Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More Mirth And Merriment From Moran

@ndy slackbastard wrote:

“Supposedly, only about 40–50 fascists (’White racial patriots’) attended the event and, like the speakers, consisted of the usual suspects (members of Australia First, Blood & Honour, “national anarchists”, New Right, Volksfront, and assorted other racist riff-raff).”

Now that IS very funny @ndy. To read you referring to ANYBODY else as “riff-raff” is quite exceptionally hilarious! Mate, there are filth encrusted, lice infested derelicts lounging on park benches and reeking of body grease, alcohol and stale urine who have more class, credibility and social status than the crew you sent to the RSL Club. We’d suggest the hygiene and personal grooming of a fly blown bush tramp would be several levels above that of the average Anarchist. But hey, thanks for proving there IS such a thing as an Anarchist joke…

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