Monday, September 28, 2009

Anti Fa, Anti Climax. Sydney Forum Report.

Lets Roll! Yes readers, the Sydney Forum has come and gone yet again. For all of you who didn't make it this year we will now try and give you all an accurate report on how it all went. We won't be reporting today on the speakers. That will be covered enough by others in the following days.

You guys wanna hear about the Reds right?

At about 0900 hrs it was reported to Whitelaw staff at the forum that a bunch of scruffy looking kids "Anti Fa" had arrived to cause a bit of trouble. Further investigation revealed that ten or eleven members of the Fascist Anti-Fa had barricaded the front entrance to the venue. Apparently the plan was to prevent entry or exit to the RSL.

On arrival at the scene WLT staff along with a scattering of other patriots soon discovered what could be only described as a high School student protest. Further investigation revealed that Mathew Henderson, Andrew Moran, Brian Stokes, Cam Smith or any other member of FDB had failed to arrive. Big surprise there folks.

Seems someone forgot to call them? Or did they? Well Andrew Moran AKA @ndy (yes folks we can confirm that is his real name) had sent one of his little recruits along on Saturday Morning. Sadly, they failed to stay and listen to the speakers. But they did get the details Andrew needed and fled to join the rabble who later arrived. You can call this person on 0407921000. Just ask for Andrew Moran.

But it would seem the brave members of FDB thought it was more appropriate to send in the Fascist Anti-Fa cannon fodder. Once again proving that these brave leaders are all piss and wind. These guys never dirty their own hands.

Now once the good guys (that's us) realised that it was an FDB NO SHOW we all concentrated on Sydney's own Fascist Anti-Fa. Oh, with a couple of young girls from Melbourne. Now these demonstrators may have been a weak lot but they sure could scream. All types of abuse was hurled at the guys and gals outside. Some of my favourites included, Nazi Scum, Fascist Scum, Fuck Off Back To Europe, This is Aboriginal Land you Fucking Racist Scum.

Once the Fascist Anti-Fa linked arms they brought out the secret weapon. Cameras. It was more like a Hollywood Gala Event with the paparazzi snapping away. We are not sure why they haven't published any yet but we guess they may need to get their cameras repaired first? But I'm sure we will see them soon enough?

Not to worry folks, when it comes to a fight you never go in half cocked. The WN at the forum had seriously out gunned them in the camera department. Once the demonstrators realised that it was them who were getting videod by two handy cams from every angle they got a little nervous. In fact over the next week we will be presenting these videos in full for your enjoyment.

The footage I think we like best would be the poor middle aged employee being jostled and screamed at as he attempted to leave the venue. This man who was leaving after working on the pokie machines was not only physically assaulted but was called "A Fucking Nazi" and "Fascist Bastard". He wasn't very impressed nor was the Non White Door man attempting to clear the doorway. A discussion with this doorman during lunch revealed that he wasn't very impressed with the demonstrators. On asking him "I bet you didn't expect this when you came in this morning" he replied "I could have just gone out there and beat the shit out of those loud mouths". I don't think he was very pleased with these kids. The hearts and minds battle raged by Australian Anti-Fa is a bit of a disaster. Nice work guys. It's a sad day when the people you claim to be fighting for think you are all a bunch of DICKHEADS.

Anyway it was about time to test their mettle. One of the forum guests decided to see if he could get a closer look at the Anti-Fa Banner. Grabbing the banner he soon discovered it was attached to at least 6 of these limp wristed Fascist Anti-Fa. It was an amazing sight to see these boys and girls getting swung around. Proving once again that one White Nationalist is worth more than a 6 Fascist Anti-Fa. Yeah, we got most of it on video and it will be on You Tube over the next couple of days. We are still figuring out what song to put it to.

By this time about ten minutes into the fracas a few more arrived to be part of the Sydney Forum. One fellow in particular from the One Nation Party thought he would have a little debate with the demonstrators much to everyones amusement. The abuse came thick and fast but in the end it was a very one sided event leaving the One Nation guy with a clear victory.

About twenty minutes into this clash another bunch of "Fascist's" arrived, namely the New South Wales Police Service. They seemed to be a nice bunch of blokes and looked rather amused to see this scruffy looking lot from some carnival side show. The Anti-Fa looked more relieved to see them than we expected. The cavalry had finally arrived. They had seriously underestimated the hand full of Patriots on the footpath. The Police could now extract them from the fire zone. All very amusing. By this time the demonstrators looked more like stunned deer in the headlights than the brave Anti-Fa that is portrayed over the Internet.

With this they packed their gear and got the Hell out. In no time at all the Forum was again in full swing. We are not sure how they will report this? They are yet to make any comment. Maybe Andrew Moran is going to get his PR machine out and try and salvage something from this. He may be able to get Greg Bearup from the Sydney Morning Herald to write another fantasy story? He seems very good at writing Tabloid Trash.

Things ran rather smoothly for the rest of the day. Of course the RSL received numerous threats from FDB. One particular threat of a large amount of angry uni students arriving unless the management shut the Forum down was simply ignored.

We did have one more incident at about 1400 hrs. It was noticed that a lone protester walking up and down the street was grabbing people by the arm and pointing towards the forum shrieking "Nazis are meeting in that building". He was actually grabbing people off the footpath. All of them NON WHITES by the way. He was simply brushed away. Our friend who attempted to grab the Anti-Fa banner early in the morning decided he would go across the road and have a chat.

As he sprinted across the road this lonely figure, most probably an FDB member, started to snap away with his camera. But it looked like he thought this guy would stop before he reached him. WRONG. Talk about fun and games people. To put it bluntly the single demonstrator SHIT HIS PANTS. He started to scream out to anyone who would listen to come to his rescue. But no one came. Truly heart breaking stuff. Once he stopped flapping his scrawny arms about and yelling to people to call the police he packed up what was left of his dignity and was not seen again. Apparently his camera got broke when he dropped it. We decided to put the hat around to raise some money so he could get a new one but everyone declined. Funny that.

The rest of the forum ran very smoothly and no more incidents occurred at the RSL. The New South Wales Police dropped in from time to time and the RSL put two monstrous Islanders as security on the door just in case. All in all everyone had a good day.

But it wasn't over yet punters. Saturday Night.

At about 2300hrs at the front of the Australia First Headquarters two drunken boofheads, about thirty five to forty years old, decided to have some fun. As members of Australia First were having a meeting these idiots decided to chant "Fascist, Fascist!" towards the members inside. It was a good thing that it just so happened to be the QLD AF people that were having a meeting. They like to talk to the reds.

With video camera in hand thanks to AF Gold Coast they fronted these guys. Now how many drunken thirty something people do you know who go around calling people Fascist? May I suggest none. One fellow about Six Feet tall and full of shit thought he was a bit of a tuff guy. Big mistake. The other fellow who looked rather Jewish thought it was best that they leave, grabbed his mate and headed off down the street. That video will be up some time over the next few days.

Sunday. What can we say. We had everyone there. We had B&H Volksfront the National Anarchists and a whole range of other groups of people with varying beliefs. Along with a HUGE presence from the New South Wales Police Force and the standard men in suits from Canberra. What we didn't have was ANTI FA, FDB or BLACK BLOCK. Funny that.

Sunday was the day many had planned on as being D-Day. The fact that the Fascist Anti-Fa chose Saturday and not Sunday says a lot. I will let you all figure that one out if you haven't already.

Stay tuned for the pics and video.


Anonymous said...

Hurry up and put the videos up! I want to see them!

Anonymous said...

Awesome work guys. Antifa are just a pack of mislead youths tricked into thinking they are fighting for a good cause.

Can't wait to see the videos!