Monday, August 24, 2009

My God they are truly monsters.

No not the Nazis. Well maybe the Hollywood invented Nazis. And who invented them? Those evil Nazis who carried out all those terrible atrocities against the Jewish race. Turning them into soap and lamp shades.

Well this just may shed a little light on how they come up with so much rubbish. They are the monsters. They just project themselves onto the screen when ever they need a sadistic Nazi story. This stuff is just bloody sick.

The Israeli military occupation started in the early 1970s to capture and keep the bodies of the Palestinians who they murdered. Since the early seventies, thousands of Palestinians have been buried in secret and number graves by the Israeli military. Since the early seventies, thousands of Palestinian victims of the occupation were “autopsied”, and many of their bodies kept in military numbered graves. Most members of the resistance who were killed were taken for “autopsy”, and also those who were wounded were abducted from the hospital by the Israelis.

Well we all recall this earlier story we ran. "I shit you not readers. This is an incredible story that first broke today on Sky News Australia. It has since disappeared from the News Headlines and off the Sky News web Site. This is some sick stuff. These creatures have been caught out selling body parts from dead PALESTINIANS. In the story shown on Sky News Australia charges also included Child Pornography. It showed only Rabbis being led away. It is so incredible it is almost unbelievable."

If you took the time to read the sourced story you should be feeling very sick by now. These Monsters are hunting down people. Murdering them and then stealing their organs to sell off like second hand car parts. Can you believe this. Sadly I bloody can. All this is happening in our lifetime. Not during WW2 or 1960's China, right bloody now. The anti racist orgs all controlled by Jews are stone cold silent on it. The loud mouth Government controled Anarchists the real useful idiots say NOTHING. Sure they spend a unhealthy amount of time pushing Anti Nazi WW2 properganda. Or crying over the Spanish Civil War. But nothing at all about this modern day horror. Just mind numbing Zionist PR. The poor poor chosen people.

So who broke this story this time? Must be another Nazi like all of us?

Freelance journalist Donald Bostrom tells Press TV that an international war crimes investigation awaits Israel over its soldiers' harvest of organs from dead Palestinians. He underscored that the International Court of Justice -- the principal judicial body of the United Nations -- will likely investigate the report. Donald Bostrom said he was informed of the atrocities while he was working on a book in the West Bank. He was later approached by UN employees, expressing concern over the claims that Israeli troopers snatched Palestinian youths from their villages in the middle of the night and later killed them in order to trade in their organs.

So have you seen this on the 6 o'clock news? Of course not. Will Hollywood be making movies about these terrible crimes? Of course not. But hey you have plenty of Evil Nazi movies coming out lately. Plenty of Holocaust movies to back the evil Nazi movies up. Plenty of Bullshit on the Hitler Channel (History channel) You know APPARENTLY or it was REPORTED Hitler had one nut , his mother hated him, and he was a deranged drug addicted coward and a bloody Fag to boot.

While these Zionist go about acting more like a primitive African Tribe in the Deep Dark Forest of Toowoomba. You are allowed to watch stacks of re runs of Schindler's List. Hey its only a matter of time until they present that Bullshit film as fact on the National Geographic or the Hitler Channel. Just watch that movie. All of it comes from Jewish writers in Hollywood. Ever wonder how they come up with this stuff? They are only writing about what they truly would like to do to all of us. My god people these Zionist are a bloody evil lot.

So what will the international community do? Well lets see. Stuff all from Blackall that's what. But wait, whats this? Whats happening over in Sweden? The home land of Donald Bostrom.

As the Israeli-Swedish relations stand at odds over an article regarding Israeli soldiers killing Palestinians for their organs, and Israel’s demand for official apology, the Swedish government summoned the Israeli Ambassador for talks on the issue.

OK someone has taken note. Please lets read on.

Israeli officials reported that comments made by Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman also caused anger in Sweden as he said that Sweden did nothing while the Nazis were killing the Jews.

Come on guys who didn't see that coming? I cant fool you people. What about this one?

Israel says that the article is racist, but Sweden said that the only issue that united the Swedish parliament at all times is the condemnation of anti-Semitism.

Of course you knew the racism card would be played. This is why I like you guys. But we are missing one more text book tactic from these monsters.

Israel is also weighing the possibility of filing a lawsuit against the author of the article, Donald BOSTRĂ–M

Wow jackpot. All three. This must be serious. I can hear the Zionist controlled Left in Australia cheering success again.

When will the world wake up? Soon I hope. I pray Donald Bostrom changes his own oil in his car. If you all know what I mean.

Then again he may end up like these Journalists.

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