Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Blacks pack rape 15 year old girl!


THREE men repeatedly gang raped a teenager during a horrific nine-hour ordeal but a judge yesterday ruled the trio were not "depraved monsters''.

The men, Zambian nationals Tyrone Chishimba, Likumbo Makasa and Mumbi Peter Mulenga, were found guilty of aggravated sexual assault without consent after a 15-year-old was repeatedly raped at a unit in Hurstville in August 2006.

During the three-month trial, the court heard the intoxicated girl, who cannot be identified, passed out at the unit and later woke up to find one of the men having intercourse with her, while the other two watched.

During sentencing submissions yesterday, a judge said the trio were guilty of serious crimes but were not depraved monsters, before sentencing them to at least three years in jail.

Attorney General John Hatzistergos last night ordered a copy of the transcript to be sent to him and will discuss the possibility of an appeal with the DPP.

Not "depraved monsters" hey. You dirty FN BASTARD. Now read what happened.


At one point, she was dragged outside by her ear by one of her own group and punched in the side of the head, knocking her unconscious.

When she went back inside Makasa's unit, the men told her to go to Makasa's bedroom and replace her soiled clothes with clean ones.

She told them she just wanted to sleep in the bedroom, but when she awoke one of the men was having sex with her, police said.

Over the next two hours she was vaginally, anally and orally raped by the three men and two other unknown males.

Police said the group made her perform sexual acts simultaneously on them.

The girl told police that she awoke at 7am on Thursday when Makasa told her to get up.

The other men had gone home but Makasa told the girl she had had intercourse and oral sex with his cousin the night before.

The girl told police that she said she was only 15 and asked Makasa why he would let that happen to her.

She said that he replied "what makes you think I care what you want," and warned her about going to police.

She said she was then raped by Makasa for another nine hours.

Makasa, who had shown the girl a gun the night before, fell asleep periodically but she said she was too scared to get out of bed.

Police said that at 4pm the girl was told she would have to leave because Makasa's friend was coming to the unit.

She was given an old work shirt before she leaving the house.

Child protection and sex crimes squad detectives arrested three of the men overnight and they were charged with aggravated sexual assault in company and inflicting actual bodily harm.

Makasa faces two additional charges of aggravated sexual assault of a victim under 16 years.

Mr Nichols remanded the trio in custody to appear in central local court on September 4.

This is what happens when the Australian Legal system is top heavy with Homo Sexual Left Wing scum. Below Homo Sexual Justice Kirby hanging with his best bud Jewish Founder of Fight Dem Back Mathew Henderson Hau. Self admitted drug abuser, child abuser and kosher clown.

People WAKE UP!

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Anonymous said...

That photo is good. Have you noticed how they brought along their bongo drums AND their hatchet? Nothing like some music while you work eh? Has anyone else on here noticed how when the Reds hold a demo (riot?) they always, and I mean always have some sad tool with a bongo drum? so funny

Jane said...

Are you serious?
Is that Henderson-Hau with Kirby?!!!

Whitelaw Towers said...

Yep he is also good friends with the son of disgraced Jewish High Court Judge Einfield.

Connect the dots.

FineDatDot said...

He was Hoitin' on the inside at the time. They have no shame what so ever.

Connecting with Dots is a favourite past time of the FindDotBoiz.

bushranger said...

In Wurridjal v The Commonwealth of Australia [2009] Justice Kirby argued that the Commonwealth's intervention of behalf of Aboriginal children was "unjust". Apparently Justice Kirby believes that intervening to protect children isn't just, I quote, Kirby J, "fails to accord "just terms" for the disturbance of their legal interests". He is referring to the Commonwealth Acts used by the Commonwealth to act on behalf of these children.

That is the calibre of individual we have in the highest court of the land. Someone who is so obessed with political correctness (no doubt as a result of self-interest being a flamer himself) he would sacrifice the safety of children on that altar.

Anonymous said...

Whitelaw Towers said...

What part of OZ is that? Certainly not the one that 99% of the rest of us belong to. FOD.

Anonymous said...

The authors of the this is Oz Shit, probably disporportionately of the In Sect,,,don't want us to discriminate between that which harms us and that which empowers us. Being so thematically consistent suggests that its probably more of the "Courage to Care" Crap.

They're a bunch scheeming pricks.

Why are some of us "pathological" "Anti-Semites" ?

Because the Jew,the impost of Noachide Law, Judaism and ritual, public self abuse has no place in the world of others, unless invited. The world is populated predominantly by the rest of us, and we decide what is best for us...Not a people who feel themsleves to be singularly magnificent, the existential manifestation of "G_d", the single conduit and lens through which others may seek "God" and a preoccupation with Mirrors and the images found therin.

What they do in their place of Selfworship is their own sordid business...Learn not to include US.

Anonymous said...

Hey! ThisIsOz. Has it ever occurred to you that some people might just hate you not because of your race or sexuality but just because you're a DICK?