Thursday, October 29, 2009

Comment from the National Alliance Folk on NZed Flag day.

Greetings Friends and Comrades

We have great news for this report. For the first time ever there was no organised Left Wing counter protest. There was the odd crazy punk wondering around, but it was pointless for them. Also for the first time ever we marched through the streets of the CBD in Wellington.We walked to a mall and got to mingle with members of the public and finally got to present the actual message instead of it being blurred by the opposition. We handed out hundreds of flyers and the Unity for our movement was increased. We heard latter that the reason the Left never showed is that Asher Goldman (the Zionist Anarcho-Comie) has become too paranoid as a result of his Depression and other mental disorders.

The Media seemed to be less interested since the Left didn’t show up. They instead focused the last few days on Kyle Chapman and the Right Wing Resistance. The Dominion did its usual Left Wing Stance and tried to get in early with negative articles and then presented a report about a fence being painted as though our people had done it, even though it was obvious to anyone that the Red Punks had been responsible.

We have had many new people join the news letter since the last one. We welcome them all.

The Right Wing Resistance has now created their own Blogger Site to inform people about what they are actually doing. We encourage people to check it out.

As always we encourage feed back and would like to invite people to continue with their donations. We have a new Bank Account now so please email us when you are donating and we will send you the new account.

Nationalist Alliance

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