Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sydney Forum Update

From the ZOG approved and State sponsored Blog ‘Slackbastard’:

“Note that The Returned and Services League (RSL) of Petersham proudly supports the efforts of Dr Saleam and his party to return to a White Australia: the Party’s annual talkfest, the Sydney Forum, is taking place there today.”

This is nothing more than deliberately mischievous nonsense. How does and how CAN @ndy possibly ‘know’ that the management and/or the membership of Petersham RSL fully endorse or, for that matter, fully oppose, the Sydney Forum as a concept or object to any of its guest speakers?

We also wonder when, and in which particular VERSION of reality, it became mandatory for any hosting venue to “proudly support the efforts” of ANYONE or any special interest group who simply hires a function room for a meeting. The Petersham RSL would be like any other commercial enterprise that put their facilities up for hire to a huge variety of different patrons.

Would the Christian ‘Right to Lifer’ cashier be able to successfully object to the RSL hosting a meeting of the local radical Feminist rights and ‘Family Planning’ group? Would the Asian kitchen hand in the club bistro whose father was tortured to death by the Khmer Rouge butchers be able to object to a meeting of the local Socialist/Communist Party if the club agreed to host them? Would the Palestinian storeman whose sister was shot by the IDF be able to object to a meeting of the local Zionist group? @ndy, you are a serious WANKER!

We would assume that, generally speaking, as long as the guests behaved in a respectable manner, didn’t piss in the pot plants or vomit in the ashtrays, they would not give a flying monkey’s fuck what the ‘show’ was about. It all pays their staff’s wages after all.

“Petersham RSL is always interested in hearing from the general public, and can be reached on (02) 9560 8355 or by fax on (02) 9564 1841. But please: no old diggers with memories of WWII, mmmkay?”

Funny stuff, eh? And this (unintended?) comedy comes from an ‘Anarchist’? When did the Anarchists become supporters and advocates of returned servicemen? That’s certainly a big surprise to us and we’re sure the vast majority of our readers. When did the Anarchists cease denigrating servicemen and women as ‘willing tools of the Fascist State’ and stop daubing the cenotaphs and other sacred sites with so-called ‘Anti-War’ slogans? When did this refreshingly new and positive understanding and empathy develop? When did the Anarchists decide it was better to throw bouquets rather than buckets of pig’s blood at returned soldiers? When did these ‘rapists and baby killers in uniform’ suddenly become fellow travellers with the activists of the extreme loony Left? Does this mean there’ll be no more disruptions of dawn services? No more desecrations? No more hateful graffiti sprayed on war graves? No more disrespect for the elderly war veterans?

But then @ndy’s particular take on ‘Anarchism’ is strange, to say the least. It should be obvious to all with an independent mind residing in a functioning brain that @ndy’s credentials as your archetypal ‘Agent Provocateur’ are impeccable. He’s as genuine as the proverbial Three Dollar Note.

While he loves to wax lyrical about revolution from the rooftops and lobbing flaming Mollies at ‘Da Fash’ he resides in fairly standard bourgeois comfort (no sleeping on a piss soaked mattress in some ‘roach infested squat for @ndy) while doubtless receiving a modest stipend from the State, with perhaps the odd ‘Sayanim bonus’ from The Mossad, to act as a lightning rod (read flypaper) for young Reds and then to lag them in to the authorities if they look like actually DOING anything. The entire game plan is clear. Keep ‘Da Fash’ busy and the ‘Anarchists’ even BUSIER! Oh, and did we mention confused?

Telling tales of glory about his Spanish (read: Marrano Jew) Anarchist ancestors and how these ‘noble heroes and tireless defenders of the proletariat’ really stuck it to Da Fash is hysterically funny in light of the FACTS that are gradually emerging about him. But, for now, he still appears to have some of the young and ‘genuine’ Anarchists (is that an oxymoron?) bamboozled with his shite. There they are faithfully shrieking pathetically puerile Left Wing slogans in their shrill voices while waving their girly arms around and shaking their little fists in impotent rage at ‘Da Machine’, and all in the service of the bourgeoisie. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Oh, the irony. Oh, the stupidity.

And so it went yesterday in the little New South Wales borough of Petersham where the sock puppets all performed magnificently and strictly adhered to the Khazar approved game plan. Well done girls! BUT…will we see the BOYS back up today and put their street cred up for evaluation? Will the ‘Mutiny’ crew show up again with their baseball bats? Will they actually get out of their car this time and ‘bash da Fash?’

We nearly got the flag yesterday we will certainly get it today!

Hope to see you all there today.

Oh, and please, please, please, bring Darp along…


Peter Watson said...

I think @ndy should e reminded of the fact that Australian soldiers fought to keep our country white and to keep the Asians out. I made that point on his log but I don't think it will get posted for obvious reasons.

Anonymous said...

The footage of protestors on the morning of Saturday 26SEP2009 taken by Tin-Tin out the front of the Petersham RSL is priceless!
Copies have been made and are about to be distributed as necessary.
Let's not be distracted from the messages of the forum.....truth, free speech, breaking down the control of the oppressive forces and the right to survive and live according to one's own values in a safe and healthy environment.
The networking opportunity was priceless and can never be taken away from us - it is done!