Monday, August 24, 2009

Weezil "Brian Stokes"eggs on the Atheists

From the MachineGunKeyboard Blog:

Atheist bus ads come to Australia - but not without a struggle

Sunday August 23rd 2009, 7:31 am Atheist Foundation of Australia President David Nicholls has finally persuaded Metro Tasmania to run bus advertising promoting atheism, but not before having to go to conciliation via the Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Commission after Metro knocked back the atheist ads in 2008. So, Taswegians will soon be seeing something like this on buses: This text is a bit watered down from the original proposition, which was Atheism: celebrate reason, sleep in on Sunday. This was apparently interpreted as unnecessarily targeting christianity. (sic) I do agree that atheism really should go after religion in general.”

Erm, should that include Islam, and in particular the more fundamentalist and militant strains such as the Wahabists, the Taliban and suchlike?

“Given the prevalence of xianity (sic) in Australia, Australian atheists can on occasion be a bit myopic and fail to address the nonsense propounded by all religions, not just xianity.”(sic)

Again, we ask, have you and/or the ‘Atheists’ got the ‘nads to get medieval on the arses of the Islamists?

“The first approach thus is certainly excusable in Australia on that basis alone, but I suppose the final draft is in the end most appropriate (and less wordy to boot). For the record, I’m still a fan of the text used by Ariane Sherine’s original UK bus ads, There’s (sic) probably no god. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life. Mind you, even that text was softened by the use of the word ‘probably.’ I see no reason for atheists to soften their message.”

Hey, how about THIS for a reason, Weezy. How about they might get their pointy little heads kicked in by certain Religious extremists who don’t exactly respect ANYTHING other than their own kind and could not give a toss about ANY State Law particularly Australian Law? And while you’re so keen to egg these Atheists on are you willing to put your OWN sorry, crippled arse on the frontline? Like all gutless Left Wing agitators and provocateurs you enjoy the safety of being out of range. “Oh, I’m sorry darlings, I’ll be home washing my hair that night while you lot are manning the barricades.”

You fuckwit!

“Religionist advertising has never been subject to such limits, nor have religionists traditionally had to fight to get advertisers to run their tripe. The AFA are now taking a new tack, one that I agree with very strongly. AFA will be asking that religionist adverts be subjected to truth-in-advertising laws.”

Well, let’s face it Weezy old bean, in THAT case the propaganda of the criminal cabal of the Multicultural lobby would see the entire lot successfully prosecuted for false advertising. In case you hadn’t noticed it ain’t exactly what it says on the tin. The label promised us ‘diversity’, ‘enrichment’, ‘harmony’ and, pretty much, Utopia. The crime stats alone indicate otherwise. Let’s not even bother with the plethora of socio-economic studies etc that prove the West in general has gone backwards at a great rate of knots since the unwanted and un voted for cult was foisted upon an unwilling population by the conspirators and their useful idiots in politics and academia.

YOU, Weezy old chum, are just another foot soldier, a disposable idiot, for the system. If you are lucky, once you’ve reached your use by date the kindly Zog Trooper will place his pistol muzzle against the back of your neck and give you the last painkiller you’ll ever need. Your heroes of the old Soviet regime used to refer to this jokingly as ‘wet work’. Or have they promised you a special position in the New Order? You didn’t actually BELIEVE them did you? What a credulous little cripple you are.

“I don’t know how successful this will be, but it’s definitely worth a crack. There’s no proof gods exist,”

Well, there ain’t exactly a lot of proof they DON’T either. So that line of argument’s pretty much immediately redundant.

“so if the letter of the law is obeyed,”

Tsk, tsk,tsk, there you go again. Oh, you Commies just love the ‘letter of the law’ dontcha? But, strangely, only when it favours YOU. Funny that, innit?
“most religious propaganda won’t pass muster.”

There’s CERTAINLY no proof Communism ever did anyone any good (100 Million plus dead just CAN’T be wrong) except the conspirators and perpetrators (and we ALL know who they were/are don’t we folks?)…yet YOU say “What exactly is wrong with Communism?” You are a hypocrite and a moron. No further proof is needed.


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