Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Kosher National Luke Connors

Say hello folks to Luke Connors Australian Kosher Nationalist. This was tapped at the Australia First Head Quarters in mid 2005. The people that Luke is addressing the ones he heaps praise on at the start are now the same one's he attacks and labels as "Nazis". Listen to this scum bag. What a difference a few years make. Listen to him complain about the Left calling him a Nazi. Listen to him complain about his right to his beliefs.

This is the same person who now as the Senior mod at the Australian Protectionist Forum screams "Nazi" at the drop of the hat. What a dirty little turn coat. Luke Connors who posted as Young Soldier at SFDU posted over 4000 times on a forum he now describes as a Nazi forum. Yes folks he was one of the biggest shit stirrers on that site. Oh yes he is still a member.

The question is people. Did they get to him and make him an offer he could not refuse? Or was he always a traitor? Yep the same guy who now claims that he is not a White Nationalist sure as hell fooled enough to think he was.

At one stage we would not heap the APP membership into one category because we knew that some of its members may be true White Nationals. Not anymore. They have allowed their fellow members to attack one to many times. The gloves are off.

These people have attacked every single Right Wing Political Party in this country using tactics right out of the Fascist Anti Fa hand book. It is impossible to tell the difference between them anymore. They have even accused the National Anarchists of being "Nazi's". Come on people who believes that crap. They heap BS on anyone who dares to question Israel.

They need us folks why else would they still be using sites such as Storm Front Down Under? They may need us but we sure as hell don't need them.


Anonymous said...

Maybe someone should tell this lump of shit that Trotsky was a Jew.

Anonymous said...

That kosher cocroache has had alot to say about my good self and TCM in the past behind a keyboard.I had seen him once in person but he was too spineless to say anything to me.I didnt know who he was at the time,otherwise I would have him what I think of the kosher lackey.By the way ,one of his best pals is an Asian.
Rev.Patrick O'Sullivan
TCM -Australia

Anonymous said...
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Peter Watson said...

Dude, there is nothing wrong with Derrick or Saleam. Derrick MacThomas knows what he is talking about. In fact, MacThomas spent like 20 years working in the media sector. Like Saleam, MacThomas has been an active patriotic nationalist for decades. Comrade Derrick was even in the Australian military. As for comrade Saleam, Saleam knows what he is doing and has had many years of experience in the nationalist movement. By the way, Jim Saleam is not an Arab. Comrade Saleam is a proud white Australian. Every proud white Australian should support the Australia First Party. Australia First is the party for all nationalist patriotic white Australians. It has my full support. The Australian Protectionist Party is nothing more then a front of Christian Zionism.