Wednesday, September 30, 2009

More 'comedy' from @ndy

@ndy said: “We must secure the existence of our people and sexual access to young children.”

Oh, @ndy, you must surely be referring to the Labor Party, the Greens, the Democrats, the Socialist Alliance, the Communist Party, the Anti-Fa and all the other Left wing swill.

The fact is ALL Political Parties, like all large organisations, have a problem with infiltration by nutters and perverts who insinuate themselves into positions of power and influence. Homosexuals have proved to be the sneakiest. We suppose they’ve got the most to gain by keeping their habits a secret and the most to lose by being exposed as perverts.

Also, many of the infiltrators on the Right have been self-loathing Jews like Frank Collin of the NSPA who was sentenced to seven years for sexually abusing two ten year old boys. Ironically (or not) his Lawyer was an ACLU Jew called David Goldberger. There is actually quite a pattern of precedents if you’d like to do some THOROUGH research. But you won’t of course.

Although not a monopoly, the Left CERTAINLY has the most perverts by a country mile. Well known Homos and Bisexuals of the Left include the late John Marsden and Rene Rivkin, Milton ‘the monster’ Orkopoulos, Bob ‘lower the age of consent for boys’ Brown etc. Several of them have been implicated in some very dodgy behaviour to say the least and one or two have (amazingly) been successfully prosecuted. And who could forget that loathsome Chosenite paedophile and hero of the Left, Allen ‘NAMBLA’ Ginsberg?

Just remember @ndy that, essentially, the ONLY difference between a ‘Homosexual’ and a ‘Paedophile’ is opportunity. Homos cannot reproduce (although many have marriages of convenience or employ the services of dykes) so they must recruit and they zero in on their targets when they are at their most vulnerable. A Homo hanging around pubescent boys is like a chicken hawk circling the hen house.

And of course the BIGGEST difference with the Right is, unlike the Left who legitimise these people and their sick lifestyle, they expel and shun these creatures as soon as they are exposed. THAT is the big difference.

@ndy also said: “The dead German incestuous coprophiliac dictator Adolf Hitler set a very high benchmark for sexual and political pathology, but that hasn’t prevented his ideological descendants from trying to emulate their dear departed leader.”

Coprophiliac? Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Coming from a Chosenite that is hysterical. The Chosenites are the only Race/Religion who are absolutely OBSESSED, to the point of psychosis, with number twos. The Talmud reckons Jesus Christ himself is in Hell currently boiling in a vat of hot excrement! Even boiling semen, ferfarksake, and other bodily fluids are mentioned over and over again as ways to punish the unbelievers.

Who but the Chosenites could be so fixated on excreta? Their legendary ‘Golem’ is so obviously an analogy for the breathing of life into excreta and creating a walking monster from it. Mud is simply another way of representing faeces.

The Chosenites are very prone to overkill when it comes to character assassination. They simply go WAY too far. That is why we laugh when these outrageous stories emerge about Adolf Hitler and virtually every other National Socialist and Fascist leader. Surely @ndy, even you can’t REALLY believe a lot of this stuff. But then maybe, blinded by your sheer hatred, you’ll believe ANYTHING.

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Ghost Of Vinnitsa said...

Scatological fascination and a predilection for the more gross sexual perversions is typical Chosenite pathology. Infantilism and other quite bizarre psycho/sexual practices are also. But yes playing with and making jokes about all manner of personal hygiene issues and various bodily excreta are among their favourite indulgences.