Sunday, September 20, 2009

Australian White Nationalism. Boys Club? Never!

Jane well known and respected Australian Female White Nationalist (and good friend of ours) explains the true meaning of the movement from a woman's perspective. Distribute widely.
Hail The New Dawn!


Anonymous said...

Excellent Vid that Mr WhiteLaw.
No Women....No Future.


It would be right to use an entire army of Men to protect them from the WormTongued Whispers of that certain "Merchant" Class.

Anonymous said...

Jew's normalising the destruction of others who actually have a distinctly different race of their own. Something that the Jew does not, hence its covetous envy that motivates it to destroy others.

Another Wormtongued Jew hopes we imbibe its sugar coated Lies and in this way "catch his disease", terminally.

Anonymous said...

Nationalists in Europe hate White Nationalists. Go check there websites.

Whitelaw Towers said...

What sites in particular?