Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Huge influx of "NAZIS" cause Dust Storms in Sydney and Earth Quakes in Victoria!

News Flash/Fash!

Yes folks those Nazis are all on the march. It has been reported by @ndy the anarchist " hundreds and thousands are on the road as we speak. They have caused Earth Quakes in Melbourne today from all the Goose Stepping. The amount of dust that was kicked up from the minions created such a huge Dust Storm that it blanketed Sydney this morning."

Actual footage sourced from @ndy of the Fash moving through rural Australia on their way to the Sydney Forum is a "call to arms for the Anarchists" @ndy commented. @ndy was also heard to say this afternoon on the discovery of the Nazi march "God have mercy on our Souls".

Above. Exclusive Footage of Australian Nazi's marching towards the North today for the Sydney Forum. It has been reported by Anti Racist group Fight Dem Back that the Australian chairman for Australia First has been seen saluting the Nazi columns as they pass through the sleepy town of Hay.

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