Friday, September 18, 2009

So who's at the top of the Fascist Anti Fa/Marxist/ movement?

Yes folks we all remember founding member Mathew Henderson Hau, self described Jew, brag about his high ranking Jewish connections. Not to mention the admission from the Australian Jewish News of these mysterious anonymous Jewish backers of Fight Dem Back. “A number of Jewish professionals are on Fight Dem Back 350 strong Australasian team, many of them deliberately keeping a low profile.” Well Whitelaw Towers over the next few weeks will attempt to expose a few of them.

We can chase our tails all day trying to out the idiotic followers like @ndy and his mates. Bugger that, let's go for the ringleaders. No more leading from the rear (pardon the pun) for this lot. The Granddaddys of the Jewish Anti Fa movement are a much better read. Hell, this stuff should be made into a movie, it's that good.

Let's go.

Sydney 1968 The Domain.

Above. White Australian Patriot stands his ground at a Anti-Communist Speech in the Domain 1968.

Speakers attacked by Demonstrators wearing Jewish Stars.

Six members of the crowd had been arrested. The Police prosecuter told the court that "the men are allegedly members of the Jewish Youth Movement" Those arrested were.

Oscar Borecki 35 manager who was charged malicious damage offensive behavior resisting arrest and assaulting Police. Eli Samoke, 25 unemployed (at a time when this nation had full employment and was fighting a war against Communist agression in Vietnam) charged with offensive behavior, resisting arrest and assaulting Police. Peter Korda 18 student, charged with offensive behavior, Betzalal Honohof, 35, panel beater. Charged with resisting arrest, assaulting Police and offensive behaviour. Edwin Adamek, 23 manager. charged with offensive behavior, and David Pacanovski, 24 contractor, charged with offensive behaviour and assaulting a Police officer.

A member of the jewish community gave this report to some associates on the fate of the defendants.

"In order to prevent serious charges being laid against the six Jews arrested, and to get the Government to harden its line against the Nazi's, (any enemy of the Jews) a representative of the Jewish Board of deputies went to see the Premier, Mr Askin. It seems to have had some effect (big surprise) for the Police Prosecutor took a visibly soft line. (nothing changes) Five of the six were released as first offenders, the other on bond. (once again Jews receiving special treatment)

On may 9th it was reported in the Australian Jewish Times that the New South Wales Board of Deputies "has previously announced, and wishes it be widely known, that in general members of the Jewish community should not attend meetings of the National Socialist Party. Large audiences comprising mainly members of the Jewish community highlight and give publicity to this group out of proportion to its present support. (I wonder If FDB have been given an updated version of this order. In other words do not expose us use your useful idiots. Sound familiar?)

Another organisation that is reported to have been embarrassed by the incident was the ISRAELI EMBASSY. Among those arrested were ISRAELI citizens who had training in the ISRAELI ARMED FORCES.

Sydney 1968
Edwin Adamek, 23 manager. charged with offensive behavior.

Sydney 2009.

Ed Adamek –

The chair of the Kings Cross Drug Action Team (CDAT), a volunteer for
the Welfare Rights Centre and acts as a business mentor for the Eastern
Suburbs Enterprise Centre. A retired Company Director, Mr Adamek is
married with of three children and five grandchildren.

"Locals protest over Kings Cross injecting room"
Resident "Totally opposed. I think it's spread everywhere over the suburbs now. Everybody knows where to get whatever they want to get, but if you advertise that you've got a legal shooting gallery in Kings Cross, everyone's going to come to Kings Cross for one reason. It's going to ."

Ed Adamek (used to be Eddy but wife changed it)

Married to:

Estelle (since February 1970)


M*****, B**** and J****

Where I live
In Elizabeth Bay and the Blue Mountains ( gee I wonder if Brian Stokes is one of his neighbors?)

Years in Betar:
(Betar is a Zionist youth movement that was founded in 1923)

Camps attended
Lake Macquarie '59, Narrabeen '60, Macquarie Fields'61, Stanwell Tops'62

Positions Held:
co- leader of camp resistance movement

Some of my Leaders:
Moshe Aarons, Sol Yezerski, Henry Briggs, Larry Levin, Henry Bishopverder

Those I see now:
Zvi Berkovic, Tommy Fischer, George Berkovits, Geoff Williamson, Eddie Price, Burnie Kresner, Leo Rogovin, Peter Cohen, Moshe Aarons

Now only motor biking, collecting cars and boating - used to volunteer as a refugee advocate, as a telephone mentor for the Welfare Rights network , as a business mentor for the Eastern Suburbs Enterprise Centre and was chairman of the Kings Cross Community Drug Action Team. I was a foundation Member of the consultative committee of the Kings Cross Medically Supervised Injecting Centre which opened in 2000 and am still on that committee. I was also a foundation board member of Family Drug Support which advocates on behalf of and counsels families and friends of illicit drug users. I served as a Flag Officer and Board member of the Royal Motor Yacht Club for eight years. (Silver Spoon anyone)

The most significant moments in my life include, meeting my wife, having our children, then being around when our children had their children. Apart from that they were volunteering to go to Israel with Peter Cohen and Geoff Williamson in 1967 and being arrested in the Domain in 1968 for assaulting a fully uniformed member of the Nazi Party at their rally and together with about another 100 “shtarker” Jews giving all the other Nazis a hiding and ensuring they would never hold a rally again in the Domain.


Jason said...

I am so disgusted with you dad. I must say Im happy that this Goy didn't put my name with yours. I am currently trying to form a Byron Bay chapter of the Jews against Zionism. Lots of thanks to the Goyim who run this blog. Thanks Jason Adamek.

Anonymous said...

Your an idiot. Is this seriously the best thing you can do with your life. It's bot our fault your mother is your sister and your dad fiddled with you when you were a little boy. If ever you have the guts to meet face to face let me know. Would love to chat.