Saturday, September 05, 2009

If the BNP can do it why cant the Sydney Forum?

This is going to piss the Israel First lot off to no end. Seems the BNP are allowed to invite non whites to speak at BNP functions and become members. Yet the organizers of the Sydney Forum read "Nazis" and "Arabs" are constantly attacked for allowing free speech and a view from all sides at that event. The shameless attacks from some prominent members of the Australian Protectionist Party on the organisers of the Sydney Forum for inviting Non Whites to speak is well noted.

So whats the difference? Simply the BNP Non White member is speaking out about the Islamic Invasion of the UK and Europe. The Sydney forum speakers spoke about Palestine and the Zionist crimes committed in that particular part of the world. So does this mean that the APP will allow Non Whites members in as long as they are Anti Islamic and pro Israel?

Anyway we all face problems from Zionism and Islam no matter what country you live in. The issue is that one is the cause the other is the symptom. Neither problem can be fixed by singling out one group. The problems that White Nations face are a lot more complicated than that.

The BNP rightly or wrongly are doing what they can to give the British people a voice. This should be applauded. Equally groups such as the British National Front and Australia First should be applauded for taking a hard line when it comes to their policies. After all are we not all on the same team? I can see no reason why these groups can not share common ground on certain issues?


Martin Wingfield

The Communications and Campaigns Officer for the British National Party's MEPs.

"RAJINDER Singh had a regular a column in Freedom, the British National Party's newspaper, back in 2003 where he wrote about the dangers facing countries with a growing Muslim population.

In 2005 Rajinder appeared on the British National Party's television election broadcast, again warning on the consequences of our Government aiding and abetting the expansion of Islam within Britain" HERE


Rajinder Singh - a friend of the BNP since 2001

"So that said, the reason for this post. Martin Wingfield who understands exactly what is happening, as suggested that one of the British National Party's oldest and truest Sikh allies, Rajinder Singh be given the honour of being the first Sikh to join the Party. I go further. I would suggest that Rajinder Singh be made an honorary life time member and given a special award for his services to the BNP and Our Country." HERE

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