hate humans and especially blacks (they ran the entire slavery racket), partly to keep the racial hatred fires burning; while in prison, he cooked up the KKK story. Could not get off the hook/noose/injection. Now in the eyes of the zionists, he is a martyr, so their media use him as a forced sacrifice and squeeze whatever they can out of the story. All together now, scream "white supremacist".

RIP My Byrd.

Here's another:
Now who in their right mind is going to believe that these two Arabian speaking "americans" happened to be "hiking" in Iraq (hey every jewish kid hikes in Iraq in their gap year), and "strayed into Iran" "accidentally" ? Great kazhar noses and flat-backed heads there. The zionist news is kind enough to give us details confirming they have only very recent movements and romantic affairs. Lousy cover, mossad. Nice diplomacy, Iran.