Monday, September 07, 2009

Re: The Sikhs

Whatever you might think about the Sikhs or even the various Indian Sub-Continental peoples in general you have to admit they are an intelligent, cultured and proud people with a greater sense of IDENTITY than virtually all of the various White ‘nations’ on Earth. Though their homelands have been degraded from wave upon wave of Negroid invaders over the millennia, they carry their 'nation' with them wherever they may roam. Not unlike the concept of the White Nation as something which can, of necessity, exist independent of any particular geographic imperative. Our Nation is in our blood..

If we were to deride and even attempt to deny these Sikhs their pride then we, as White Nationalists, would be hypocrites of the highest order. Unlike the Islamists, at least the Sikhs are exclusive. They do not proselytise. They do not accuse all ‘unbelievers’ of being ‘infidels’ or sub-humans deserving of a righteously painful death for not accepting the word of their deity as LAW. They do not seek to ‘convert’ you to their beliefs or to have you subjugated or terrorised into fearing their religion. THAT is the major difference between them and the Islamists and also their similarity to us White Nationalists who seek separation and segregation from the other races.

To segregate does NOT mean we need to or should DENIGRATE other ‘Nationalists’. Even Rockwell, extreme National Socialist that he was, sought dialogue with and mutual respect with the Black Nation of Islam! Was he crazy? Was he traitorous? I don’t think so. Perhaps a little naive in that he underestimated their sheer ferocity in the cause of Islamic supremacy BUT at least he attempted to open communication channels and engender some degree of mutual respect.

Personally, I believe the entire Global Islamic Caliphate project has gone too far now to emulate his efforts with the Muslims. There is simply too much mutual distrust and hatred between our peoples. But when it comes to those like the Sikhs who have, despite their fiercely held pride in their own identity, largely ‘behave themselves’ among us then we do need to have a ‘working relationship’ with them.

This is NOT appeasement or weakness or diluting our White Nationalist principles but pragmatic, survivalist strategy. Of course, our traditional enemies, working through bogus groups like FDB, will accuse the Sikhs of being ‘Uncle Toms’ and us of being patronising or even phoney in our intentions but that is to be expected.

We will also have to face the reality that, although we can extend friendship, respect and cooperation to these people we must never waver from our most fundamental principle. We cannot and must not mix the bloods of our peoples. The Fourteen Words, if they are to be realised at all, on even the most modest level, mean we stay absolutely loyal to the cause of genetic integrity.

Some, who claim to be in our movement, will call this hypocrisy, just like their fellow ‘useful idiots’ on the so-called Left, but this will be a deliberate misrepresentation and false ‘misunderstanding’ of our intentions.

We cannot make our own White identity stronger by continuing to waste energy and resources attacking other victims of Global Zionism. We make ZOG weaker by promoting Nationalism among ALL peoples because ZOG’s worst nightmare is to see true Racial/Cultural identity promoted successfully anywhere. How can they realise their twisted dream of Genetic Levelling and the dumbed down Global Slave State when Humanity is still divided into identifiable groups with their own ideas and independent thought?

Oh, and here's a link to a nice little Rock 'n' Roll song dedicated to the single minded simpleton known as Darrin Hodges. It's called 'One Track Mind' by Mötörhead and we think most who are familiar with his peculiar propensity to concentrate on ONE particular group at the total and absolute exclusion of ALL other enemies of the White Race will appreciate the sentiment.

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