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More on FDB's state of denial

From The Fight Dem Back Criminal Gangsters’ Forum:

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duck monster wrote:
Statistically the incidents of crime and sexual assault drops with a high Sudanese population, because the crime rate is lower amongst the sudanese than the general population. Not that facts have ever mattered to racists.

“Yep. The ABS numbers have not only never supported racists' ethnic crime claims but prove quite the opposite. Ethnic migrants are in fact under-represented in crime figures, notably in sexual assault. Per capita, Anglos in northern NSW commit more sexual assault crime than anyone, "Africans" included.


But where ARE these 'statistics' ol' weezy? We never see them! And we CERTAINLY never see any evidence with our own eyes to support such claptrap!
"sexual assaults are most commonly committed against young (Anglo) women aged 15-19 and those crimes were committed by persons known to them, from within their immediate peer group.

Old racist furphy, move along, nothing to see here.”

Okay, firstly the ABS, so far as this writer can ascertain with his humble research, does not provide ‘numbers’ relating crime and ethnicity which can either prove or disprove anything. The ABS is not special in this. Every ZOG controlled nation on Earth ensures its statistics are fudged to the point of virtual uselessness and sometimes even go that extra yard to (semi) openly falsify figures.

For example, in the United States statistical surveys on crime Mexicans are classified as ‘White’ thereby evening up somewhat the huge disparity evident in the numbers of Black versus White perpetrators. Ironically, despite this deliberate ploy, Blacks STILL outnumber the ‘Whites’ in the crime stats, PARTICULARLY in serious crime such as Murder, Rape and interracial Hate Crimes. But you won’t find that last category even listed, as it is only possible for a WHITE to commit a so-called ‘Hate Crime’!

Below are just a few comments we could find quickly regarding the Australian situation that cast real doubt over Brian ‘weezil’ Stokes’ harebrained assumptions. Obviously, with more time we can, and will, provide further commentary and evidence from other objective (non White Nationalist) sources.

From The Australian Newspaper 5.1.07:

VICTORIAN police are being urged to set up a special taskforce to tackle gang violence and lawlessness among young African migrants living in Melbourne's inner-city housing commission estates. The push - led by rank-and-file police and terrified neighbours - is backed by the state's powerful police union, which claims sections of the African community need to be "properly educated" in Australian values.

"The Sudanese are very difficult to deal with - they come from a lawless background and they really have to be properly educated about Australian society's standards," the Police Association secretary, Senior Sergeant Paul Mullett, told The Australian.

Youth worker Les Twentyman said while there were African gangs involved in crime and violence, there were also gangs from other ethnic origins such as Pacific Islanders and Lebanese. He said gangs were an escalating problem that would eventually lead to "no-go zones" in Melbourne if they were not properly addressed by police.

From ‘The Realists’ Blog:

‘Reports from Adelaide show that over the past 16 months, 450 offences had been committed by 93 members of Adelaide’s 1500-strong Sudanese community, or put another way, a staggering 1 in 16 Sudanese refugees commits on average 1 crime every 3 months. In light if these figures, is it possible that Australia may be headed down the same path as England, with violence caused by what Tony Blair describes as “a distinctive black culture”?’

‘Last year Nixon (Victoria’s Police Commissioner) told us Sudanese refugees, if not all African refugees, were “under-represented in the crime statistics”. In fact, we now know Sudanese and perhaps other African refugees are over-represented — by as much as eight times. On ABC radio this morning, the SA Police commissioner admitted that the crime rate for the Sudanese population was higher than the general rate perhaps 2 times the rate or more. Mr Burns said that over the past 16 months, 450 offences had been committed by 93 members of Adelaide’s 1500-strong Sudanese community. What Nixon fails to add is that with just 6200 Sudanese in Victoria, this means about one in 19 Sudanese each year gets picked up for alleged crimes – more than four times the one-in-83 rate for all Victorians.’

Tim Priest on Middle Eastern Gangsters and the Multi-Cult’s conspiracy to protect them:

Ethnic Gangs Aided and Protected by the Multicultural Industry

The critics still refuse to concede that we have a problem. They are still clinging to the multicultural theme. To highlight the problems with Middle Eastern communities in this city is to threaten to tear down the multicultural facade.

The amount of money spent on the multicultural industry beggars belief. It is a lucrative and sustainable position for many. Governments pay huge money to anything that bears the word multicultural. Indeed the police department, like other government departments, spends vast amounts on multicultural issues, multicultural jobs, multicultural consultancies, education packages, legal advice, public relations and the rest. Having expended large amounts of money on multiculturalism, they are hardly likely to criticise it. Those that feed off multiculturalism are not likely to question it.

When I gave evidence to the Cabramatta Inquiry, I risked my career and my safety in coming forward. I did it because I had sworn an oath to protect the community I served. That community was Cabramatta, which is made up almost entirely of residents born outside this country, mostly South East Asians, and their children. But when I went forward and exposed the shame of Cabramatta, the residents were not Asians in my eyes, but Australians no matter where they came from. It was my duty to speak up for them and to protect them.

Race was never an issue. I have received many awards in my police career but the ones I hold dearest are those I received from the Cabramatta community. One old man who had spent seven years in refugee camps in South East Asia before coming to Australia said the day he landed in Australia was like dying and coming to heaven. Cabramatta was a community of ordinary people like that old man, who recognised the problems of drugs and organised crime in their community and spoke up and agitated for change. It was a slightly built Vietnamese man named Thung Ngo who led the charge on behalf of a community that had had enough of crime and forced a parliamentary inquiry into Cabramatta which ultimately saved their community from destruction.

Not once during that inquiry did I hear any member of the Cabramatta community - apart from the Anglo Saxon local member - complain that they were being racially discriminated against because of the inquiry or its aftermath. They wanted change; they wanted a safe law-abiding community. It was my duty to do everything I could to honour my pledge to protect and to serve.

But I have not heard anything like that from the Middle Eastern community. Initially the gang rapes were the fault of Australian culture, according to one religious leader in the south west. I note that he has now softened his stance and is calling for change among Middle Eastern youth. But they are just words; there seem to be no Thung Ngos among them.

What is it that draws such defence for this community from certain sections of the media? Why didn't they join in to defend the Asian community during the fallout from the Cabramatta inquiry? And where are these apologists when it comes to the plight of our first Australians, our indigenous peoples? Their cause is not trendy enough, not global like the refugee or Islamic issues. Yet one of the most depressing sights that has confronted me as a policeman is the shame of Redfern.

I first saw Everleigh Street some twenty two years ago, and nothing has changed since. The atmosphere of sheer hopelessness and desperation still hangs around the neck of every young Aborigine who lives in those ghettos, yet they hardly ever rate a mention.

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Anonymous said...

I love it how that Phellator of the Pharisee, Wheeze, tries to justify pretexts for the engineered destruction of peoples as a prelude to Noachide Law, with "statistics". Typical forked tongue confabulations that, like "racism" and "hatred" and "tolerance" and "diversity" etcetera etcetera...

If Wheeze is not a Jew, then he's a fucking yellow collaborator with the Kike against the interests of all non-Jews. It deserves nothing but our contempt for what it is.

Give the Kapo what it deserves. A noose to hang itself like the Judas it is.