Thursday, August 27, 2009

This Is England...really?

I have just watched a DVD I purchased of the film ‘This Is England’. To be perfectly honest, I actually enjoyed it very much and found it well directed, produced and photographed. It was well cast and well acted, although Frank Harper, great villain that he can be, is becoming a little tiresome as the token evil, psycho, wicked, Nazi, Racist bastard. In this he plays a cameo role as a National Front leader, whipping up the ‘mindless’ hatred dontchaknow? I found the music was also very powerful and particularly important in manipulating the mood of the viewer. All in all, every bit as good, if not better, propaganda than anything made by Spielberg. It really sucks you in…for a bit.

But a lie is still a lie by any other name and the perpetuation of the cynically contrived myth of the birth of the Skinhead movement in 1969 as a melding of Black and White Working Class youth in rebellion against ‘The System’ is yet again trundled out. The FACTS are that the average White Working Class lad of the time had very little time for the alien interlopers who were putting his dad out of a job and making it increasingly impossible for him to get a decent job himself with good pay and working conditions.

Remember also, the late Sixties was still a time of deeply entrenched Working Class pride in the might British Empire they had given their blood, sweat and tears to build. There was still the Black and White Minstrel Show on the TelAvision, a golliwog on the Robertson’s marmalade jar, the movies were still full of sly, sycophantic, eyeball rolling ‘Yessum Mastah!’ Niggers, stand up comics mercilessly ridiculed ‘wogs’ and all was well with traditional Working Class White Racialism. Jeezuz! Even Monty Python, the so-called thinking man’s comedy of the era, was vitriolic in its misogyny, it’s lampooning of Blacks, Asians, Jews and Homosexuals. This was the zenith of White Pride, cultural colonialism and arrogance.

This film is intrinsically a very clever, though slightly flawed, FORGERY of a time period when elitist White Conservatives, following the ZOG approved template, sacrificed their own people on the altar of Khazar Multiculturalism. This is where it all began folks, the true beginning of the end.

You’ve got to hand it to our enemies though they really are good at their job. Mainly the manipulation of youth, many of whom will watch this film and see it as a virtual documentary reading it as ‘history’. The pill, the bitter pill of deception, must always be sugar coated if it is to be swallowed obediently and without any real resistance. As with all truly excellent propaganda it is not what you see and the light in which it is portrayed that is anywhere near as important as what is NOT shown.

What we are NOT shown, apart from the almost artily bleak streetscapes of flat blocks and acres of graffiti splattered concrete, is the truly awful squalor of the ethnically based slums filled with the absolute dregs of humanity scurrying like cockroaches and eating the heart out of a once mighty nation. What we are NOT shown is the impulsive, predatory nature of the Muds hitting British shores in wave upon wave of culture and economy destroying assaults.

We are shown poorly coloured, grainy shots of Thatcher’s Neo-Con Britain, the disastrous and very closely run Falkland’s campaign, yep folks, campaign, a ‘war’ was never officially declared. A soundtrack of heart wrenchingly despairing music is played over the top of these cleverly edited pieces. Sorrowful violins saw away over scenes of British and Argentine corpses being gathered up on the muddy fields of the disputed South Atlantic islands. Judging from the editing, the politics of the makers is obvious to any with even a rudimentary understanding of the way things really panned out and who the real enemies were and are.

Despite all the good work done by the producers in this masterwork of (fairly) subtle propaganda they are still a little predictable and clumsy in their hackneyed portrayal of the root of all Racist evil all coming down to poor parenting and in particular a bad, absent or non existent father. Basically, it’s the same tired old formula, poor potty training and slack parenting = bullied at school = youth angst = rebellion = illiteracy - (see the way the lads spraypaint 'Nashnal Frunt' on the walls. Give us a break!) = manipulation by older and more ruthless 'haters' who exploit these mini soldiers as canon fodder in the Racist War *yawn* In other words, Patriotism is merely a personality disorder and Nationalism is a psychosis. Zzzzzzzzzzzz…..

The similarities, loss of father, alienation at school, bullied for being different, are all so stereotypical. But if this was always true then half the bloody world would be gangsters whereas the truth is quite the opposite. Most are well behaved and meekly compliant sheep. The similarity also of the Skinhead leader character ‘Combo’ to ‘Hando’ from ‘Romper Stomper’ and Derek from ‘American History X’ are glaringly obvious.

The ‘darkies’, be they ‘Pakis’ or ‘Yardies’ (Jamaicans), are always very carefully shown in the movie as the innocent victims of blind, mindless, White hatred and resentment. No shots of Blacks and Asians ripping off the native British. No referrals to some of the most brutal Anti-White Hate Crimes perpetrated outside of America’s worst ghettoes including rapes and murders.

Time is certainly NOT on our side when it comes to Nationalism (of any shade, White or otherwise) as the years extinguish the links with our History and each subsequent generation knows less and less what has been lost because there is no real interest in listening to the stories of parents and grandparents when TelAvision and video games appear to offer a far more glamorous alternative. Why buy or borrow a book when you can watch the video?

The Khazars and their Bolshevist useful idiots, such as FDB, despise History because it gives people hope and identity and within the sterile, anaerobic vacuum essential for the pathogens of their vile propaganda to thrive and succeed, the true facts of History are ruthlessly jammed down the memory hole and into the furnace of Zion’s hate. And nobody even seems to notice. That, my gentle reader, is the real tragedy.

Although the atomisation of our teenagers and younger twenty-somethings into what appear to be many tribes separated by clothing styles and musical tastes the instant anything even vaguely original emerges it is appropriated by the marketing gurus and watered down for general consumption.

What passes for ‘youth culture’ today is largely nothing more than manufactured ‘opinion’ which, streams uninterrupted in all its digital high fidelity and efficiency, engulfing our young people at their most vulnerable age like an insidious, toxic miasma. Just as none are more enslaved than those convinced of their freedom, so too are today’s youth who exist within the ‘matrix’ of a consensus ‘reality’.

As a footnote and in light of some recent events and comments made on this Blog, here is an interesting excerpt from a review of the film ‘Romper Stomper’ taken from the ‘Australian Screen’ Site:

“In another sense, it’s a continuation of the Australian bush-ranging film traditions of the Story of the Kelly Gang, made in 1906, but without the bush, or the sentimentalism. Hando and his mates are the modern descendants of the Australian outlaw ethos – protecting their land, just like the Kelly’s. They’re just a whole lot more alienated from the wider community, but their own sense of community is very strong.”

Interesting that the reviewer mentions a lack of sentimentalism in Romper Stomper as I believe it DOES have some, just nowhere near as much as ‘This Is England’. You see the propaganda makers have simply honed their craft to a finer edge in the nearly twenty years between these films and now fill in the gaps between the simplistic and overt violent scenes with some actual meaningful dialogue and emotion. It all makes for greater entertainment but it don’t fool me. What do YOU think?

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Anonymous said...

Made in Britain is a better representation of 1980's skinhead culture.

I found the music on T.I.E. misleading to say the least, why were no Oi! bands featured?!

80's skinheads listened to Oi! not reggae.

Director shane meadows mentioned in an interview that he didnt want any right-wing bands receiving royalties, so he stuck with reggae...

As for this pathetic insistence that the original 60's skinheads were non or even anti racist is pure bullshit, paki-bashing was invented by them for fucks sake!

They went to ska gigs to fight with the blacks!