Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gay Nazi's and the Anti Fa. More BS from the Kings of Spin.

Seems the Anarchist Jews at Slackbastard are enlisting the help of an insane homo sexual deviate. They truly should source their info before they run with it. Yeah right, as if that will ever happen. In an attempt to frighten people away old @ndy the Anarchist Jew has taken to using some classic right wing history. As with all movements around the world White Nationalism has had its ups and downs and at times reads like a cheap soap opera. But, we suggest, nothing like what has gone on and still does in the radical left circles. Or the Lib/Labor Party in Australia. In fact we all seem very tame compared to the Zionist controlled State and Federal Governments.

What we have now is the openly homosexual John Drew (fag nationalist, One Nation champion and all round nut job) jumping on the gay band wagon with members of FDB. One quick look at the comments section and one can see that these deviates have nothing but stupid jokes and homoerotic innuendo. What did anyone expect?

But it's the claim from the self described "only gay Nazi in the village" that truly raises suspicion. In a comment from John Drew, for reasons only known to his sick little mind he claims a photograph (above) has Jim Saleam standing next to Arthur Charles Smith.

Now Smith who ran the the Australian National Socialist Party in the 60's was said to be a Fag. Something about that doesn't surprise me. With all the Jews running NS groups of the past and present should we be shocked? Yet in an attempt to smear Nationalist, Drew a fag himself, forgets to tell us that Smith was long gone by the mid 70's and is certainly not the guy in the pic. In fact its not even the ANSP. It is the NSPA just before it was shut down. The people in the picture left to right are unknown, Neil Garland, Jim Saleam, and THE SKULL. No poofs for Johnny boy and his gay jew mates this time around.

In the smear piece being flogged off at Slack Bastard we also see @ndy using a bit of history to show how evil we all are. Considering the majority of people involved today would have still been at school or not even born when the dramatic events described
(ASIO recorded murder incident) happened one has to wonder what is the point? It has nothing to do with modern day White Nationalism nor the Sydney Forum. But what @ndy does fail to mention is the other 72 hrs of ASIO tapes that they refuse to release.( ASIO used these tapes to pervert justice in Jim Saleams infamous criminal case). Cover up anyone? Maybe @ndy can ask his handlers if they mind releasing that info? @ndy also fails to mention that the person who they use as a source, David Greason, is an absolute, certified NUTTER who spent a rather long time in a insane asylum. Oh, did we mention he is on their side also.

Who is David Greason?


David Greason has been proclaimed by the media as an expert upon the so-called "Australian Extreme-Right". From his current position with Australia-Israel Review, and through Without Prejudice magazine and in the mainstream media, he has assailed in print (for years) an array of Nationalist, patriotic and conservative organisations as diverse as Australian National Action, the League of Rights, the National Republicans, the Australia First Party and the One Nation Party.

Greason's book - I WAS A TEENAGE FASCIST [1994] - has been uncritically accepted by countless academics, politicians and journalists as source material, not only on the internal affairs of various pro-Australian groups of the late 1970's until 1982, but as an expose of the allegedly unsavoury lives of persons involved therein. The book was also designed to build the credibility of Greason that he may play the role of expert-commentator in the 1990's.

The book was launched by Victorian Opposition Leader, John Brumby, in 1994. It was praised by Justice Marcus Einfeld (remember him folks Mathew Henderson Hau footy mate father) and was lauded by the Extreme Left sects such as the Democratic Socialist Party/Resistance and the International Socialist Organisation. With this sort of political push, Greason has appeared as a mobiliser of activist "anti-racist" opinion, a brave soul who fought the "racist-fascism" within himself and who tore the mask off the new enemy of Australian capitalist democracy.

In 1995, Greason used his position as literary editor of Melbourne's HERALD-SUN to pillory the unfortunate Helen Darville a.k.a. "Helen Demidenko" for the plagiarism contained in her award-winning THE HAND THAT SIGNED THE PAPER [Herald-Sun 26 August 1995; Herald-Sun 25 Sept. 1995; Herald-Sun 7 October 1995]. Not only had Greason noted her supposed plagiarism of word and theme, he accused Demidenko of historical fabrication; he even urged she receive medical (psychological) treatment.

The proverbial chickens have come home to roost. David Greason is himself guilty of plagiarism - subtle and not so subtle "rewrites"'of word and theme; Greason may also have deliberately opted to live out another man's life-theme. David Greason's I WAS A TEENAGE FASCIST is a substantial plagiarism of Cecil Herbert Sharpley's THE GREAT DELUSION: THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A COMMUNIST LEADER [1952].

In July 1998, he leapt into a new "fame" as joint editor of Australia-Israel Review when he published some 1700 names and addresses of One Nation Party members. This effort followed weeks of distorted journalism concerning the various patriotic groups in the lead-up to the Queensland State Election of June 23 1998. He cannot now complain if evidence concerning his essential intellectual dishonesty is available to all.

Funny how all these Left Wing people have the same few things in common. See a pattern?

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Anonymous said...

Look for the Anti-Fa of the BnaiBrith taking names and notes near the venue of choice while masqueradeing as "Art Peddlars" operating both independently and also from stalls selling their ideologically "Jewish" Jenkem which has been caringly and courageously crafted specifically the vulnerable Gentile mind.

They are indeed existentially manifesting as the Princes of the Power of the "Air" with their hallucinogenic poisons designed to distort one's perceptions of reality.