Tuesday, August 18, 2009

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From Our comments page:

Slitheen23 said...

“I can't stomach white supremacists of any kind...”

We believe the correct term you just might be grasping for with your room temperature I.Q. is either White Nationalist or White Separatist. The entire 'supremacy' nonsense is a gigantic Left Wing RED herring as the largely self evident facts of the matter renders any further quibbling over details and minutae or further serious contention utterly redundant. Honestly, having to EXPLAIN the obvious is as tiresome and time wasting as attempting to teach algebra to cockroaches.
Personally, this writer has never met a White person, EVER, who described themselves as a “White Supremacist”. You, my microcephalic friend have either fallen hook, line and sinker for the typically vitriolic and shrill Anti White Zionist propaganda OR you are one of the perpetrators and disseminators of such claptrap yourself.

“but the Australian and American versions are the worst possible kind. Australia belongs to the indigenous Aboriginals and America to the native "red" American Indians.”

Real estate of ANY sort “belongs” to those intelligent, resourceful and strong enough to take it, hold it, utilise it efficiently and develop it to EVERY inhabitant’s advantage. Have the native inhabitants of those two continents mentioned NOT benefited in ANY way whatsoever from White Technology, Science and Medicine?

“Full stop....end of argument.”

Erm…no. You, like ALL Leftist swill believe you have the divine right (or at least the secular equivalent) to dictate the terms and limitations of all socio-political discourse, to monopolise what your twisted little cerebral cortexes perceive as the ‘moral and ethical’ high ground and to brutally supress any dissent just as your Bolshevik heroes did back in the 'good old days'.
Just as the anointed version of the so called 'Holocaust' or Shoa has been deemed unchallengable, YOUR outrageous presumption of infallibility is as ludicrous and unscholarly in its arrogance and ignorance.

“How on God's earth”

Oh, you DO believe in G.O.D.?

“can they lay claim to something that doesn't belong to them?"

Read again the above explanation on proprietary rights of possession, “ownership” etc.

“Stupid, pig ignorant rednecks the lot of them.”

NOT like YOU, eh?

“At least European white supremacists, being from ancient white cultures, have a realistic claim on their respective lands.”

Here again you reveal your miserably pathetic perception of ‘Nationhood’. For true Nationalists of any hue the ‘Nation’ is not found within the arbitrary bounds of geo-political maps but rather in the genes. A White Nationalist is a White Nationalist whether he is living in London or Liberia, Stockholm or Sydney, Berlin or Boggabilla. Fair enough that there SHOULD, ideally, be a lengthier and stronger connection between blood and soil for the ‘Nationalism’ to be truly legitimised and fully realised but ‘Nationalism’ manifests in many, far more subtle and sophisticated ways than the simplistic nonsense YOU proffer.

This writer believes in this war for the survival of the White European peoples that our ‘Nation’ is in our Blood and our skin is our uniform REGARDLESS of where we happen to find ourselves living on this spinning sphere we call Earth.

Finally, you Sir, Madam or otherwise, are a fool and a peculiarly simple one at that.

8:32 PM

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