Monday, September 28, 2009

Anarchist Lies! Sydney Forum 2009


“I spoke to Danny FitzGerald at the RSL today about the little weekend fascio-nazi-fest. He said that he had no idea what the room had been booked for until it was underway.”

Is this actually relevant?

“If he had been informed before hand he would not have permitted them entry as he does not support such ideology nor wants his staff or members subjected to these people.”

This is a quite foolish admission to blatant discrimination which leaves the CEO open to legal action within the framework of existing Anti-Discrimination Law, A VERY dangerous game to play. We are assured by the contact we had with several staff members that the only thing they were ‘subjected’ to was the disgraceful and illegal actions of the Anarchists at the front door.

“He was informed by the local constabulary that it would be wiser to let it proceed than to have the fascists removed from the premises.”

This is a deliberately misleading statement intended to lead the reader to believe that violence would be perpetrated by the attendees upon their ejection. An abominable lie.

“The CEO believed that there were legal grounds to remove them (Details please. WHAT “legal grounds”) but it seems that the blue boys didn’t want to do that. Danny FitzGerald was also concerned for the safety and welfare of his staff and members”

As he SHOULD have been. They were, after all, being constantly assailed with a vitriolic stream of hateful and foul language along with threatening and intimidating gestures and behaviour from the MARXIST ANARCHISTS!

“and he believed that they would not go quietly if forced from the premises.”

And why, pray tell, should they?

“He said the police if they were asked would likely deny that this had been their suggestion.”

The man, if this claim is true, is patently a spineless weasel who, terrified to take sides, is blaming the Police to pander to militant Marxist aggression. He is an insult to the sacred memory of our fallen heroes who stood bravely and firmly against the Human wave attacks of Chinese Marxists in Korea.

“So. Clear as mud. But it did go ahead all week end.”

The trouble was NOT coming from the people attending the Sydney Forum which included a wide variety of people including a professor, ex-servicemen, RSL Members, elderly conservative types all the way through to a part aboriginal Man and a self confessed Left Wing Homosexual Man! The average age would have been in the Fifites. The ONLY source of the trouble was ALL coming from OUTSIDE the venue in scenes chillingly reminiscent of the Red thuggery aimed at attendees of One Nation meetings back in the Nineties.

Whitelaw Towers has been informed that the CEO of the venue will be contacted by Sydney Forum organizers and guests and if indeed he HAS made these comments suggesting these innocent and law abiding people presented some form of physical threat to the venue, the staff and/or the surrounding environs then they will be demanding nothing less than a written apology to redress this outrageous slander.

The CEO will be very firmly reminded that the RSL Clubs were founded NOT by filthy, shrieking Anarchist thugs but by mainstream Australian Men and Women who fought bravely for freedom of speech and Democracy for all. He will also be reminded that the very same vile creatures who are now demanding explanations from him verbally assaulted and physically attacked his own staff members.

Has he no sense of irony?

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