Friday, September 18, 2009

White Pride Thought Crime.

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Source Radio Werewolf

A Frightening Pandemic of White Pride Disrupts Sleepy Suburbia

I'm somewhat at a loss here. The word "discrimination" is used countless times throughout this video, but I, for the life of me, cannot find the discriminatory element inherent in a seemingly innocuous statement such as "White Pride World Wide."

This whole thing reeks of the paranoia I grew up with in the 80's with the "Satanic Panic" phenomena where teenagers with Iron Maiden and Ozzy Osbourne albums tucked under their arms were evidence of a wide spread coven complete with "breeders"(presumably for a steady, uninterrupted source for "sacrifices" to Old Scratch himself) and a super secret cult of Satanic baddies further sensationalized by cretins like "Geraldo".(Being one of those kids, I thought the whole thing was quite a hysterical hoot.)

But this is far more ridiculous (and insidious) to me. The implication here is that pride in one's heritage is equated with some evil that dare not even speak its name. Look at the pampered suburbanite mom in the Greta Van Susteren mask, who finds the whole thing "disturbing". "It's nothing I believe or teach my children to believe." On what fucking planet do these people reside? So apparently mom is doing nothing to counter balance the brainwashing her kids are receiving whereby they are taught to hate themselves, the Founding Fathers, and Western Civilization itself. I doubt these people live in an area that is even 50% nigger. Even if she did, note that she drives her kid to school, and doesn't subject her to the animal holding pen on wheels that most public school buses have come to represent.

Contrast this video with the previous story of the bus beating I posted. Police were dispatched, notices warning of the impending "danger" were sent out and a community quaked with fear because of a....couple of stickers? Where there is actual violence(and always directed at White people) it is met with apologists bending over backwards to not make a "rush to judgment", searching for the motive(from the victims, not their attackers) and the reactionary, almost rote proclamation that "race did not play a part in this crime." And that, of course, is if reports of the atrocity even see the light of day at all. The attitude is so "blah-zay" in fact, that when it does occur, able bodied adults(like the driver) feel no particular duty or inclination to stop it.

This is how far we've fallen and how suicidal our society has become. Words, even harmless ones that proclaim pride, supersede actual acts of violence and sexual assault. Calling attention to criminal acts has become more despicable than the act themselves. The good news for us is that such an upside down world adhering to these insane and ruinous ideas cannot for very long sustain itself before toppling and descending into chaos.

The message of this anti-White piece of propaganda is clear, when they have made the incredible leap by linking "let's kill people" with "White Pride World Wide." To quote the 9th grader in the story who's upset by this whole nefarious pride plot: "it's like uhhhh...bad and people shouldn't do it and stuff." I agree. Knock off this anti-White horse shit.

Oh, and lest I forget: "White Pride World Wide" everyone!

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