Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Tinder Box of White Nationalism is about to IGNIGHT! A warning from a Black American.

Manning Speaks Out Against the “Mack Daddy” Obama.

The expression mack daddy, as it is usually spelled, has a few senses. The earliest one, and the origin, is 'a man who is a successful pimp or violent criminal'.

It would seem that even the American Negro knows that Whites in America have had enough.

People take the time and listen to this Black man. He has taken the time to listen to us. His warning of what may happen when the White Man has had enough is rather interesting.

It would seem to me that the Governments of the world have their heart set on pushing the white race into a final confrontation. Have the Communist Jews along with their useful idiots forgotten how cranky we get when our backs are against the wall? Or are we just falling into a trap? Either way we are being screwed people.

Well folks listen to a BLACK MAN spell out a possible future. The warnings from the White People of the world are usually dismissed or violently suppressed. Lets see what happens when a black man warns the world that the time for talk is nearly over.

Again its a crazy old world.

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