Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bnai Brith are calling the shots! Bullshit they are.


Zionist Leadership Attacks Freedoms of Assembly And Association For Australia First
"Two prominent figures in Australia’s Jewish community, both of whom are committed to Zionism and who speak for major structures inside that community, have attacked traditional Australian freedoms of assembly and association and directed this attack against the Australia First Party. In the Australia Jewish News (October 9), we read a disturbing report that should inspire all Australian democrats and upholders of civil liberty, to condemn the Zionist fraction of Australian Jewry as thugs who employ twisted words to serve an alien and un Australian agenda. The report said: NSW Board of Deputies president, Robin Margo, said all Australians need to be on guard against the bigotry that Australia First exploits “under the guise of patriotism and nationalism” and to take care “they do not unwittingly lend it assistance by provision of venues, finance or otherwise.” “Australia First is trying to gather support ahead of the next election. There should be no place in modern Australian politics for anyone promoting a form of ‘white Australia’ or racism of any kind and Australia First has a bad record in that regard”, he said. B’nai B’rith Anti Defamation Commission executive director Deborah Stone, said all vendors have the right to decide on applicants seeking to rent space on their sites. But she also issued a warning. “We and many other Australians have very strong concerns of the danger the far-right represents”, she said. “We would encourage people who are considering renting premises or providing services to them to consider seriously whether they really want to be supporting that kind of challenge to the cohesion of Australian society”. Such comments are open threats upon democratic liberty. This latest attempt to bully clubs, councils and other owners from renting us halls or space and then to hold up to contempt and abuse any person who deals or trades with us (printers etc), shows these people will resort to foul means to restrict a political opponent . What will the Zionists precisely do? We could anticipate lists of suspect (sic) names / groups issued to clubs etc. with a call to ban them from holding meetings. There could be phone calls and threats of unfavourable publicity if certain meetings went ahead. We can perceive threats to businesses (whether direct or through ‘demonstrators’ who can be conjured up) that they will lose money because their trade with Australia First Party will be ‘revealed’ in the media, or through open trade boycotts they may commercially suffer. Once this overall program gets going it becomes a virus. It is all part of an old technique of the Zionists which has been used in Australia before. In 1998, a magazine called the Australia Israel Review, published the names of some 1700 members of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party and vilified Hanson in various ways as a descendant of Nazism. This publication effectively encouraged people to violently confront Hanson and set out to poison the political debate to compel people to turn away from dealings with that party. Why? The Hanson party had never even criticised Zionism, let alone spoke against Jews as Jews, something which is called ‘anti-semitism’. A clue might be found in the incredible statement of Isi Leibler, an Australian Zionist who went on to live in Israel as “President” of the World Jewish Congress, that “multiculturalism was right for Australia”, but ‘not for Israel”. Is multiculturalism a policy that the Zionits can hide behind? Certainly, the Australia First Party has criticised the Zionists. We have said that the Zionists seek to involve Australia in foreign wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to serve Israel’s Middle Eastern politics, that they would involve Australia in an attack upon Iran and that they misuse Australia’s diplomatic support to endorse Israel’s violence against Palestinians and indeed, the theft of Palestine itself. No wonder there is Moslem terror! More and more Australians understand all this. The Australia First Party has also noted the link between the Zionists and the policy of multiculturalism and their support for continued immigration. However, the Australia First Party has never criticised Jews as Jews. Rather, it is because we have told the truth about the Zionists that we are vilified by them and targeted to have our democratic right to organize curtailed by pressure upon all who deal with us. Masking themselves behind a murky rhetoric about protecting Jews from ‘threats’ (where are these threats?), the Zionists, will lash out at freedom itself. No one should be fooled by the Zionists talking about “cohesion” and “far right” dangers. We note that the Anti Defamation Commission (ADC) is a private spy agency that collects data upon Australians and which briefs (sic) politicians and media operatives with smear against critics of Israel and Zionism. It was these very Zionists in the ADC who sponsored in the 1990's Australia’s Federal thought-policing laws that can criminalize criticism of immigration policy and multiculturalism under the guise of combating ‘hate speech’. With the Zionists everything serves some agenda best known to them and nothing is ever as it appears. Freedom of assembly and association are important things to Australia First. These freedoms have been defended by Australian soldiers with their lives. We refuse to be intimidated. Australia First will stand up for the rights of all Australians to be heard at meetings, at elections, in print and on the Internet."

Now folks dontcha find it very interesting how Andrew Moran aka @ndy has been very vocal on shutting the "Fash" down. Hell its just a coincidence that the same week Bnai Brith lead the charge that our little Zioanarhist gets the ball rolling. We have heard the threats @ndy and WN of Australia are not budging. You bring 500 we will bring 1000. The cat is out of the bag @ndy and this has made us even more dedicated. Try us.

Lets not forget folks these arrogant Jews are now demanding for the end of free speech. Who the hell are they to dictate terms to the people of Australia? The time has come to stand by your beliefs. Never a backward step. Take the fight to the enemy.

It doesn't matter if you are in Australia First although that's a good start, this message from Bnai Brith is a declaration of WAR on all WN groups in this country. So unless you are a member of the APP you best get ready, because its coming.

Now we know we have readers here from every group in Australia. I ask that we put any differences aside for now and prepare for war. No matter what group you belong to we are all on the list. Put aside the squabbling for now and help each other out when the time comes.

We must unite in the defense of our common cause. We don't have to live out of each others pockets we just need to put feet on the ground. How dare they deny the people of this country their basic right to meet and share ideas.

I tell you what once this Genie is out of the bottle it will be very hard to put the cap back in.

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