Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bogus N.F.

This is a post from a totally bogus ‘National Front’ site in New Zealand:

Friday, October 16, 2009
“Survive Club
Heres a video of us doing survive club training we are awesum aye? especially Jason "theres an air of stupidity out there" Orme hell we are lucky to have him ike it says in the video, we do have lots of members who are doctors lawyers accountants and respectable people. its just a shame that the only people who could come on the day were slightly dopey looking . .”

This is an excellent indicator of the puerile calibre of the enemies of White Nationalism and their bitter and twisted mentality of blind hatred. For creatures who push, ad nauseam, the claims that they not only hold the higher moral ground but that they are more intelligent than most they certainly resort to lowbrow and criminal tactics like ducks take to water. It seems to come so naturally for them.

The bit about the “doctors, lawyers, accountants and respectable people” (it's meant to be sarcastic) is very revealing of the mindset we have, here at Whitelaw Towers, become only too familiar with over the years. Follow the 'logic' of that line if you will. What it is saying is that if you are not a 'professional' (read: Yuppie) you are not 'respectable'. This is typical of the arrogance and hubris of the spoilt, bourgeois prats who dominate the ranks of the Red Left. Never forget for one moment that the Reds are, like their Khazar puppetmasters, the most gross of elitists.

It reminds this writer of the time a Leftist told him he was “not qualified to have an opinion”. When quizzed on what precisely he meant the Leftist replied “Well, you don’t even have a Degree!” Apparently the Red Left have no respect whatsoever for the autodidact. If ‘ze papervork’ is ‘not in order’ then you are deemed ineligible for discourse.

I wonder how this goes down though with the Trade Unionists the AntiFa seem to be flirting with yet again? I wonder what some builder’s labourer, or other construction worker, might think of this haughty attitude coming from snotty nosed ‘student’ types.

And what of the apparent, as FDB love to call it, “identity theft” of the actual New Zealand National Front? Well, don’t hold your breath on that one folks. Even though Darp, Weezil and Co from FDB fire off threats and writs at the mere whiff of anyone ‘impersonating’ or ‘misrepresenting’ them, don’t wait for anyone to take legal action on the Red Scum.

Fact is, the perpetrators are probably, if they’re not already live at home Thirty Something ‘professionals’’, the sons or daughters of Lawyers or Judges anyway! Such is the nature of today’s sick society.


Jane said...

Spot on Whitelaw!
I recall the med and law students at uni being some of the most disgusting particpants at the 'Boat Races' - with strategically placed kiddie pools for the mandatory vomitting up of excessive beer consumed. I'm not saying ALL doctors and lawyers are like this but simply that there is no set correlation between real class and type of occupation.
I've mixed with all types in various capacities and I can attest to the fact that real class has nothing to do with income, mainstream education or has EVERYTHING to do with character, resilience, integrity, ability to think independently, emotional control and moral values.

National Frunt said...

actually that stuff about doctors and lawyers was a comment on what Jason Orme said in the video clip we at Nfrunt are actu8ally bogans from Christchurch, and we hate yuppies almost as much as we hate white power scum like you