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The Bull. Australia's New Neo Nazi's?

Well of course not but it looks good on the cover of the University of Sydney Student Magazine. Interesting read.

Dr. Jim Saleam, NSW Chairperson of Australia First “One Nation are essentially assimilationists; we are not assimilationists. There are, in our view, people who Australia cannot assimilate at all.”


Recently, the neo-Nazi symbol ‘88’ (representative of ‘HH’ – ‘Heil Hitler’) was painted on the home of the NSW Treasurer, Eric Roozendaal. The graffiti attack occurred one month after Mr. Roozendaal blocked any preference flow from the Labor Party to the far-right, anti-immigration Australia First Party, prompting the group to come under scrutiny.

“This was clearly a premeditated attack,” said Mr. Roozendaal, whose parents are Holocaust survivors. “If they were sending me a message, I am sending a message right back to them – I will not be intimidated and will continue to speak out against racists and those who promote hate in our community,” he asserted.

Formed in 1996, the Australia First Party gained notoriety around the time of the Cronulla riots through the pamphleteering activities of its now defunct youth arm, the Patriotic Youth League. Australia First is currently in the process of registering as a federal political party, having crossed the required membership threshold earlier this year. They plan to launch a new youth organisation in 2010.

The party’s founder, Graeme Campbell,(above)was the Federal Member for Kalgoorlie from 1980 until he was expelled from the Labor Party in 1995. He became the endorsed One Nation candidate in 2001 but was not elected. Evidently, there is membership crossover between the two parties, but Jim Saleam, the NSW Chairperson of Australia First, claims that the groups differ immensely in policy. “One Nation are essentially assimilationists; we are not assimilationists. There are, in our view, people who Australia cannot assimilate at all,” says Dr.Saleam. “That is a fundamentally different position although it is true that many former members of One Nation have found their way to Australia First,” he says. “One Nation was fundamentally a conservative force with a pseudo-popular base that came out of the sections of the Liberal and the National Party. Our movement, as it develops, may be more of a working people’s movement and it may also be one that is more ‘radical’ in terms of its economic and political demands.”

Dr. Saleam has had a long-standing dispute with Mr. Roozendaal, stemming from their days together at Macquarie University. After Saleam founded the white nationalist group, National Action, in 1982, the pair had a number of public clashes.

Jewish Uni Students on da attack?

In 1984, as president of the student union, Mr. Roozendaal had National Action banned from campus. “I was disgusted by their attempts to intimidate international students and other minorities on the campus,” Mr. Roozendaal says. Recalling the incident that led to the group’s fi nal dismissal from Macquarie University, Dr. Saleam says, “Some of my associates temporarily occupied his [Mr Roozendaal’s] office one day. A file of papers was tipped over, and when it was on the television news that night, the office had been systematically ransacked and maliciously damaged. I’m not saying that Mr. Roozendaal did that, but I’m saying that someone in Mr. Roozendaal’s office did that … we deny doing that.”

Dr. Saleam also denies any involvement in the recent graffi ti attack on Mr. Roozendaal’s home, though believes the attack was linked to the treasurer’s comments about Australia First. According to Saleam, the suspects include groups identifying themselves as neo-Nazis or clansmen and pivot around figures such as David Palmer, the ‘dirty tricks’ sections of major
political parties, and anti-racism groups such as FightDemBack.

FightDemBack is a volunteer-based, activist organisation that disseminates information about far-right groups and reacts against racist activities. It started in 2004 with the effort to remove the Patriotic Youth League’s anti-immigration stickers in the suburbs of Sydney. FightDemBack has also provided support to people who have sought to leave extreme right-wing groups.

“These people specialise in organised defamation, spreading false material…stalking of young people who describe themselves as nationalists and so on,” says Dr. Saleam. “For a very long time, these people have been involved in a campaign to suggest that, in fact, I am a neo-Nazi.”
Cam Smith FDB member and boy lover.

Cam Smith, from FightDemBack, rejects Dr Saleam’s accusations, saying, “FightDemBack
didn't have any involvement in the incident, and we don't know who did. We think the most likely suspects are people involved in Australia First, taking action without Saleam's knowledge in response to Roozendal's statements regarding Australia First … At any rate, we don't need to graffiti outside somebody's house to suggest that Saleam is a neo-Nazi - the fact that he is a neo- Nazi is easily demonstrated in far simpler ways.”

Dr. Saleam’s lengthy career in right-wing politics has indeed been contentious. In the early 1970s, he was a member of the National Socialist Party of Australia and was photographed wearing a swastika armband at a demonstration in 1975. He has served two gaol terms - in 1984 he was convicted of property offences and insurance fraud, and in 1989 he was convicted for his role in a shotgun attack on the home of anti-Apartheid activist Eddie Funde. In 2001, Dr. Saleam gained a PhD from The University of Sydney for his thesis on the history of Australian right-wing politics. On the day of the infamous Cronulla race riots of December 2006, Saleam wrote in the Nationalist News, “It was heartening and a sign of things to come…. If there was any proof needed that ultimately there were Australians ready to stand up and be counted it was duly provided.”

As Australia First gears up to contest the next federal election, Saleam confi rms that the party will become more of an activist organisation that is not concerned with appearing mainstream. He believes that “there are sections of the Australian community right now who are prepared to step outside of normal rules and normal methods and stand up for their industries”.

Yes Rabbi we will crush those nasty Nazi's.

Mr. Roozendaal has reiterated his calls to the NSW Liberal Party leader, Barry O’Farrell, to match Labor’s commitment to refuse to give preferences to far-right parties like Australia First and One Nation. “Who can forget the stench of One Nation?” says Mr. Roozendaal. “And make no mistake, there was only one way that One Nation got elected and it was on the back of Liberal and National Party preferences.”

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“This was clearly a premeditated attack,”

Who'd know that but 'ooze'nd'all itself ?

Where's the evidence that this sniffing, rodential clown is "ontologically exceptional" to the extent that us "Goyim" should "let them differentiate",,,,,while they actively engineer and extrude ideas that diffuse into the public mind which would see us "integrate" as part of their program to manufacture a racially indistinct slave class that they believe should and MUST exist to serve their Princessly needs.

A breathlessly bombastic buffoon is the Daal, who blathers conceitedly about "racism", despite identifying by the very quintessence of codified prejudice....Judaism.

We "Goyim" are judged by slippery, slitherin' "Jews" even before we are born.