Friday, August 28, 2009

More On England...

This writer was actually living in England during that formative period of ’69 – ’71 and can tell you the rumbles between the preceding Mods and Rockers were child’s play compared to the vicious rivalry between the new ‘Skinheads’ and the ‘Greasers’ (SkinBo’s and GreBo’s the kids called them) and most of my mates chose to be Grebos. The early Skinheads were seen basically as slightly too fashion conscious, almost to the point of being a bit prissy, whereas the Greaser Boys were rough, tough and grimy. They mostly rode British motorcycles and had long (for the time) hair. One of our local gangs were the ‘Night Hawks’ and took on the Skins whenever they ran into them. From all reports the violence was very extreme with hospitalisations on both sides.

I was actually stabbed in the backside with the sharpened end of a rolled up umbrella by a ‘suede–head’, a London based variant of the skins. He and his mate had taken an instant dislike, while following me down the street, to my shoulder length hair and denims. He wore a long black overcoat with a red rose in the lapel, I shit you not, stovepipes and ‘brothel creeper’ boots. His pants were short enough to display his bright red socks. In this respect I saw, when I later encountered the Revesby Sharps, a link between the Suede Heads and the Aussie Sharpies who also wore red socks along with white slip on, moccasin type, shoes! Suede Heads, like the other smartly dressed street thugs, the Teds, liked to conceal long needles, razors and other sharp instruments under their lapels. These served two purposes, they could be whipped out and used as a weapon in a fight but also were a very nasty surprise to anyone foolish enough to grab them by the collar or lapels. Ouch!

The Skins, fashion wise at least, were the natural progression of the Teddy Boys, albeit looking more like labourers than night club doormen. The Teds, like the Skins, favoured straight, tight fitting, stovepipe pants and generally close fitting or well tailored shirts and other clothing. They were clean, sharp and smart. The Grebos tended to mimic the California Biker look with flared jeans, denim jackets, black tee-shirts (quite unusual for the time) and cowboy style boots. They were into the current crop of Glam Rock, The Sweet, T-Rex etc but also traditional Hard Rock like Status Quo, Deep Purple, Uriah Heep and, increasingly the emerging Heavy Metal like Black Sabbath. All this music followed a very slow, steady and linear progression from a rock solid Blues based Rock.

The Skinheads on the other hand tended to more volatile in their fashion conscious approach to music and although, like their direct ancestors the Mods, they were still listening to stuff like The Who, The Small Faces, The Faces, Rod Stewart etc. There was a flirtation with Ska and Reggae, although at the time, the turn of the Sixties into the Seventies, it was still referred to as ‘Rock Steady’. Bands like Slade adopted the Bovver Boy image early on but just as quickly they morphed into a Glam look. The Skins, particularly the Manchester and Liverpool ones, were into, at least briefly, Motown, Tamla and what was called ‘Northern Soul’. The Oi! stuff was still to come.

This was a time of sorting out and shaking down various elements into identifiable tribes although, as with all these things there were a lot of grey areas and crossover types existed for some time. The Football Hooligan/Bovver Boy/Skinhead/Rude Boy/Suede Head/Teds/Rockers/ Mods thing was all being thrown into a centrifuge rather than a blender and what was coming out was not beautiful, peace loving ‘coffee coloured’ rainbow people but rather hard nosed types totally dedicated to maintaining some sort of purity for their chosen styles. In a word, and ALL White Nationalists understand this word, IDENTITY. All these various tribes, as much as any born again Christian fanatics, KNEW they had found the real thing. Every different tribe laid claim to the truth and the way. The bitterness and resentment between them was very real and a lot of heads got cracked.

Today, in a nutshell, despite the outward appearances of diversity, it is precisely the opposite. Never in the entire history of the White Western World have our youth been SO conformist and so easily exploited and manipulated by those in power and those with a very specific global agenda. All this twaddle about today’s youth being socio-politically, as well as tech, savvy and cleverly aware etc is complete and utter BULLSHIT!

In a case of ‘who made who?’ it is debatable whether or not the Stanley Kubrick film ‘A Clockwork Orange’ sustained and/or boosted an already burgeoning Skinhead/Bovver Boy sub culture or even inspired some to get into it in the first place. It was certainly a landmark event. The author of the original book was appalled at the shit that went on when the kids started emulating what they’d seen at the cinema.

Dressing like Lancashire miners, sans cloth cap, and with shaven heads, it’s also debatable how cynically contrived the Skinhead image was and how indicative it was of the wearers’ Working Class credentials. I mean, seriously, the early Skinheads can’t have ALL been bricklayers, factory workers or dockers. How many were dressing down as much as they were dressing up?

It’s like Darp and FDB sucking up to the trade unionists like they know anything about being a battler or a worker. These bourgeois twats wouldn’t have had too many bread and dripping sandwiches or worked up a real sweat outside of the gay gym they attend. The only calluses they have are from wanking. But of course there ARE genuine, Working Class Skinheads but you won’t find them among the ranks of the so called Sharp Skins or FDB’s other gay fuck buddies.

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Anonymous said...

More JEW talk. It would have been JEWS and their establishment lick spittles vilifying these people by proxy. Just as it is JEWS inciting discontent and “racism” amongst different peoples as part of a manufactured ‘reason’ for the elimination of all peoples.

Quote from Jew Max Dimont on our “destiny”.

"Destiny of Western Civilization"

'The diasporisation of mankind into one world and a synthesis of the Western, Slavic, and Sinic civilisations into one universal culture having the ethics of the Torah for its moral foundation and Jerusalem as its spiritual center'

Sounds like MultiCulturalism don’t it people.
In other words you will be subject to enforced Noachidiocy. If you refuse to kneel in idolatry and humble obeisance?

"It is our duty to force all mankind to accept the seven Noahide laws, and if not—they will be killed." (Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg, Ma'ariv, October 6, 2004)

These grubs feel themselves G_d’s, but they are counterfeits and frauds.
Are we right to suspect the Jew as being congenitally and Memetically malevolent ?

Of course we are.

FightDemBack are an oranisation driven by a self abusive need to see the destruction of all peoples. They are Judas’ amongst us who feign to have the Courage to Care. They are collaborators and congenitally qualified Kapos who have been purchased for the lowest of fees.

Anonymous said...

how about "we can't be beaten!"?
That's a bloody hardcore song, have you heard the lyrics? so good!

middleinthepig said...

aussie sharpies wearind red socks and white slip on's,what a load of bollocks,we wore italian made chisel toed,cuban heeled shoes,tailor made herringbone baggies,polo shirts made in melbourne and italian made cardigans or jumpers made in melbourne.sharpies started about 63' 64' and were mainly based in melbourne!!!! cheers. chris.