Wednesday, August 26, 2009

National Black Foot Soldiers.

Lets see the Southern Poverty Law Center rip into these savages. Fight Dem Back will immediately condemn these people and insure it doesn't take root in Australia. Yeah right. This is truly disturbing stuff.


“When we walk in your stores we expect you to immediately recognize our skin color & regard our heritage. We expect to be able to present you with this, the black skin voucher, and take what we want from the shelves unquestioned.”

" The number one thing that white people dont understand is that we dont have to work. Angelou adressed whites who refused to accept the new Black Skin vouchers and on the illegal arrest of Cahokia's Oundre Atkins and Anthony Atkins for robbery and murder."

Source Waitress Tammy Cantrell, 44, and cook Mark Gerstner, 24, were found shot to death early Monday at the Steak 'n Shake restaurant in south St. Louis County, about 10 miles outside St. Louis' city limits.

St. Louis County Prosecutor Robert McCulloch said the "horrible murders" were part of a robbery that yielded less than $200 for the suspects. He said both men, who are being held without bond, were familiar with the restaurant and its procedures.

“We will call for an end to black on white crime when adequate restitution is made for slavery” – Nead Diggers (ABOVE) The NBFSN adopts Mandingo Blackwell (below) and recognizes his actions in the early January Durham, North Carolina Rite Aid alleged robbery as a legitimate Nead Diggers’ Reparation’ Protest.My Skin Is My Receipt “We recognize this as a protest & not a crime,” says North Carolina Black Foot Soldier Moses Grandy. According to reports, two Rite Aid workers were wounded when Blackwell burst in the store demanding reparations. Twenty four year old cashier Ruth Long, a mother of two was, after allegedly refusing Blackwell’s instructions, killed. “We demand the immediate release of brother Mandingo Mandella Blackwell,” speaking on behalf of the NBFSN, Grandy states. “Had due reparations been paid this protest wouldn’t have been necessary. Her blood is on white America’s hands.”

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