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Zionist Take Over of White Nationalism Spins Into Overdrive.

Look folks lets not beat around the bush here. The White Nationalist movement around the world is under siege from Zionist agents. Every place you turn of late we see yet another group or person all of a sudden do a total back flip and come out openly supporting Israel.

This is not a new phenomenon. The US and Canada is full of examples of Neo Nazi groups being run and organised by members who just so happen to be Jewish. In the past this was done to discredit these groups by using the age old tactic of entrapment. Many of us often wondered at what the hell was going on. No matter how much good we may have done all this would be destroyed in an instant by some crazy stunt carried out by some insignificant group. In Australia this has also been the case.

The National Socialist movement in Australia was at its strongest in the early 70's. As far as we can tell the people involved back then ran their own show and had not been infiltrated. The only threat to them was Jewish students who by their own violent actions made them selves to be the aggressor. They had zero public support outside of the University Campus and even then it was just an overlap of the then Anti War movement.

1970's Australia was a very different place. What the majority White Australians didn't like then was Communism. Jewish Students at that stage not only organised violent demos but they also ran the Communist movement from Australian Campuses. This put them at direct odds with The Australian National Socialist Movement. At that stage Australian National Socialists spoke very little of the Holocaust or lack of one they concentrated on the reintroduction of the White Australia Policy and the evils of Communism.

I could go on for ages about the history of National Socialism in Australia but we would be here forever. Needless to say before the advent of Jewish infiltration they held their own. The only weapon the Zionist had at that time was violent intimidation and in one particular case the MURDER of a prominent Queensland National Socialist while he was in Rhodesia.

The changing face of the Right Wing movement has been a bit of a roller coaster ride. The 80's and 90's saw much activity but this activity moved away from National Socialism to more Main Stream. Sadly much of the National Socialist Movement of that era was more of a Boots and Braces movement. As anyone from that era who is still around will tell you the majority of the Skin heads of that era were only in it for the ride. It was more a fashion statement than a way of life. Much like today's Left Wing movement. The principles many now fight for took a back seat to Drugs Booze and Women. Only the true Racialists of that era still remain to this day.

With the Internet our troubles truly started. Forums such as Storm Front allowed Jewish PC geeks access to the growing number of disenfranchised White Youth. One particular forum in 05/06 The White Pride Coalition of Australia had been that overrun by members of the Jewish run Fight Dem Back group that they had to shut it down. The best tool ever given to White Nationalist Australia the Internet had become our worse enemy. These infiltrators were very easy to pick at that stage. They tended to be the loudest and most militant. They often said things that would make the hardest WN or NS cringe. All this was then passed off to the media as proof of how dangerous and violent these "Nazis" are.

Once the media had been fed by these Jewish agent provocateurs the harassment of the real WN and NS peoples began. First came the headline story. Then came the loss of jobs. Then the harassment of ones family. The next step was a lot more sinister. Turn your own people against you.

Using forums such as Storm Front certain forum members and moderators would use News paper articles written about prominent WN to discredit them. Knowing full well that these Media reports were nothing but smears from Fight Dem Back didn't stop them. These traitors would call for the removal of the victims because they brought shame and embarrassment to the movement. A nice little partnership between the Zionist run Fascist Anti Fascist groups the media and the insiders. All scratching each others back.

Australians being what we are, are very good at smelling Bull Shit. It didn't take long for the wheels to fall off that plan. But it was at a cost. By 2007/08 the movement was well and truly fractured and nearly on its knees. In a three year period the movement in Australia went from a healthy movement to one overrun with paranoia and distrust. No one was immune. The Skin Heads, the Political Groups, the Conservatives and the newly awakened, all became victims. It was time to rebuild.

Out of necessity certain people who kept contact with other factions of the movement put their heads together and started to talk. All these factions not talking and at each others throats to some extent was a haven for out right enemy propaganda. It was eagerly used and taken advantage of by the enemy.

With co operation between the States the Traitors one by one were unmasked. The enormity of it at times had even the guys and gals here scratching their heads. But once they started to fall it became a landslide. Oh the wicked webs that had been weaved. We had moderators from SFDU working with the Fascist Anti Fa passing on names and pictures. From the outside the Storm Front Down Under Forum looked more like a Searchlight Forum with all the "Nazi" name calling.

We had Storm Front Radio "Thunder Down Under" producing programs that seemed more like re runs of Stalin's show trials. Self appointed leaders screaming for the purging of the ranks. They Must be removed was the battle cry. Get rid of the "Nazis" they are holding us back. When in actual fact it was these "Nazis" who up until then worked so well together that in 2005/06 the numbers grew far bigger than they are today. Think about how many have since left? Do you blame them?

These people were not "Nazis". They were just the average working class family men and women. But the picture painted of them by the Fascist Anti Fa was now used to discredit them. Used by their Useful Idiots well placed at Storm Front Down Under. As it is today on the Australian Protectionist official forum "The Australian Identity Forum" or as we call it "We Love Israel First Forum."

Now it will never be known why the Moderator at Storm Front Down Under did what he did. It could have been just a simple case of using the enemy to get rid of his rivals? This has been done many times before. It could be that he was just bloody insane? But even we must admit he was to bloody stupid to be a part of a greater conspiracy. But what was noticed was the people who supported him. The ones who patted him on the back every time he attacked Australian patriots.

That now brings us to here. Since the Victor Whitelaw Project started we have seen them come and go. But we have also kept watch on some of the old trouble makers from the Storm Front Down Under Forum of the past. The Australian section of Storm Front at one time under the European Moderator FOP grew from strength to strength. I recall it growing faster than any other section of Storm Front. It was and should still be a great introduction into White Nationalism. Although the moderator at SFDU has a huge job on his hand to repair the damage done by his own brother it will take a very long time for it to return to its former glory. In short it was seen by the enemy as number one on their hit list and it got special treatment.

Although it must be noted that Storm Front seems to be running smoothly at the moment one can see it is still being used by the enemy. It is possible that the WN on that forum have the upper hand and we have seen some positive signs from certain mods. Simply its getting harder and harder to be openly Pro Israel. Certainly SFDU although it seems to be far less popular than it once was still provides some good information and does have some intelligent contributors. But boy oh boy who would like to have that job being a mod there? Certainly not anyone here. Talk about a hospital pass.

It truly is sad that we must spend so much time talking about the Internet and bloody forums. But it is these things that allows the rot in. It must be noted that it is getting harder and harder for infiltrators to use this medium. They have had to change tactics or they have finally said enough is enough and have come straight out of the closet. The Kosher White Nationals have out lived their welcome most places and have formed their own groups.

From these forum's they can say what they like. Their victims have no right of reply. Basically they are a Zionist gossip fest. The head of the Israel First Kosher White Nationalists is ex member of Australia First Darrin Hodges.

Under various user names at Storm Front this man along with a handful of piss ants fueled and welcomed some of the worst behavior ever witnessed in the Australian Scene. In an attempt to take over the Australia First Party they used the Storm Front Down Under Forum to discredit the committee and certain members. They leaked sensitive information and false information to the enemy. With the assistance of Australian BNP supporters they tried to recruit AF members to their cause. This man or should we say creature Hodges was at the time a member of the Jewish Task Force Forum. That was until another infiltrator SilverFern Head of the Australian KKK outed him calling him a Nazi.

Title: Re: Mahdur ad-dam
Post by: Tina Greco - Melbourne on April 08, 2008, 01:31:24 AM
Darrin Hodges is a white nationalist from the Australian Protectionist Party, a Nazi right wing group.

He needs removing as well his gross ideas from Australia and the rest of the world.

I hope you burn to death Darrin, I know many that would help string you up.

Two infiltrators on the same Militant Jewish Forum at the same time. Strange hey? Hodges was there pushing the barrow for the Australian Protectionists Party. A Party trying to copy the BNP. Well one mans version of it. It would seem that the head of the Australian KKK had no problems about outing a Nazi on a Militant Jewish Forum. But it had to be done. At this time Darrin Hodges was fighting off claims from this blog and members of Australia First that he was a Zionist Christian.

Before the advent of the Australian Protectionist Party Darrin Hodges had become frustrated at the leadership or should we say the direction the Australia First Party was taking. So did a few others. For different reasons. Hodges felt it wasn't vocal enough on the issue of Islam and it was too Anti Semitic. It didn't matter to him that the Party was taking a stand against the problems created in this country by Islamic immigration. What mattered was that the Party was also taking a stand against Zionist Imperialism. That made them all "Nazis" and that is just bad PR.

Along with his fellow pro Israel friends Hodges with partial or full consent from the Leadership at APP published lies and innuendo on personal blogs and on the APP forum. Constantly calling Australia First Party members "Nazis" "Arabs" and Pro Islam. He attacked others also. He attacked and labeled anyone who criticized Israel no matter what country they are from.

He along with other members such as Luke Connors up until the end of 2007 had sung a different tune. In an attempt to gain support they often said many things that would lead anyone to believe they are aware of the Zionist Dominated Western Nations of the world. Both would criticize Israel and or Zionism over different reasons. Hell Hodges even questioned the Holocaust. Certainly sucked a few in.

Hodges himself at the Sydney Forum in 2007 was questioned by a QLD White Nationalist in front of witnesses about rumors of him being a Christian Zionist he answered. "I am a National Socialist".

You see folks these supporters of Zionism bluffed many into thinking that staying silent on issues around Israel and Zionism was nothing more than a tactic. It was mentioned by these same people that it was a tactic employed by the BNP and should be adopted by Australia First back in 2007/2008. When Australia First dismissed this tactic it created the splinter group Australian Protectionist Party.

So when does a tactic turn into policy? It was stated back in 2007 that it was wrong to mislead the public on issues that they may find difficult to understand. Yet no one was saying that Anti Zionism was a platform that they should push to the front. Every one knows that we have many other pressing issues to fight. Bread and butter issues is what needs to be addressed NOW.

To be a White Nationalist Party you must behave like a White Nationalist Party or you are just as bad as the Bastards you are trying to replace. People, these types are not talking about turning down the rhetoric here. They are talking about supporting a State and a Religion that many feel is responsible for many of the worlds problems.

Lets sum it up. The people above are responsible for rumors and infighting the splintering of Australian Patriotic groups. They are aware of or have passed on personal details of WN to the Fascist Anti Fa. They have attempted to take over an Australian White Nationalist Party with the consent of Australian BNP supporters so they can run their version of the BNP as they see it.

They have denied being Pro Zionist saying its only a tactic when in fact the true tactic is the opposite. They attack and criticize White Nationalism yet still recruit from forums such as Storm Front. Or as Darrin Hodges calls it "Scum Front". They use terms such as "Nazi" to smear hard working Politically active White Nationals in the same manner as the Zionist run State media and the Zionist controlled Anti Racist/ Fascist Anti Fascist NGO's. They use the very real threat of Islam as a cover to recruit White Nationals to their Pro Israel cause. They have lied about their true intentions and have worked with the media by handing over personal info on Australian Activists. It is as we predicted over a year ago. With the demise of the Fascist Anti Fascists the media will use the Australian Protectionists more to the point Darrin Hodges to attack and weaken the struggle.

All along many of us have been aware of what is going on behind the scenes. We knew that these people are simply trying to mimic the BNP. To be truthful I still have no idea what the BNP are doing? Maybe APP don't either.

But why do they persist in involving themselves in Australian White Nationalism? Why do the same types in other White Countries hijack our movement to further the cause of Zionism or the Jewish Guilt industry? Cant they just go their separate way and leave the rest of us well alone? Why are they hell bent on slowing or putting up obstacles for real White Nationalists? Why do they still involve themselves in something they clearly do not belong to?

The answer is simple. They need us. As they needed us to provoke sympathy for the poor Jew in the past by infiltrating our groups and making us all look like monsters. They now need us to attack the new threat they have created, Islam. They want our message boards to be full of Anti Islamic rhetoric. They need us so they can with the help of other Western Governments attack more Sovereign Nations like Afghanistan or Iraq. They need us to stop pointing out the hypocrisy of Israel and the threat from Zionist Imperialism. They need us to clash with Muslim groups in the streets so the public doesn't feel so bad when one of our soldiers is killed fighting some backward goat herder with a AK47 in Afghanistan. These same streets Zionist sponsored Bnai Brith agents filled with Islamic refugees in the first place.

Its time we had a clearly defined line between White Nationalism and Kosher Nationalism. White Nationalists must set the example for everyone else and free ourselves from Zionist influence. This is a battle for our culture and people. If we cant win that on our own then we have bigger problems.

The thing is once we free ourselves from these types the struggle will become much easier. We have been fighting with one hand tied behind our back for far to long. For every step we take forward the enemy has already dragged us back two steps.

How many times of late have you heard things like "oh just ignore what Israel does its not our concern". Only to later find out that person who said that is a Pro Israeli. What about "yeah let Israel nuke those bastards". Only to find out that the person who said it is a Kosher Nazi? But hey they know how to abuse "Niggers" or "Gooks". Look the last thing this lot will have any of us do is send the Muslim immigrants back to what ever country they came from. Israel has spent a lot of time and our blood moving them here.

We need to speak out about them using well placed agents with in our groups that distort our true message. Our people are being stitched up for crimes that have been thought up by the same people who then sit in judgment over us. Once our Family unit is weakened they then take our children and send them off to places to kill people who have never even heard of this Great country called Australia. We are then force by our oppressors and occupiers to accept the displaced people we just blew the crap out of.

Its like this folks. The Zionist hold all the cards. They control the debate on the Left and the Right. The Left is so bloody stupid they can have them. But the Right side our side should be a Zionist free zone.

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Anonymous said...

The Kosher Whitey's don't want to be Duncical DhimmWits, but appear have the urge and need to cede everything in becoming Kneeling Noachidiots.

PopCorn for Brains...that if, were dynamite........etc

Areas of the MiddleEastern battlefields might eventually be populated with the White Crosses of European derived dead, minus their valuables, which would eventually be bulldozed to make way for more settlements and communal latrines of the SelfChosen. The religious imperative is that the very memory and earthy existence of "Amelek" (that's us Goys and Shiksas) be expunged.

Our communities are targetted for destruction by these people via the BnaiBrith and their immigration advcocay, protected by the disguise of "hate law" pained wails of "racism" and "bigotry" if we object. This, despite the fact that the very slippery ideas by which the Jews identify being in themselves codified, canned and concentrated racial hatred of the the most malevolent kind that is taught to their littlest of Yiddies when most vulnerable.
Read Hoffman's Judaism Discovered.
They're Nutz folks.

Anonymous said...

Nice work Mr White Law. I noticed on SF that a certain APP member has publicly stated that ignoring Zionism is just a tactic. So much for keeping it secret. Who are they trying to fool?

Anonymous said...

Whereas King Edward 1 of England apparently regarded the Jews as his property, likely only for the purposes of taxing the proceeds of their usury and of minimising damage to his own people, it seems that the Kosher Nationalists and the Dhimmigration policies of the UK are the ideological property of the Jew. 30 Pieces comes to mind.

Why can't they get the fact that Zionism demands the racial deconstruction, or "diasporisation" of all Gentile communities as a precursor to the imposition of Noachide Law. What weaponry have the Islamists got other than immigration and population growth while in the UK at the behest of the Zionist BnaiBrith Jews, and military hardware given to them by the Jews that were likely designed and engineered by Whitey's for self defensive purposes?

The Cross of St George and the Magen David are like Water and Oil. The Davidic Oil eventually makes inert, putrescent and lifeless the earthly environment of the rest of us.

But it certainly is trendy today to have them close to each other like Besties...The problem for George is that the Judas will always do what it has always done. .....Betray George's trust when George is distracted and serves Judas no further purpose. Ever noticed that David's shield is always slightly to the rear and side of George's ? Is St George a Hostage to the Jews and their "Zionism" ?

Anonymous said...

Hmm fair call.Re chat rooms.They're tagged. Yes 2 Days after joining ANN I receive a phone call looking for a certain Mr David Innes.....makes you wonder who the traitors are?.....All chat rooms are a waste of time.

Anonymous said...

Fair post.All chat rooms are police tagged & theirfore a waste of time.

Whitelaw Towers said...

"Hmm fair call.Re chat rooms.They're tagged. Yes 2 Days after joining ANN I receive a phone call looking for a certain Mr David Innes.....makes you wonder who the traitors are?.....All chat rooms are a waste of time."

Please explain? Are you calling the ANN people traitors? If so you are deluded. Seems we have attracted a few strange comments of late.

Anonymous said...

Not saying ANN are traitors...delusional?? you sure are. ANN is police tagged but you already knew this? Strange ...yes you guys are....Keep supporting a non white Saleam & maybe you'll get a bullet in the head ......The Tempe bunker will repeat.

Whitelaw Towers said...

Well my little friend I will be in Sydney next weekend for the forum. If you wish take a shot then it would be your best opportunity. Seeing as you are in Sydney and all.

Oh we know who you are at ANN now so thanks. Not very NS of you now is it. Good to see a NS guy standing up for Zionist supporters.

I will call this one. TROLL! Now is it APP or the Anti fa? Does it matter?

Anonymous said...


John Ray, "ZionTart", says the EDL originates with himself and some others.

The Knaves Exemplar guff suggests they are possibly Judasic Masons and Noachides in waiting.

Their focus is exclusively on the ideas of Islam, and have little concern for the racial adulteration of the UK.

They appear to be aligned with the Pharisees as was Judas Iscariot, but claim or feign to be disciples of the Christ, as did the notional Judas Iscariot.

Something smells....really, really badly.