Tuesday, September 29, 2009

@ndy and his continuing love affair with the RSL

From the pathological LIAR’S site known as ‘slackbastard’:

“The Price of Liberty is Eternal Vigilance” is the RSL’s motto,”

Darn tootin’! Where’s the problem with that?

“so how a small group of neo-Nazis managed to book a seat at the table is an interesting question.”

Erm, we’re sorry @ndy, but you’ll have to explain to us why this particular point (there IS a point you’re desperately grasping to make, isn’t there?) is “interesting” in any way, shape or form.

“Even more interesting is the fact that this is not the first time the Sydney Forum has been held at an RSL club: in 2007, Eastwood RSL leaped at the chance to make some $ from fascists, while in 2004 it was Bexley RSL’s opportunity to Throw The Jew Down The Well of Australian history. Oddly enough, the only institution to say nyet to the neo-Nazis was the Russian Social Club in 2005 (the Estonian community opened its arms to temporary conquest in 2006).

In brief, the Master Race may have 99 problems, but an RSL venue ain’t one of ‘em.”

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! "Master Race"?!?!!!!

Who, precisely, ever, apart from Hollywood Nazis in ZioProp productions EVER uses the term “Master Race”? Personally, this writer has only ever heard the loony Left throw it around. Hmmm, strange that. Oh, and as the funny Jew in the German helmet on Rowan and Martin’s Laugh In Show used to say… Very, very INTERESTING…

“Aside from the venue — Petersham RSL on Saturday; ‘The Bunker’ on Sunday — the Sydney Forum also featured speakers. Among them was the convicted criminal (fraud and conspiracy) of Lebanese descent, Dr James Saleam.”

Ah, now you see, this really IS ‘interesting’ because the ranks of the Left are absolutely bursting with “convicted criminals” and their fellow travellers (read: Left Wing sympathisers) sitting on the bench in judgment of them have (according to Darp and other Lefties) often been guilty of committing similar offences in their salad days of youth, dontchaknow.

Oh, the high jinks, oh the wild spirit of permissive, libertine, bohemian, college life. Oh, the 'free love' and copious quantities of cannabis and various white powders washed down, no doubt, with lashings of Claret and Absinthe. The days of 'The Push'. Oh, how we looked so handsome in our black skivvies and brown corduroy flares with our neatly trimmed beards and Trotsky specs as we sat in the coffee shops and wine bars of Darlinghurst plotting the Marxist overthrow of the system...before, that is, we actually graduated and BECAME the system...

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Is this why the vicious Left Wing scumbag crims of today almost invariably receive such lenient sentences for their crimes?

The actual charges range from everything like graffiti vandalism (every ‘Anarchist’ does their apprenticeship tagging the neighbourhood before moving on to making mollies) shoplifting (read: liberating and redistributing the ill gotten wealth of the Fascist oppressors), fare evasion, trespass, resisting arrest, all the way through to really serious offences like aggravated assault, illicit drug use and/or distribution. Oh, and did we mention smashing windows?

Surely nobody can forget Will Saunders, the close friend of Mathew Henderson-Ha aka 'Darp', who with his 'partner' (read: homosexual lover) David Burgess, on 18th March 2003, vandalised the Sydney Opera House with the 'No War' slogan.

As Darp posted on his now electronically cleansed and deleted Blog '' on 24th February 2005 after learning of their extremely lenient sentence of Nine Months periodic detention "This stinks. Will Saunders is a personal friend of mine and an almighty inspiration. Kia Kaha champ. It'll take more than what the courts have dished out to kill that fire of yours old son!"

“Earlier this year, Rupert Murdoch ordered Fairfax journalist Greg Bearup to write a profile of Saleam for the Good Weekend. My rabbi informs me that Word on the street is that Uncle Rupert is growing increasingly worried at the massive yet oddly subterranean influence of the Australia First Party, and is afraid that, if they’re not stopped, they’ll blow the conspiracy wide open.”

Oh, we get it. This is an example of the famous @ndy ‘humour’ we’ve all heard so much about but have, thus far, seen precious little proof of. Sarcasm, is it? What do they say mate? Many a true word is spoken in jest.

The funniest thing though is how @ndy and his crew are so credulous and willing to swallow stories of so-called Right Wing Fascist and Neo Nazi Nationalist conspiracies yet so sneeringly derisive of any talk of what should be glaringly obvious Globalist conspiracies. Conspiracy? Look out @ndy. You’re STANDING in it!

Anti-Establishment my arse! @ndy, you ARE The Establishment and what’s more, you cynical little treacherous bastard, you KNOW it. The time has come to ‘fess up and inform your minions in the so-called radical Anarchist movement the TRUTH about whom you serve and whose long term interests you underwrite.

Not only but also @ndy, we’ll ask you yet again, where has this newfound expertise on all matters RSL come from so suddenly. Where did all this empathy, understanding and expressions of solidarity with the old war heroes materialise from? It was your mates, whom you’re so proud of, your predecessors, the old guard, the elders of your movement who used to screech out the slogans like “Baby Killers!”, “Murderers!”, “Rapists!”, “Enemies of the people!” etc.

You are so keen to tell us tales of glory and give faux history lessons about the antics of Spanish Anarchists and others and their noble bravery (*snigger*) when fighting Da wicked Fash but where are all the stories of the REAL glory days of the Vietnam Moratorium marches and street protests? Come on @ndy, show us pics and all. We want to see what you and your Red bum chums REALLY think of people who’ve fought for their nation and fought in support of the Global resistance to Communism.

Be PROUD to be Red @ndy. Shake that feminine little clenched fist in the Communist salute. You know the one mate. The one you do in the bedroom in front of the mirror, when no one else is around in an Anarchist’s version of ‘air guitar’. The one you do when you wear your Ché Guevara tee shirt and your little black beret. Does it make you feel like a man @ndy? Do you yell things at the mirror like “Smash Da Fash!”, “Death to the system!”, “Lynch the bankers!”…

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

That’s okay mate. It’ll be our secret. WE know you don’t really MEAN it…

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