Sunday, October 25, 2009

Australia Calling! Radio Free Australia.

Wave of invaders coming by refugee boat: sink the bastards
Australia Calling

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Anonymous said...

Sink the bastards?

Thats a bit rough.

They're just poor saps looking to get the hell out of..."hell".

I have spoken to alot of these people. Their personal verified stories are harrowing. Many have been put through utter terror.

What we need is to prevent the interfering by outside influences on their countries.

That includes educating people on HOW the jewish imperialists promote, pay for and create little thugs to terrorize the population and rape the resources.

That would be a better way.

Whitelaw Towers said...

Yes mate many of us have no problems with giving aid. In their country. A line must be drawn.

We all know that the words used and the way it is presented is what you would call Shock Jock White Nationalism.

AC is a hard hitting radio program certainly not for the average Joe. Many people who listen to it enjoy the way it is presented. Not very PC.

In the end we all believe that many of the humanitarian crisis that cause these people to flee can be traced back to you know who.

I just know if the shoe was on the other foot and it was a bunch white folk trying to flee to Asia Africa, they would have just shot us all if they could. We keep forgetting that. Life carries more currency in Western Nations.

In a perfect world we could send the best of our farmers and such and help out. We could educate them as long as they go back and use that education to help their people. We could also try minding our own business when it comes to 3rd world Democracy. They simply do it different. They certainly don't hold the same values as us.

The Tamil people who are trying to get here now are a vanquished army of bandits and killers. Who gave us such wonderful things like Child Soldiers Suicide Belts mass rape and torture. All with a Marxist twist.

I know the Shri Lankans who live here would agree with sinking the boats. They came here to escape them.

This is why it is so important to trace this back to the source of the problems. Get rid of Zionism give countries back there Sovereignty and things will work out very quickly.

We cant save them all mate.