Monday, October 26, 2009

Boat People?

In light of recent comments by Brendon and others this writer would just like to make some further observations re: 'Boat People' and associated issues.
Look Folks, it’s the same old shell game of deception being played by this government just as it was by the last one. Keep the dumb Goyim focused on the sensational stuff involving the constant trickle of illegal boat arrivals and the various sob stories and scandals that come from this activity and they won’t even think about, let alone notice, the flood of approved and ‘legal’ arrivals by plane.

In Sydney alone there is the equivalent of a Jumbo Jet load of newbies, mostly Asian, African and Middle Eastern, arriving EVERY DAY yet we hear not a peep from anyone. This is a swift, silent and deadly invasion that has already effectively ethnically cleansed White people from the entire inner city and adjoining suburbs. Now that's a victory Sun Tzu would be proud of.

The Asians have effectively taken the economic sector of one of the World’s major cities without firing a shot and our ‘own’ corporations are ramping up the drive to airbrush us from the imagery of our own nation. Down the memory hole we go as even General Motors Holden advertisements are now featuring grinning Asian families packing their Yellow Hordes into ‘Aussie icons’ like the trusty Commodore station wagon.

We might add this is probably going to prove an ultimately futile exercise anyway for several reasons. Asians favour small vehicles just as they do small dwellings. The moment they get a few dollars they love to display their affluence by driving a compact and stylish European car like a BMW.

The ultimate irony though is the increasingly common sight of White Aussies driving cheap, shitty little Korean, and now even Chinese, cars while the Asians themselves get around in the prestige European vehicles. It’s even funnier when those little Asian pus boxes have ‘Aussie Pride’ logos and Southern Cross Stars emblazoned across the rear windscreens.

Even the ‘Real Aussies Drive Utes’ craze of recent years is not immune. Whatever happened to the Fords, Holdens and even Valiant utes of the past? It is common now to see Japanese utilities with tens of thousands spent on hotting them up and modifying the bodywork and suspension being driven by drooling fools with ‘Aussie Pride’ tattoos and Aussie Flag seat covers etc. What’s THAT all about?

Very sad.

Although certainly not indicative of the entire story concerning a person’s wealth (some people just aren’t ‘into’ cars, particularly flashy ones) like the home you live in the vehicle you drive is one of the greatest general indicators of social status and economic viability.

As we said earlier, our Folk are being ethnically cleansed from their own nation, the nation their ancestors built with their own blood, sweat and tears and fought bravely to defend. The muddy waters of Multiculturalism are lapping around our ankles but most of us are still sloshing beer down our necks, partying on while the tide rises inexorably. It’s time to act, Folks.


Further Reading.

A food production expert says Australia may face a massive famine if governments fail to address an impending global food shortage.

Treasury head Ken Henry this week said that Australia's population growth is the biggest challenge to Commonwealth and state governments since Federation.

Professor Cribb agrees it will cause problems, and says governments must not forget future famine goes hand in hand with population growth.

"They have grossly underestimated the potential for population growth in Australia," he said.

"If you get a major collapse in food supply in an area like the north China plains or the Indo-Gangetic plains, there will be hundreds of millions of refugees cut lose so we could easily see 20 or 30 million refugees arrive in Australia over a couple of years. Source


Jane said...

Why is it so difficult for people to think that little bit into the future and to see what is truly going on around them?

Anonymous said...

I have a conundrum. I hate that I am the epitome of being "multicutural." I am of Asian and Scottish descent. I get really angry with my parents when I think what they have done, and how they had me without even thinking about it. I have no roots, no anchor and nothing to associate with or have recourse with. I feel like a leaf in the wind.
I hate multiculturalism and the acceptannce of it. I am sure multiculturalism was made fashionable just so the governement could get in cheap labour and build a stronger economy (this was my father's case). This is the bare bones of it. I wish my dad was kept out of Australia so I could have been born a full blood Asian or a full blood Scot. Not this watered down version of a person.
Thanks, if you have listened. I have decided not to have any children so as not to give life to an innocent and for it to be an even more watered down version.

Whitelaw Towers said...

Anon that is a sad tale. I truly do not know what I can say to this.

Jane said...

You know who you are.

Anonymous said...

What to say or do ?

Get busy, that's what.....The BnaiBrith and the rest of the Jewish establishment make it their life's purpose to prey on innocents..They seek to harm people with their psychotic predations and are attempting the wholesale destruction of all peoples so that they can manifest as singularly "Chosen" and have people forced to into idolatry while they lick the Pharisees bloodsoaked feet The JewHiss religion is the dirty old Man of the religious world. It defiles innocence because it has none of its own and is rotten to the YidCore. The Jews are its victims as well.

As Billy Sing targeted with precision those who sought to destroy both himself, his racial kin from which he was derived and who were probably unwittingly fighting for Zion, so might you know and expose for all to see those who goad and torment the "Goyim" into circumstances that will see us all mutually destroyed for “Israel”.

The destruction of all races and peoples on an industrial scale is a JewHiss imperative so as to manufacture their "Goyim".

Search "Courage to Care" , "AntiDefamation Commission" and BnaiBrith...Read their slippery scribblings and platitudes about "racism" that are deviously designed to deceive the innocent so that they might step into Kosher traps.

Warn others so that they are protected by an awareness.

But remember this....The Jew yearns for us to harm him physically so that the things he is taught as a Yiddie are made manifest....I remember Whitelaw mentioned the Indonesian Chabbadim ? crying out to be hurt or killed during some recent escapades that involved the Muzzies. The Jew knows that he can use the physical expression of our frustrations at what is a spiritual and ideological contest to inflict itself through "law" upon us. It is the quintessential indignant, predatorial victim.

"Anti-Semitism" exists only because Jews do not have enough control over the behaviour of the "Goyim".

Or so the Jew thinks....

Anonymous said...,27574,26256902-421,00.html

Asylum seekers my arse. Economic opportunists and deserters more like it. Each one of these gulllible facile fools who have no history with the Jew is being used as cannon fodder. We're all residents and captives of a Kosher Asylum of Lies.

The UK is set to explode....The Anglo-Saxons and the Celts of the UK have been "blessed" by the influencea of the Jews just as the JC was blessed and betrayed by the slippery Wortongued kiss of Judas the Jew. They will rise again while the Judas state of Israel hangs itself.

Meanwhile...Judas Jeremy Moans "racism, hatred, prejudice, pouisecushun, bigotry" etcetera etcetera adinfinitum, the very ideas by which he idenitifies as a Judasic 'Jew'.

Anonymous said...

On a borderless financial system.

The Reserve Bank of Australia in its "Equality and Diversity Annual Report 2009" notifies us that it has removed the requirement of Australian Citizenship for permanent employment.

Apparently this enables highly skilled staff without citizenship to remain at the Bank....

More likely it facilitates the infiltration of Australia's banking system by those whose interests lie with something other than those of Australians, and more likely with Global Governance and the deconstruction of race and ethnicity.

Does the reserve bank answer to the Australian Legislature ?