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British National Front News.

With all the noise that surrounds the BNP I thought it was time to keep our readers up to date with Britain's Foremost White Nationalist Political Party in the UK. I do not intend on taking anything away from the good work done by the BNP, but to be brutally honest this writer is a White Nationalist not a Civic Patriot.


As we head towards a major event in the Annual National Front calendar – the Remembrance Day march on Sunday, November 8th, I ask the question – where does the NF go form here? In 2009, the National Front made rapid strides forward both organisationally and in propaganda terms. The NF as a small group has long gone and the NF as a potentially mass political movement is dawning. We must pause awhile and pay tribute to those Comrades who have kept the flame burning when many thought the NF had reached the end of its days, in particular Comrades such as Tom Holmes and Norman Tomkinson who never gave up the idea that is the National Front. Others have also battled against the odds to keep the Front alive and resurgent include new Deputy Chairman, Ian Edwards who stands out in this struggle.
We now have a growing range of propaganda weapons in the form of a new monthly paper; a new and improved website and much more. On the organisational side many areas of the country which have been dormant for years are now reactivating with both new people and veterans returning to the colours.

The National Front, since its inception 42 years ago in 1967 has gone through the apexes and nadirs of a unique political MOVEMENT which has always stood aside from the old party gang and considered itself and still considers itself at war with the rotten corrupt Westminster system. We will never become part of it and our only reason to enter it would bring this corrupt liberal multi-racial edifice to an end to be replaced by a true NF government of National Unity.
In a time when to speak the truth over some subjects – especially Race – is illegal, then still to speak is a revolutionary act – and that places the
NF as a truly revolutionary and radical movement.

At the same time, we must always remember that the
National Front is a ‘broad church’ movement and its membership reflects many varied views across the British Nationalist spectrum. As long as NF members subscribe to the basic tenets of White racial-nationalism then we encourage free and open debate – far more than any party – large or small and which are usually dominated by petty tyrants. Tyrants who will rid themselves of any opposition to ensure the continuance of their own power. Opposed to this is the fact that the National Front is devoid of this tyranny – the Movement itself is its own leader and contains an internal dynamism that will ensure forever its existence.

Ensuring its existence is one thing – what we must now ensure is its return from being a small party back into being the mass party which we were in the 1970’s. The biggest Nationalist party in British history!

For me there is no easy solution. We have some great cards to play.
The former main Nationalist group in Britain is transforming itself into a multi-racial party and we welcome its better and more principled members into our ranks. We also have a name which is a household one. Wherever you go and whomever you speak to – everyone already knows the name of the National Front.

Which way the NF? I would say there is only one answer – HARD WORK! When you join the NF then you should be prepared – in a situation where the
NF is now the ONLY party working for the White people of Britain and their very existence as a race – to give your all. Everyone, no matter what their circumstances can give something – even if you cannot march openly as our many new young activists then there are many other ways to support the NF.

We must not put all our eggs in the electoral basket. Yes, we should stand candidates in the 2010 May council elections and we will be fielding a number of candidates in the next General Election – that is DEFINITE – but we are also aware of the urgent need to take back the streets, factories, council estates and schools and universities of Britain back from those with their alien ideas who now have control of them.
For those who talk of Nationalist ‘unity’, let them remember that the National Front was founded as a party of Unity and still is – so if you want real unity then the NF is the only option.
Now is the time to make that step and become an effective White Nationalist and join the Movement of Frontfighters –
the National Front, the vanguard of White Nationalism in Great Britain!

Group raps playground 'race police'
An estimated 250,000 racist incidents have been reported in schools since 2002, but the requirement "wastes teachers' time," a report claims.

According to civil liberties organisation The Manifesto Group, young children are being branded racist before they even know what the term means - and playground spats are being turned into full-blown racial incidents.

Teachers are also being made to operate with the attitude of police officers, filling in forms about name-calling and jokes, it said.

Under the Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000, schools in England and Wales have to report "racist incidents" to local authorities.

The Manifesto Group report - entitled The Myth of Racist Kids - said of 5,000 incidents in Yorkshire schools in 2006/07, the majority were in primary schools. In Essex, most reported incidents involved children between the ages of nine and 11.

Birmingham's education authority saw the number of incidents almost double to 1,606 between 2002/03 and 2008/09, while east London saw an increase from 584 reported incidents in 2002/3, to 881 in 2007/08.

Report author Adrian Hart said: "The obligation on schools to report these incidents wastes teachers' time, interferes in children's space in the playground, and undermines teachers' ability to deal with problems in their classrooms.

"Worse, such anti-racist policies can create divisions where none had existed, by turning everyday playground spats into 'race issues'.

"There are a small number of cases of sustained targeted bullying, and schools certainly need to deal with those. But most of these 'racist incidents' are just kids falling out. They don't need re-educating out of their prejudice - they and their teachers need to be left alone."

MPs' expenses: Reasonable proposals, unreasonable response

A leak of the recommendations to be made by Sir Christopher Kelly for reforming the system of MPs' allowances has been greeted with predictable howls of outrage from some at Westminster.

Why? Is it unreasonable to suggest that MPs should not employ family members at taxpayers' expense?

Is it unfair no longer to reimburse the mortgage interest payments which allow MPs to purchase another property, furnish it by declaring it a second home and then sell it at a profit, tax-free, by telling the taxman it is their principal residence?

Far from complaining, MPs should be asking themselves how such a system came to be devised in the first place. Nobody forced them to stand for office; yet they developed an unwarranted sense of entitlement that encouraged greed and dishonesty.

To try to defend these arrangements, as some do, on the grounds that MPs are uniquely inconvenienced by having to represent a constituency while spending part of the week at the Commons is to miss the point.

No one is suggesting that MPs should be out of pocket. If they live a long way from London, then they should be able to claim a reasonable allowance for the cost of staying in the capital. Nor is it being suggested they should have no secretarial help.

However, the fact that some 200 MPs employ a family member shows how this became a way of filling household coffers, notwithstanding the sterling work by many spouses.

It is also right that an MP whose constituency is within commuting distance of Westminster – say an hour's train ride – should not be allowed to claim a second home allowance. Many voters have to make such a journey every day of the working week throughout the year, whereas MPs from outside the capital need only be in London for three or four nights a week, during just over half of the year. Many people travelling into London early in the morning and returning late at night would love to have
a second home bought for them. The fact is that MPs created a nice little earner for themselves and many, though by no means all, were caught abusing it.

While the Kelly report looks forward, the outcome of Sir Thomas Legg's review of past expenses remains unsatisfactory.

Some MPs have to repay sums for gardening and cleaning, but others who made substantial amounts from "flipping" their houses are not expected to pay back anything. The only way this matter can be settled is for HM Revenue & Customs to instigate an inquiry into all MPs and to reclaim any money that is owed.

Most people will find the Kelly proposals reasonable. It is a sad reflection on our parliamentarians that so many of them still feel they are the victims of an injustice.


The Northants NF organiser has asked NF News to point out their new email address which is


Maidstone NF were out on the streets on Thursday October 29th selling copies of the October edition of Britain First. As the paper improves in size and quality, we can expect to see more sales teams out on the streets.


The newly formed East Sussex National Front has started activities with leafleting taking place in and around Hove, Brighton and Worthing. Enquiries from that area are picking up and it is expected that in the New Year, the first meeting may be held.

ROAD TO VALHALLA by Prussian Blue

“There is a road and it leads to Valhalla Where only the Chosen are allowed. There is a boy with a dream of Valhalla, A place in the land of the Gods. But in the heart, where the fire burns forever, Where life goes on for those who fell in battle, The Gods are waiting for the moment he falls in the fight, And he will rise when the sun goes down.

He raised high his sword, as he cried out “Valhalla!” His dream had become reality. Tonight he will dine, on the road to Valhalla, Chosen to feast with the Gods. But in the heart, where the fire burns forever, Where life goes on for the might young Viking, The journey has finally come to and end, for the boy. And he has risen as the bravest of them all.”


Because of the increased numbers attending, the NF need desperately for everyone who can to bring along a flag. The police have stipulated there can be no political banners or flags but the following (WITH POLES!) are acceptable:

Union Flags

St.Andrews Flag

Ulster Flag

Welsh Flag (Dragon/Cross of Saint David)

St.George's Flag

The flag party needs to be a big as possible and a DVD is being filmed of the event - so if you are coming PLEASE make every effort to acquire a flag!

Here's some ONLINE buying places

Don’t forget a pole!!!!


Interactive CD-Rom magazine of the National Front

24 pages of interaction - graphics - videos - music - articles

Price £3.00 including postage and packing
Annual subscription - four issues £12.00 inclusive

Make Cheques/PO's out to "Britain First"
PO Box 282,
Leeds LS16 OEA
More information HERE


John Tyndall speaks at BNP Bradford meeting in 1991 is now available for £7.00 including postage HERE. Other DVD’s also available – great and growing collection…..


Yorkshire NF Yuletide social on Saturday 12th December in Leeds is booked. Raffle – Grand Yuletide Quiz – Buffet – Music – Live events….tickets £4.00 post free in advance. £5 on the door. Order from PO Box 282, Leeds LS16 OEA (Cheques/PO’s to “Britain First”)

BRITAIN FIRST No.6 November “Remembrance Day” issue

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50p per copy
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Please make Cheque/PO to "Britain First"
For fuller details click HERE


This is to remind ALL British Nationalists that YOU are invited to march with the National Front on Sunday 8th November 2009. The march should commence in the Victoria area and proceed to the Cenotaph for the wreath laying ceremony to honour Britain's war dead of all past conflicts and current ones. This will be followed by a short rally and a social get together. Assemble 2pm. March off 2.30pm
A special Remembrance issue of "Britain First" (the new official monthly paper of the NF) will be available.

The NF has been marching every November for over forty years. Last year, 270 Nationalists marched with the NF through London to the Mall. This year the NF wants to see over 500 in the biggest march for many years. Remember it is less than two months off - so start making your plans now! No matter what patriotic group you are in, you are more then welcome to march with the Frontfighters of the NF in this most significant of all days...remember our boys who died at Paschendale, The Somme, Ulster and who are still fighting and dying in Iraq and Afghanistan – no win wars but still our troops MUST be honoured. Be there on the 8th of November and in the future you will be able to say “I marched with the Front that day”.

WLT Recommended White Nationalist Political Groups for Australia and New Zealand.

Australia First Party

New Zealand National Front

Support our people and help by joining the struggle.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Muslim cleric sends hate mail to families of dead diggers

Australia Calling

A Muslim cleric, Mufti Sheik Haron, has been sending hate mail to the widows and parents of Australian soldiers killed in Afghanistan. He has told them that their sons were murderers and he was glad that they were dead. Another example of the 'enrichment' that comes from non-white immigration and multiculturalism. Are you angry enough to fight yet, white man?
Click HERE to listen.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Gassed Six Times In Auschwitz, Dachau Eight Times More...

Hey, don't laugh, it's a damn fine business plan.
You make a claim that can never, indeed must never, be independently investigated and verified.
Your word is l.a.w. LAW.
Your children and grandchildren etc, stretching off beyond the vanishing point into eternity, (Remember: "Never Forget!") are eligible for ongoing 'compensation' for your alleged losses and suffering, possibly the only time in Human and Legal history that damages can be claimed for an intergenerational neurosis indefinately, your fellow people construct tacky theme parks filled with garish displays and telling lurid stories to add weight to your fantastic claims, you lobby and bribe and blackmail every official at every level of government until they are totally owned by you and terrified of your power, you then orchestrate the implementation of Draconian legislation to crush any dissenters, you have an almost unchallneged influence on the educational curriculum that makes attendance of your theme parks compulsory and the reading of your accounts mandatory and then you never, ever, ever stop whining for a milisecond about your suffering and misery, despite the fact that you occupy the top percentile of the wealthiest people in virtually every nation on Earth and control virtually all the banks and all the media but yet, it's a miracle, you are STILL the greatest victim to ever walk the planet.
A licence to print money?
It's BRILLIANT! know what?
It's never enough...

There is no business like Shoah business there's no business I know..

Video detailing the merits of a lawsuit filed in Florida Circuit Court against Steven Spielberg, Irene Weisberg Zisblatt, as well as others.

Rhymes with *unt

National Frunt...

From our comments section:

National Frunt said...
"actually that stuff about doctors and lawyers was a comment on what Jason Orme said in the video clip we at Nfrunt are actu8ally bogans from Christchurch, and we hate yuppies almost as much as we hate white power scum like you"
11:20 AM

'bogans' eh? Now, that's a strange term for a Kiwi to use seeing as it's very much a Victorian epithet. We tend to call them 'Westies' here on the East Coast of Australia. So do we assume this is your claimed excuse for your apparent illiteracy? That's not very fair to intelligent, self educated Working Class Folk like us, now is it? Or is it the fact that we picked you Red Scum as the phonies you are, straight up, just like a dirty nose so you are now attempting to pass yourselves off as Proles?
Believe us, you really don't need to try and 'dumb' yourselves 'down' for our benefit. We reckon we'll stick by our original assessment. It's a fair bet none of you have done a hard day's work in your lives and that you're all drug addled losers still sponging off your parents as well as sucking on the teat of social welfare.
You think you know all about life and society's problems? Pal, you don't know you're alive. Look in the mirror. The problem is you. Self indulgent twats who, when you're not down the skate park or 'hangin' at the mall', are sitting around in your bedrooms all day, sniffing your own farts and masturbating over your keyboard. Get a clue pal and then go get a life but don't blame us for your snotty nosed 'problems'.
It's funny though how you refer to us as 'scum' when it's already painfully apparent you're talentless swill of the lowest order. Also, why IS it that your lot always use that term 'White Power'? The only time you'll ever find that term, the same as 'White Supremacist', anywhere on THIS site is when it's included in a quote from YOUR side.
We know it's a waste of our time and energy but, what the heck, it's a quiet day, for your elucidation the terms we use are White Pride and White Separatist. See if you can find the 'hatred' and 'Racism' in those terms.
Yeah, we know, you WILL...

What’s in a word?

Well, we’ve had ‘Illegal Immigrant’ and ‘Asylum Seeker’ and ‘Refugee’ and ‘Boat Person’ but none of them were quite anaemic, vague or misleading enough for the Red Left, so in their never ending quest to minimise the perception of the destructive effects of illegal immigration they have invented yet another new term.

Yes Folks, the latest, lame arse, apologist term from the lexicon of insipid liberalism is, wait for it, ‘Undocumented Migrants’.

This totally bogus label is quite deliberately misleading from the start. It already assumes the person is some form of ‘migrant’. It’s there in the term itself.

Well, this got the Folk here at Whitelaw Towers to thinking about some other terms we could apply that word ‘Undocumented’ to.

So, to the cries of “No one is illegal!” here are a few other instances where this term might apply.

Disqualified Car Drivers are no longer ‘Unlicenced’.
They are merely ‘Undocumented’.

Defective or Non Registered Vehicles are no longer ‘Unregistered’.
They are merely ‘Undocumented’.

Gun toting gangsters are no longer ‘Criminal Unlicenced Firearm Holders’.
They are merely ‘Undocumented’.

Fake or struck off Doctors are no longer ‘Unlicenced Medical Practitioners’.
They are merely ‘Undocumented’.

Phoney University Professors falsely claiming credentials like Degrees or Diplomas are no longer ‘Illegal Charlatans’.
They are merely ‘Undocumented’.

Vicious, stray dogs are no longer ‘Dangerous and Unregistered Animals’.
They are merely ‘Undocumented’.

A totally unqualified person piloting a Boeing 747 Jet Airliner is no longer ‘one highly dangerous muthaphucker who needs locking up’.
He’s merely…
...yep… guessed it…

'This Is Oz'. Oh, REALLY?

Well, it’s certainly not the Australia that I have come to know and love. It’s more like something from the ‘Wizard of Oz’ Hollywood movie. If these creatures truly believe they are being unfairly discriminated against in Australia then how would they cope with life in Islamic Nations or any number of other less ‘enlightened’ and civilised countries?

It’s all so tiresomely typical of the bogus line taken by all these so-called minority groups who demand ‘equality’ while simultaneously claiming to be ‘special’. They are so selfish and childishly immature they are blissfully unaware of their own gross hypocrisy. Possibly it is another symptom the so-called ‘Me’ generation. We’ve all seen and heard them, you know the types, drama queens so infatuated by their own inflated sense of importance, yet deep down self loathing, they will cross the road to be insulted, thereby, in their own tiny minds ‘justifying’ their original contrived outrage.

The ‘difference’ and ‘diversity’ argument is a deliberate decoy, a red herring. What this issue is really all about is not an innocent and simple demand on their part for fair and equal treatment but rather a demand they be afforded special deferential treatment and that the sovereign rights of others to reject them be extinguished and such behaviour be punishable by law. So who are the real ‘oppressors’ and ‘elitists’ here? It’s strange they refuse to show the maturity and tolerance they demand of others.

Just as the Khazars promote their own victim-hood they have bestowed this phoney privilege on all other so-called minority groups operating within our society as part of the entire Multiculturalism package deal. The entire ‘rainbow’ and ‘patchwork quilt’ design of the ‘model society’ these misfits wish to impose on us is doomed to failure from the start. It has serious inbuilt redundancy. The fabric of a patchwork quilt, unlike that of a natural, whole and homogenous material, can be easily ripped apart, splitting along the stitching between the various panels. These inbuilt fault-lines are a deliberate feature of the design intended to enable the manipulators easier control over the various fractured elements in the society.

Anyway, don’t these fools realise that Australia has always been ‘diverse’? It has always had its freaks and clowns and interlopers. It’s just that normal, healthy, functioning societies everywhere, the World over, set limits on acceptable public behaviour and that every society has the right to cultural sovereignty. In other words, while all societies are, by their very nature, largely ‘inclusive’ they do have the right to be ‘exclusive’ of anything deemed negative or harmful to the majority. This does not, ipso facto, mean that unfair discrimination and persecution follows. It simply means that the minority is put in its place and is bound to behave itself within the expectations of the prevailing culture.

In fact, it is amazing just how tolerant White Western societies, particularly Australia, are to all types of aberrant behaviour, often to our own detriment. Despite the way our enemies typify most White Folk as intolerant, hateful bigots we are, as a people, innately decent, friendly, trusting and empathic. We are creative, hard working, slow to anger, staunch in the face of adversity and generous to a fault. It is our own good nature that puts us at such a disadvantage because our enemies exploit this feature as a weakness.

As a people we have refined our behaviour and manners to the point where we are so far ahead of the brutal ignorance of the more primitive Races that we simply no longer know how to be appropriately aggressive, even in our own defence. It’s about time, rather than being constantly on the defensive against the barrage of vilification, that we demand our image be rehabilitated and that we are afforded the respect long overdue to us.

If we find the life choices and behaviour of these ‘minorities’ repugnant then we have the inalienable and sovereign right to choose to reject and shun them and to voice our disgust at them and their toxic effect upon normal, mainstream society. In fact, we would not be good, responsible citizens if we did not point out and criticise individuals who quite deliberately flaunt their destructively perverse ideas and behaviour that undermines the health and security of our society.

In the end, there is no law on this Earth that can force anyone to respect anyone else let alone like or love someone else whose ethics, lifestyle, morality, personality or politics are anathema to them. The Marxist social engineers can legislate all they like, but until their mind scanners can read our every thought, they can’t get inside our heads or our hearts and stop us defending the moral integrity of our Race and Culture.

WLT QLD ED note.

Here is the site

Here are the sponsors.

ACON (NSW’s leading GLBT health promotion agency), Lesbian and Gay Anti-Violence Project, City of Sydney, NSW Police Force, NSW Attorney General’s Department, Anti-Violence Project of Victoria, NSW Young Lawyers Human Rights Committee (Same-Sex and Anti-Discrimination Working Groups), Amnesty International Australia NSW LGBTQ Network, Diversity Council Australia, Twenty10, NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby, National LGBT Health Alliance, Metropolitan Community Church Sydney, The Gender Centre, Highschoolers Against Homophobia and others.

Comment from the National Alliance Folk on NZed Flag day.

Greetings Friends and Comrades

We have great news for this report. For the first time ever there was no organised Left Wing counter protest. There was the odd crazy punk wondering around, but it was pointless for them. Also for the first time ever we marched through the streets of the CBD in Wellington.We walked to a mall and got to mingle with members of the public and finally got to present the actual message instead of it being blurred by the opposition. We handed out hundreds of flyers and the Unity for our movement was increased. We heard latter that the reason the Left never showed is that Asher Goldman (the Zionist Anarcho-Comie) has become too paranoid as a result of his Depression and other mental disorders.

The Media seemed to be less interested since the Left didn’t show up. They instead focused the last few days on Kyle Chapman and the Right Wing Resistance. The Dominion did its usual Left Wing Stance and tried to get in early with negative articles and then presented a report about a fence being painted as though our people had done it, even though it was obvious to anyone that the Red Punks had been responsible.

We have had many new people join the news letter since the last one. We welcome them all.

The Right Wing Resistance has now created their own Blogger Site to inform people about what they are actually doing. We encourage people to check it out.

As always we encourage feed back and would like to invite people to continue with their donations. We have a new Bank Account now so please email us when you are donating and we will send you the new account.

Nationalist Alliance

New Kiwi Blog. Right Wing Resistance

Yes folks things are coming along nicely for our comrades in New Zealand. Staff at WLT send out a big hello to the good people of the Right Wing Resistance. Drop in and say hello HERE

Crikey this one will get the little Zionists on the left tugging at their hair. Not to mention Australia's own Zioanarchist @ndy.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

We’re Alive!

“Is it the look in my eyes that scares you to death or the fact I’m so real?” Max Resist

You know there’s an old saying, particularly in certain political circles, that goes something like “The worse things get the better they are (for us).” And you know what? Those words have never been as true as in the last year or so. With apologies to the late, great Mark Twain we’d like to say that the rumours of our death have been greatly exaggerated. Over the past five or six years our enemies of the Khazar sponsored Red Left have penned a lengthy series of premature obituaries. In fact we’ve been written off more often than Mathew Henderson-Hau aka ‘Darp’ has had colonic irrigation and scrotal depilation, and that’s saying something Folks.

But the Great Aryan Spirit is certainly still alive. It’s been battered and beaten down and ground into the dirt but it still refuses to die. It is a massive credit to our Folk that, despite all the cowards, losers and traitors of our Race aiding and abetting our mortal enemies, the noble spark of White European genius and creativity is still with us. Remember folks, even the greatest conflagration, the mightiest, sweeping, raging firestorm, starts with only one, little spark!

Even the mightiest and most dedicated of warriors can despair at the seeming lack of progress in a long and hard fought campaign and the fear of failure is ever present but what marks our White Nationalist warriors apart as particularly resilient is their staunch refusal to surrender despite the ceaseless barrage of media lies, harassment, blackmail, vilification, stalking, phone tapping, computer hacking and constant, both covert and intrusive, criminal surveillance by our ZOG sponsored adversaries.

But, you know, our enemies have made the greatest and most fatal mistake any opponent can ever make and this will seal their doom. They have not only underestimated the sheer degree of our resolve but have so comprehensively overplayed their hand that they are now virtually out of ammo. They have smashed the walnut to a pulp with their sledgehammer yet still we are here. It must drive them absolutely crazy! You see, when you leave an enemy with no options, as they have with us, then you are faced with someone desperately fighting for their very existence and most importantly of all, with little or nothing left to lose on a purely selfish and personal level.

All true warriors already know this. We made that choice. When you join up for the War of Racial Survival you are already dead. In effect, let's face it, we are all Dead Men walking, having already laid our lives down for our children and all the future generations of, yet unborn, White Folk. We are merely links in the chain. But they can only kill you once and it has to be done quite carefully and cleverly so as not to make martyrs of us so all the pressure is actually on them.
Seriously Folks, just how many more clumsy Mossad 'car crashes' can they have before even the dullest of the Lemmings starts to ask questions?

As they say in the classics, we’re in this for the species!

And a final message?

Never, ever, EVER, let the bastards grind you down!

David Duke comments on Nick Griffin.

I must say I agree with David Duke completely.

I do think that Nick will get some sympathy for the ambush on him at the BBC, but I don’t think that such is the best scenario. I would much rather be reading media attacks how “effective he is for his terrible ideas,” etc.

The show was a setup from the beginning. A trap. The way you defeat such a trap is to expose it. You don’t clap for an African American woman who is essentially saying that you are an ignorant fool. You don’t remain silent as the moderator goes to person after person, each saying outrageous things about you.

You Stop everything, stand up and you expose to the viewing audience that this is a con job from the beginning. When they let people in the audience supposedly ask questions that are just attacks, you demand to answer those questions, one at time, and respond to them. You may defend yourself and correct inaccuracies, but then you immediately go on the attack righteously.

Such as, to the attack of being a racist you might say, ” I am no racist for simply defending my heritage, but you are the true racist for trying to destroy my heritage in my own homeland. You are the racist with your so-called affirmative discrimination that racially discriminates against Britons in jobs and promotions and scholarships and the like. You are the racist in constantly attacking White people for colonialism and racism, but then support the Third World colonization of Britain. You are the racist for creating a situation where tens of thousands of innocent Britons are now victims of crime and violence.”

Or, he might say:

“You keep saying that I represent hate, or am motivated by hatred. Look at the sneering and vicious character of my opponents and you will see the real hate. I am motivated by a deep love of Britain and the wonderful heritage of the English, and Welsh, and Scots, and Irish that built the nation that has given the world so much literature, science, art and beauty!”

You don’t keep your head down in your notes, but hold your head up high, unflinching amidst the attacks on you, and then demand the right to respond to the nasty attacks on you character.

You don’t weasel, you go on the attack, not in a nasty, gratuitous way, but in a forthright way. Such as,

“Mr. Straw, you talk of your Jewish heritage and lineage and you ardently support the Israeli terrorist, apartheid state. Why do you support Israel as a Jewish State, support their terrorist suppression of the Palestinian indigenous people, but then try to destroy the heritage of Britain and the British people? Why are you so much for preserving Jewish heritage but so opposed to preserving British heritage?”

Nick said some good things in pointing out that unlike Straw he opposed the Iraq war, but then ruined it all by supporting the Zionist murder in Gaza! He should have stuck the rhetorical knife in Straw and pointed out that he did not speak out forcefully against the Israeli mass murder and maiming in Gaza. Of course, how could he, because he had already tried to ingratiate himself with the Jewish extremists by defending their murder in Gaza.

If he would have done things, been more aggressive in his defense, stood up from his chair, and showed the hypocrisy of his enemies, the show, despite its trap, would have been a great victory.

For instance, why didn’t he point out to the attacking audience, that there are thousands of organizations in Britain which specifically support non-Whites and the non-White social and political agenda, and many are supported by the government. Many of them openly proclaim that they are activists for the interests of their group, so how dare they say that Britain can’t even have one party that defends the founding people of Britain. What hypocrisy!

“You are right,” he could say, “we have a real problem with racism in Britain, racism against the people who created and sustain this great country!”

I wish Nick Griffin the best of luck, but I hope that he will learn how to play the hardball one must play when combating these hypocrites. If so, he will move from the EU Parlament to #10 Downing Street.

Just a few notes for you…

David Duke

New Zealand Flag Day Rally Unites Kiwi And Australian Nationalists

Flag Day in New Zealand has once again deepened the ANZAC bonds between Australian and New Zealand nationalists.

All up, some 50 activists were present in Wellington on Saturday, October 24, to mark the sixth annual Flag Day. Flag Day was also celebrated in Christchurch, where some 20 (mainly) young New Zealand nationalists demonstrated in the city centre.

Three Australians participated in the Flag Day march and demonstration in Wellington. As in 2008, an Australian nationalist also addressed the marchers and the crowd.

Flag Day has been held since 2004 to remind Kiwis of their heritage now under full challenge by mass immigration and multiculturalism. Flag Day was initiated in 2004 at a significant moment when Chinese imperialism began raising its ugly Dragon-head over New Zealand’s economy and politics. It has now become a fixture and the day that unites many patriots who travel from across the country to attend. They show the Kiwi spirit is far from defeated and that the struggle for New Zealand freedom will only grow.

A day of successful action ….

The main event was organised by the redoubtable Wellington branch of the National Front (NF). The NF provided the organizational effort that made the day possible.

The demonstration assembled at the Cenotaph in central Wellington. Here the group honoured New Zealand’s sacred dead. From there, the participants marched to the Seddon Statue outside the National Parliament where up to 20 New Zealand Flags were held aloft. The first national flag of New Zealand from the years 1834-40 was also carried for the first time at Flag Day. This red, white and blue flag is also called the United Tribes Flag, since British officials proposed it to the Maori chiefs who warmly embraced it and to this day, some Maoris still revere it. The Australians, to mark their ANZAC links with the Kiwi patriots, flew the Australian National Flag and the Eureka Flag.

Speeches were given which noted the history of the National Flag, the first flag of New Zealand too and the need for the retention of the ANZAC link. It was noted by speakers that this year’s Flag Day was not opposed by the usual anarchist and ‘anti-racist’ rabble, who traditionally turn out to taunt marchers, or try to assault them - and abuse the police. Although they informed media they opted to boycott the Day so as “not to give publicity” to the nationalists, the truth was different. The Wellington anarcho-underground is torn apart by the realisation that their leadership (sic) has duped them to be a street gang against the nationalists, whilst they maintain links with the Labour Party and other establishment forces. The shattering of Wellington’s so-called anarchist and ‘anti-racist’ movements is a gain for all. Indeed, Vince Stephens, Wellington NF organiser quipped:

“I feel totally let down by the opposition for not supporting our Flag Day – by turning up and acting as they do.”

From the Seddon Statue, a march then took place into the busier parts of the city where a further rally was conducted. Hundreds of leaflets were handed out to minimal objection and considerable interest.

Discussions to build unity …

The marchers returned to the Wellington railway station where they took a special charter-bus, back to a meeting area.

Here various discussions were held amongst and between the National Front, the Right-Wing Resistance (which provided many of the marchers) and certain youth groups. Kiwi leaders such as Col Ansell, Kyle Chapman, Steve Larsen and Vince Stephens talked over the issues in building the New Zealand nationalist movement.

At a meeting later in the day, all present resolved that the National Front will be the political party name that activists will strive to register for electoral purposes. The goal is to have the 500 members enrolled by the next Flag Day. The privileges of a registered party can only benefit the entire New Zealand movement.


What did the participants in Flag Day perceive they had achieved? One male activist said that it was a matter of demonstrating that there was “a future for our children’. A young woman said: “it is my first Flag Day; I just want to say who I am”. For another it was “about access to the people, not just a confrontation with those who oppose us, a real victory for Flag Day.”

The activists had come from Christchurch, Palmerston North, Hamilton, Auckland and Wanganui and other places; they were members of different groups, but all were New Zealanders. Their next task is to create a stronger nationalist movement in New Zealand.

Flag Day 2010…

Flag Day 2010 in Wellington promises to be a larger event. It will receive a delegation from the Australia First Party to the march and to a united meeting with speakers who will endorse the new phase of New Zealand nationalism which will be opened by the application to register National Front as a party. It may be the case too that Flag Day, held on Labour Weekend, will be advertised as a Day of Labour, a call for the ordinary Kiwi working person to achieve better than the false promises of globalisation.

As is clear, the Kiwi nationalists do not rest on their laurels. And the Australian nationalists will be there in support.

Source Australia First Queensland

Bogus N.F.

This is a post from a totally bogus ‘National Front’ site in New Zealand:

Friday, October 16, 2009
“Survive Club
Heres a video of us doing survive club training we are awesum aye? especially Jason "theres an air of stupidity out there" Orme hell we are lucky to have him ike it says in the video, we do have lots of members who are doctors lawyers accountants and respectable people. its just a shame that the only people who could come on the day were slightly dopey looking . .”

This is an excellent indicator of the puerile calibre of the enemies of White Nationalism and their bitter and twisted mentality of blind hatred. For creatures who push, ad nauseam, the claims that they not only hold the higher moral ground but that they are more intelligent than most they certainly resort to lowbrow and criminal tactics like ducks take to water. It seems to come so naturally for them.

The bit about the “doctors, lawyers, accountants and respectable people” (it's meant to be sarcastic) is very revealing of the mindset we have, here at Whitelaw Towers, become only too familiar with over the years. Follow the 'logic' of that line if you will. What it is saying is that if you are not a 'professional' (read: Yuppie) you are not 'respectable'. This is typical of the arrogance and hubris of the spoilt, bourgeois prats who dominate the ranks of the Red Left. Never forget for one moment that the Reds are, like their Khazar puppetmasters, the most gross of elitists.

It reminds this writer of the time a Leftist told him he was “not qualified to have an opinion”. When quizzed on what precisely he meant the Leftist replied “Well, you don’t even have a Degree!” Apparently the Red Left have no respect whatsoever for the autodidact. If ‘ze papervork’ is ‘not in order’ then you are deemed ineligible for discourse.

I wonder how this goes down though with the Trade Unionists the AntiFa seem to be flirting with yet again? I wonder what some builder’s labourer, or other construction worker, might think of this haughty attitude coming from snotty nosed ‘student’ types.

And what of the apparent, as FDB love to call it, “identity theft” of the actual New Zealand National Front? Well, don’t hold your breath on that one folks. Even though Darp, Weezil and Co from FDB fire off threats and writs at the mere whiff of anyone ‘impersonating’ or ‘misrepresenting’ them, don’t wait for anyone to take legal action on the Red Scum.

Fact is, the perpetrators are probably, if they’re not already live at home Thirty Something ‘professionals’’, the sons or daughters of Lawyers or Judges anyway! Such is the nature of today’s sick society.

Blacks pack rape 15 year old girl!


THREE men repeatedly gang raped a teenager during a horrific nine-hour ordeal but a judge yesterday ruled the trio were not "depraved monsters''.

The men, Zambian nationals Tyrone Chishimba, Likumbo Makasa and Mumbi Peter Mulenga, were found guilty of aggravated sexual assault without consent after a 15-year-old was repeatedly raped at a unit in Hurstville in August 2006.

During the three-month trial, the court heard the intoxicated girl, who cannot be identified, passed out at the unit and later woke up to find one of the men having intercourse with her, while the other two watched.

During sentencing submissions yesterday, a judge said the trio were guilty of serious crimes but were not depraved monsters, before sentencing them to at least three years in jail.

Attorney General John Hatzistergos last night ordered a copy of the transcript to be sent to him and will discuss the possibility of an appeal with the DPP.

Not "depraved monsters" hey. You dirty FN BASTARD. Now read what happened.


At one point, she was dragged outside by her ear by one of her own group and punched in the side of the head, knocking her unconscious.

When she went back inside Makasa's unit, the men told her to go to Makasa's bedroom and replace her soiled clothes with clean ones.

She told them she just wanted to sleep in the bedroom, but when she awoke one of the men was having sex with her, police said.

Over the next two hours she was vaginally, anally and orally raped by the three men and two other unknown males.

Police said the group made her perform sexual acts simultaneously on them.

The girl told police that she awoke at 7am on Thursday when Makasa told her to get up.

The other men had gone home but Makasa told the girl she had had intercourse and oral sex with his cousin the night before.

The girl told police that she said she was only 15 and asked Makasa why he would let that happen to her.

She said that he replied "what makes you think I care what you want," and warned her about going to police.

She said she was then raped by Makasa for another nine hours.

Makasa, who had shown the girl a gun the night before, fell asleep periodically but she said she was too scared to get out of bed.

Police said that at 4pm the girl was told she would have to leave because Makasa's friend was coming to the unit.

She was given an old work shirt before she leaving the house.

Child protection and sex crimes squad detectives arrested three of the men overnight and they were charged with aggravated sexual assault in company and inflicting actual bodily harm.

Makasa faces two additional charges of aggravated sexual assault of a victim under 16 years.

Mr Nichols remanded the trio in custody to appear in central local court on September 4.

This is what happens when the Australian Legal system is top heavy with Homo Sexual Left Wing scum. Below Homo Sexual Justice Kirby hanging with his best bud Jewish Founder of Fight Dem Back Mathew Henderson Hau. Self admitted drug abuser, child abuser and kosher clown.

People WAKE UP!

More on Curt Maynards blog HERE

Monday, October 26, 2009

What the Hell are they doing to us?

As many would have seen over the past few days the United States Government is all systems go vaccinating its citizens against the Swine Flu. The Cable News Networks are full of footage of hundreds and thousands of Americans lining up for vaccinations.

Well folks watch these videos. Then ask yourself, what the hell is going on.

Boat People?

In light of recent comments by Brendon and others this writer would just like to make some further observations re: 'Boat People' and associated issues.
Look Folks, it’s the same old shell game of deception being played by this government just as it was by the last one. Keep the dumb Goyim focused on the sensational stuff involving the constant trickle of illegal boat arrivals and the various sob stories and scandals that come from this activity and they won’t even think about, let alone notice, the flood of approved and ‘legal’ arrivals by plane.

In Sydney alone there is the equivalent of a Jumbo Jet load of newbies, mostly Asian, African and Middle Eastern, arriving EVERY DAY yet we hear not a peep from anyone. This is a swift, silent and deadly invasion that has already effectively ethnically cleansed White people from the entire inner city and adjoining suburbs. Now that's a victory Sun Tzu would be proud of.

The Asians have effectively taken the economic sector of one of the World’s major cities without firing a shot and our ‘own’ corporations are ramping up the drive to airbrush us from the imagery of our own nation. Down the memory hole we go as even General Motors Holden advertisements are now featuring grinning Asian families packing their Yellow Hordes into ‘Aussie icons’ like the trusty Commodore station wagon.

We might add this is probably going to prove an ultimately futile exercise anyway for several reasons. Asians favour small vehicles just as they do small dwellings. The moment they get a few dollars they love to display their affluence by driving a compact and stylish European car like a BMW.

The ultimate irony though is the increasingly common sight of White Aussies driving cheap, shitty little Korean, and now even Chinese, cars while the Asians themselves get around in the prestige European vehicles. It’s even funnier when those little Asian pus boxes have ‘Aussie Pride’ logos and Southern Cross Stars emblazoned across the rear windscreens.

Even the ‘Real Aussies Drive Utes’ craze of recent years is not immune. Whatever happened to the Fords, Holdens and even Valiant utes of the past? It is common now to see Japanese utilities with tens of thousands spent on hotting them up and modifying the bodywork and suspension being driven by drooling fools with ‘Aussie Pride’ tattoos and Aussie Flag seat covers etc. What’s THAT all about?

Very sad.

Although certainly not indicative of the entire story concerning a person’s wealth (some people just aren’t ‘into’ cars, particularly flashy ones) like the home you live in the vehicle you drive is one of the greatest general indicators of social status and economic viability.

As we said earlier, our Folk are being ethnically cleansed from their own nation, the nation their ancestors built with their own blood, sweat and tears and fought bravely to defend. The muddy waters of Multiculturalism are lapping around our ankles but most of us are still sloshing beer down our necks, partying on while the tide rises inexorably. It’s time to act, Folks.


Further Reading.

A food production expert says Australia may face a massive famine if governments fail to address an impending global food shortage.

Treasury head Ken Henry this week said that Australia's population growth is the biggest challenge to Commonwealth and state governments since Federation.

Professor Cribb agrees it will cause problems, and says governments must not forget future famine goes hand in hand with population growth.

"They have grossly underestimated the potential for population growth in Australia," he said.

"If you get a major collapse in food supply in an area like the north China plains or the Indo-Gangetic plains, there will be hundreds of millions of refugees cut lose so we could easily see 20 or 30 million refugees arrive in Australia over a couple of years. Source

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Shabbos Goy’s Progress

With apologies to John Bunyan we wish to comment on the progress of a Shabbos Goy Pilgrim.

Even now, after all this time, it still fills us with real wonder and amazement that Darrin Hodges performed such a sudden and comprehensive back flip and apparent conversion on the road to Damascus, or should that be Tel Aviv?

He simply is too much. This latest from the APP nest:

“There could be no greater insult to the memory of those who perished in the death camps or the thousands of Australians who died fighting that criminal regime than such a man standing up and asking their descendants to vote for the same evil their ancestors died fighting.”

You what? There could be no greater insult to our intelligence than to read this tripe.

“death camps”?

Next he’ll be writing about lampshades and soap!

“thousands of Australians who died fighting that criminal regime”

We don’t recall any Australians fighting Wall Street although we do admit many died fighting their Racial Brethren of Europe having been tricked into a fratricidal war that only benefited the forces of International Finance. To claim that they fought while in possession of all the political facts would be as preposterous as FDB’s claims that they fought for Multiculturalism and is a gross disrespect to their memory and to their surviving family members.

Did Darrin type this infantile doggerel immediately following a visit to the Holocaust Museum or had he just got off the phone from Uncle Izzy? Read that paragraph again and then close your eyes and imagine who that reminds you of. It is Zionist claptrap of the deadly worst kind that could have easily been written by Mathew Henderson-Hau or any of the dozen or so Sayanim gangsters over at Fight Dem Back.

It really does look as if, in his case, resistance was indeed futile for Darrin, the transmogrification process is complete and he has been fully assimilated. What an obedient little GoyBot he has turned out to be too. He has mastered Double Think and can now accept the gospel according to Slimy Weaselclaw despite the fact he has read, viewed and previously supported the excellent revisionist material utterly discrediting the so-called ‘Holocaust’…erm…sorry, we mean Shoah Darrin.

Oy Vey!

Come forth and be circumcised mine Goy…or have you… erm… already been brissed?
Shalom, shalom!

The Voice - 2049 : Population 35 million (Video)

Recent media reports have stated that demographers have predicted that in forty years Australia’s population will be around 35 million. Well, on the 1st of October 2009 the population hit 22 million. So, we are well on the way.

Australia Calling! Radio Free Australia.

Wave of invaders coming by refugee boat: sink the bastards
Australia Calling

Click HERE to listen.

New Zealand National Flag Day. National Front Success!

'Flag Day' passes quietly

"A gathering of National Front members in central Wellington to mark "National Flag Day" has passed without incident.

About 40 front members of the right-wing group gathered at the Cenotaph before marching along Lambton Quay."


"30 members of the National Front and Right Wing Resistance in central Wellington yesterday. Left-wing counter-demonstrators stayed away this year to avoid giving the marchers a bigger profile.

There was no repeat of last year's clashes with anti-fascist demonstrators."

oh ahh so this is what they say when no one from the left turns up. "Left-wing counter-demonstrators stayed away this year to avoid giving the marchers a bigger profile."

WLT staff would like to say congratulations to our Brothers and Sisters in New Zealand who attended the rally. Stay tuned for further News.

on another note..

It seems that the Australian Zio-Anarchist are a little pissed about this. So is the NSW head of the Australian Protectionist Party of Israel Darrin Hodges . Once again he is carrying on like the sniveling dog he is. Can someone tell me why SFDU allows these scum on a WN forum? Can someone explain to me why a WN forum such as Storm Front Down Under would even consider assisting these pricks by allowing them to sell their BS to WN from this Country and New Zealand? I wonder if the leadership of APP support his rants? Of course they do.

Anyway enough of that. Make sure you visit the NZNF site and say congrats from Aussie.

Is @ndy TOTALLY losing it?

This story has appeared mysteriously on the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gangsters’ Forum. Why do we say ‘mysteriously’? Well, for a start it is a crime that does NOT have White perpetrators and there is a distinct lack of smart-arse commentary from @ndy admonishing the offenders as cowardly, ignorant, hateful and RACIST!!!

We’re confused. No really, we are. Is this a monumental balls up by @ndy, who’s been under a bit of pressure lately, or are FDB so desperate for ‘news’ stories involving ‘racism’ that they will now even print stuff that doesn’t conform to their Whites only policy?

And, yes Folks, Fight Dem Back DOES have a long held policy (since their very inception in fact) of ONLY addressing WHITE so-called 'Hate Crime'. More than one of their 'core members' have stated over the years that FDB reserves the 'right' to only focus on WHITE so-called 'Racism' and 'Supremacy' and that they leave the job of other forms of 'Racism' to other groups.
Funny thing is though that there ARE no such groups at least as far as we can tell. Look up 'Racism' or 'Anti-Racism' on Google and you will be hard pressed to find ANYTHING AT ALL that addresses other forms of 'racism' let alone Anti-White Racism. You will even discover that when challenged about so-called 'Reverse Racism' the operators of these sites will either minimise the importance of such a thing, claiming it is 'insignificant' or even dismiss it as 'non-existent'!!!

From The Age:

Man jailed over racist attack on Indian student


October 23, 2009

A gang of racist youths nearly killed a man during an armed rampage in an Indian grocery store in Melbourne’s west for the “sheer thrill” of the attack, a judge said today.

Drunk and carrying wooden planks ripped up from a nearby bus stop seat, the seven youths raided the Impex shop in Sunshine yelling “are you Indian?” as they randomly struck their victims on December 1 last year, the County Court heard today.

Indian student Sukhraj Singh, 28, was in a coma for 15 days and will suffer the effects of a severe acquired brain injury for the rest of his life after being beaten during the assault.

Eight men were punched and hit with the weapons and most suffered minor injuries but Mr Singh was beaten unconscious and spent months in hospital and rehabilitation after being struck three times to the head and body.

In sentencing one of the attackers, Zakarie Hussein, 21, of Braybrook, Judge Pamela Jenkins said today the group had deliberately targeted victims of Indian ethnicity in the “unprovoked rampage”.

The youths had been drinking beer in a park for about four hours before they went to the store in City Place just after 6.30pm where two of the teens began a racist argument with two customers, the court heard.

About five minutes later, the pair returned with their friends, most armed with wooden bars and one with a fluorescent light tube, and began smashing up the store and indiscriminately striking customers and staff as they yelled “are you Indian?” and “bloody Indians, f— off”.

The shop’s cash register was stolen and the loot divided up among the offenders. Hussein received about $15.

In a victim impact statement tendered to the court, Mr Singh said metal plates had been inserted into his face, he had shed up to 15 kilograms and been left with lumps and scars on his head from the assault.

“I am lucky to be alive, all my friends and family thought I was going to die,” Mr Singh said in the statement.

He said he suffered from dizzy spells and had undergone counselling after being plagued by nightmares and flashbacks.

The court heard his injuries had been potentially life-threatening and meant he had been unable to work for five months, may not be able to complete his studies and was too frightened to live alone.

Hussein had pleaded guilty to armed robbery, recklessly causing serious injury, and six counts of recklessly causing injury.

Judge Jenkins said Hussein had not used his wooden weapon but had planned to before being knocked out of the way by a co-offender.

She said the victims had tried to cower from their attackers and had done nothing to provoke the attack.

“Your victims presented no threat to you or your co-offenders whatsoever. They did not provoke you, they did not fight back and indeed they made every effort to escape from the assaults,” she said.

“Notwithstanding these circumstances the victims were beaten apparently for the sheer thrill, Mr Singh being subjected to a particularly savage beating with the terrible consequences for him.”

Judge Jenkins said the assault was among a number of racist attacks that had rightly provoked international and local community outrage and should be condemned.
“Short of becoming prisoners in their own homes, there is little potential victims can do to prevent such attacks,” she said.

Judge Jenkins sentenced Hussein to four-and-a-half years’ jail with a minimum non-parole period of two years.

Did you GET that Folks? Four years for a HATE CRIME? Four and a half years? Can you just imagine how draconian the sentence would have been had the perps been White? If a White fella gets into a street fight with a non White, even just in self defence, and mutters some racially specific epithet under his breath it is instantly deemed a ‘Race Hate Crime’ and the sentence summarily triples or quadruples. This mob of Blacks quite deliberately go Indian hunting and get slapped on the wrist with a piece of wet lettuce. WHAT a farkin' JOKE!!!

Hussein, dressed in a black suit and white shirt and supported in court by family, bit his nails throughout the hearing and stood with his hands clasped while he was sentenced to serve his time in an adult prison.

The court heard he had migrated to Australia from Somalia, aged about six, with his older brother and mother, who were both later diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

MIGRATED? We thought he was a REFFO!

His younger sister had died from malaria shortly before the family left Africa where they spent time in a refugee camp in Kenya.

The court heard Hussein had experienced a difficult childhood and by his final year of school was drinking and taking drugs daily.

Oh, STOP it! You're breakin' my HEART!

His defence had argued Hussein played only a minor role in the attack, had been drunk after consuming about 10 beers, and was remorseful.

We thought inebriation on the part of a perpetrator had no bearing any more on so-called 'reduced responsibility'. So why did his Lawyer even raise this? You KNOW this 'excuse' wouldn't cut it if you were WHITE!

But Judge Jenkins said despite Hussein not having hit any of the victims he had entered the store armed with the intention of hurting someone and had yelled encouragement to his friends.

She said it was “particularly shameful” that the Somali immigrant had vented his rage on international students and other young immigrants.

"Shameful"??? Doesn't she mean HATEFUL and VICIOUS?

“There is no question that the offending constituted an extremely violent and indiscriminate rampage by armed youths exhibiting the worst traits of a pack mentality,” Judge Jenkins told Hussein.

‘Pack mentality’? Is there really any OTHER ‘mentality’ when it comes to ‘groids? Has the Judge never studied any basic Anthropology or Sociology? Has she never watched any of those excellent documentaries on Africa? This is what they DO, lady! Do all our legal people live in a vacuum?

Hussein had prior convictions including, for robbery, assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest.

"Prior convictions"? FerFUCKsake!!!

Dontcha just LURVE Multiculturalism?

Four of Hussein’s co-offenders, aged between 14 and 17 at the time of the attack, had already received 12-month sentences in a youth detention centre and a fifth teen received a 12-month youth supervision order.

The Director of Public Prosecutions Jeremy Rapke has appealed against the sentences, arguing they are “manifestly inadequate”.

You ain’t whistlin’ Dixie there Jerry!

The Court of Appeal is yet to hand down its judgment. A sixth offender, who has pleaded guilty in the Children’s Court, will be sentenced following the result of the appeal.

On the question of deportation that is so often raised in relation to cases such as this. Once Australian Citizenship has been granted it cannot be revoked, even in extreme circumstances such as this, so it looks like we, the Australian Taxpayer, are stuck with these idiots.

Friday, October 23, 2009

28 White Christmas in Queensland

Blood and Honour Qld are hosting a White Christmas at the Gold Coast on the 12th of December 2009. This is a family friendly event so bring along the wife and kids. Its a great way to say thanks for their support and a bit of fun to boot. So come and enjoy some live music and plenty of entertainment.

Due to the nature of the current ZIONIST environment that denies us our rights to assemble and think independently, please be sure to contact the following organisers well before the event.

and just a gentle reminder for NEXT YEAR!

This will be HUGE

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cam Spotting.

The perennially versatile liar, State agent, freelance newspaper/magazine 'expert consultant' and well travelled dilettante Cam Smith aka ‘CampSexWithMinor’ aka ‘Bleach’ has been spotted more than once recently in Sydney. His peregrinations have taken him to both Petersham AND Chippendale in recent weeks. Where WILL he turn up next?



BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(This announcement sponsored by @ndy)

Just a few free tips passed along from a female member of the White Nationalist community for Cam upon closely observing his generally sloppy, scruffy and dirty presentation and lack of hygeine. If you want to attract the ladies Cam (if?) you really need to wash your hair and pay special attention to personal grooming.

Bnai Brith are calling the shots! Bullshit they are.


Zionist Leadership Attacks Freedoms of Assembly And Association For Australia First
"Two prominent figures in Australia’s Jewish community, both of whom are committed to Zionism and who speak for major structures inside that community, have attacked traditional Australian freedoms of assembly and association and directed this attack against the Australia First Party. In the Australia Jewish News (October 9), we read a disturbing report that should inspire all Australian democrats and upholders of civil liberty, to condemn the Zionist fraction of Australian Jewry as thugs who employ twisted words to serve an alien and un Australian agenda. The report said: NSW Board of Deputies president, Robin Margo, said all Australians need to be on guard against the bigotry that Australia First exploits “under the guise of patriotism and nationalism” and to take care “they do not unwittingly lend it assistance by provision of venues, finance or otherwise.” “Australia First is trying to gather support ahead of the next election. There should be no place in modern Australian politics for anyone promoting a form of ‘white Australia’ or racism of any kind and Australia First has a bad record in that regard”, he said. B’nai B’rith Anti Defamation Commission executive director Deborah Stone, said all vendors have the right to decide on applicants seeking to rent space on their sites. But she also issued a warning. “We and many other Australians have very strong concerns of the danger the far-right represents”, she said. “We would encourage people who are considering renting premises or providing services to them to consider seriously whether they really want to be supporting that kind of challenge to the cohesion of Australian society”. Such comments are open threats upon democratic liberty. This latest attempt to bully clubs, councils and other owners from renting us halls or space and then to hold up to contempt and abuse any person who deals or trades with us (printers etc), shows these people will resort to foul means to restrict a political opponent . What will the Zionists precisely do? We could anticipate lists of suspect (sic) names / groups issued to clubs etc. with a call to ban them from holding meetings. There could be phone calls and threats of unfavourable publicity if certain meetings went ahead. We can perceive threats to businesses (whether direct or through ‘demonstrators’ who can be conjured up) that they will lose money because their trade with Australia First Party will be ‘revealed’ in the media, or through open trade boycotts they may commercially suffer. Once this overall program gets going it becomes a virus. It is all part of an old technique of the Zionists which has been used in Australia before. In 1998, a magazine called the Australia Israel Review, published the names of some 1700 members of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party and vilified Hanson in various ways as a descendant of Nazism. This publication effectively encouraged people to violently confront Hanson and set out to poison the political debate to compel people to turn away from dealings with that party. Why? The Hanson party had never even criticised Zionism, let alone spoke against Jews as Jews, something which is called ‘anti-semitism’. A clue might be found in the incredible statement of Isi Leibler, an Australian Zionist who went on to live in Israel as “President” of the World Jewish Congress, that “multiculturalism was right for Australia”, but ‘not for Israel”. Is multiculturalism a policy that the Zionits can hide behind? Certainly, the Australia First Party has criticised the Zionists. We have said that the Zionists seek to involve Australia in foreign wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to serve Israel’s Middle Eastern politics, that they would involve Australia in an attack upon Iran and that they misuse Australia’s diplomatic support to endorse Israel’s violence against Palestinians and indeed, the theft of Palestine itself. No wonder there is Moslem terror! More and more Australians understand all this. The Australia First Party has also noted the link between the Zionists and the policy of multiculturalism and their support for continued immigration. However, the Australia First Party has never criticised Jews as Jews. Rather, it is because we have told the truth about the Zionists that we are vilified by them and targeted to have our democratic right to organize curtailed by pressure upon all who deal with us. Masking themselves behind a murky rhetoric about protecting Jews from ‘threats’ (where are these threats?), the Zionists, will lash out at freedom itself. No one should be fooled by the Zionists talking about “cohesion” and “far right” dangers. We note that the Anti Defamation Commission (ADC) is a private spy agency that collects data upon Australians and which briefs (sic) politicians and media operatives with smear against critics of Israel and Zionism. It was these very Zionists in the ADC who sponsored in the 1990's Australia’s Federal thought-policing laws that can criminalize criticism of immigration policy and multiculturalism under the guise of combating ‘hate speech’. With the Zionists everything serves some agenda best known to them and nothing is ever as it appears. Freedom of assembly and association are important things to Australia First. These freedoms have been defended by Australian soldiers with their lives. We refuse to be intimidated. Australia First will stand up for the rights of all Australians to be heard at meetings, at elections, in print and on the Internet."

Now folks dontcha find it very interesting how Andrew Moran aka @ndy has been very vocal on shutting the "Fash" down. Hell its just a coincidence that the same week Bnai Brith lead the charge that our little Zioanarhist gets the ball rolling. We have heard the threats @ndy and WN of Australia are not budging. You bring 500 we will bring 1000. The cat is out of the bag @ndy and this has made us even more dedicated. Try us.

Lets not forget folks these arrogant Jews are now demanding for the end of free speech. Who the hell are they to dictate terms to the people of Australia? The time has come to stand by your beliefs. Never a backward step. Take the fight to the enemy.

It doesn't matter if you are in Australia First although that's a good start, this message from Bnai Brith is a declaration of WAR on all WN groups in this country. So unless you are a member of the APP you best get ready, because its coming.

Now we know we have readers here from every group in Australia. I ask that we put any differences aside for now and prepare for war. No matter what group you belong to we are all on the list. Put aside the squabbling for now and help each other out when the time comes.

We must unite in the defense of our common cause. We don't have to live out of each others pockets we just need to put feet on the ground. How dare they deny the people of this country their basic right to meet and share ideas.

I tell you what once this Genie is out of the bottle it will be very hard to put the cap back in.