Tuesday, October 27, 2009

David Duke comments on Nick Griffin.

I must say I agree with David Duke completely.

I do think that Nick will get some sympathy for the ambush on him at the BBC, but I don’t think that such is the best scenario. I would much rather be reading media attacks how “effective he is for his terrible ideas,” etc.

The show was a setup from the beginning. A trap. The way you defeat such a trap is to expose it. You don’t clap for an African American woman who is essentially saying that you are an ignorant fool. You don’t remain silent as the moderator goes to person after person, each saying outrageous things about you.

You Stop everything, stand up and you expose to the viewing audience that this is a con job from the beginning. When they let people in the audience supposedly ask questions that are just attacks, you demand to answer those questions, one at time, and respond to them. You may defend yourself and correct inaccuracies, but then you immediately go on the attack righteously.

Such as, to the attack of being a racist you might say, ” I am no racist for simply defending my heritage, but you are the true racist for trying to destroy my heritage in my own homeland. You are the racist with your so-called affirmative discrimination that racially discriminates against Britons in jobs and promotions and scholarships and the like. You are the racist in constantly attacking White people for colonialism and racism, but then support the Third World colonization of Britain. You are the racist for creating a situation where tens of thousands of innocent Britons are now victims of crime and violence.”

Or, he might say:

“You keep saying that I represent hate, or am motivated by hatred. Look at the sneering and vicious character of my opponents and you will see the real hate. I am motivated by a deep love of Britain and the wonderful heritage of the English, and Welsh, and Scots, and Irish that built the nation that has given the world so much literature, science, art and beauty!”

You don’t keep your head down in your notes, but hold your head up high, unflinching amidst the attacks on you, and then demand the right to respond to the nasty attacks on you character.

You don’t weasel, you go on the attack, not in a nasty, gratuitous way, but in a forthright way. Such as,

“Mr. Straw, you talk of your Jewish heritage and lineage and you ardently support the Israeli terrorist, apartheid state. Why do you support Israel as a Jewish State, support their terrorist suppression of the Palestinian indigenous people, but then try to destroy the heritage of Britain and the British people? Why are you so much for preserving Jewish heritage but so opposed to preserving British heritage?”

Nick said some good things in pointing out that unlike Straw he opposed the Iraq war, but then ruined it all by supporting the Zionist murder in Gaza! He should have stuck the rhetorical knife in Straw and pointed out that he did not speak out forcefully against the Israeli mass murder and maiming in Gaza. Of course, how could he, because he had already tried to ingratiate himself with the Jewish extremists by defending their murder in Gaza.

If he would have done things, been more aggressive in his defense, stood up from his chair, and showed the hypocrisy of his enemies, the show, despite its trap, would have been a great victory.

For instance, why didn’t he point out to the attacking audience, that there are thousands of organizations in Britain which specifically support non-Whites and the non-White social and political agenda, and many are supported by the government. Many of them openly proclaim that they are activists for the interests of their group, so how dare they say that Britain can’t even have one party that defends the founding people of Britain. What hypocrisy!

“You are right,” he could say, “we have a real problem with racism in Britain, racism against the people who created and sustain this great country!”

I wish Nick Griffin the best of luck, but I hope that he will learn how to play the hardball one must play when combating these hypocrites. If so, he will move from the EU Parlament to #10 Downing Street.

Just a few notes for you…

David Duke


Here's Trouble said...

Spot on, stand your ground no matter what!

Anonymous said...

Jack straw admits he is a Jew. He is therefore predisposed to speak with a forked tongue in accordance with the permissions and licences granted to him by his jaundiced religion and "racial" identity when dealing with the "Goyim".
The Anglo-Saxons and the Celts answer only to themselves and the truth...Jack Straw is illegitimate and a treacherous collaborator against the interests of all "Goyim". He is a Jew.

Anonymous said...

Who gives a toss about what the establishment Churchill might have thought...

Of greater import is what the rank and file of the British armed forces believed in agreeing to take up arms against others on behalf of the establishment.

Did they knowingly fight and die for life under the auspices of Noachide Law as administered by the Sanhedrin of the Self Chosen in JeruSalem.... Did they know that such an impost requires the multicultural adulteration or "diasporisation" of all Gentile peoples and the destruction of their cultural inheritance and memory ?

Would they have been pleased with what their people and kin appear to have become....brain addled vassals, Noachidiots in waitng, peons, limp wristed advocates of faggotry and the defilement of innocence.....They would not have been pleased...They would have gone after the collaborators and pimps who have betrayed their good intentions.

Have you no shame indigenes of the UK ? Will you forever be tugging your forelocks so as receive the approvals of those who secretly despise you and would gladly see your demise? Time to Get some Nutz Boys and Girls and cease your shameful, deferential grovelling for the approvals of of the precious and pious Prigs that infest your legislature.

The WormTongue Judas' lives....and he has been in your ear for far, far too long.

Anonymous said...

WormTongued Whispers.

Anonymous said...

The commenter below is confused for lack of knowledge on the subject of fair weather friends, the Mind, Price and motivations of Judas Iscariot, Demonology, Shape Shifting, PsychoPathology, MuchChosen's syndrome by Proxy in the Politico/Religious sense where Left and Right hand are controlled by the same malevolent Hive Mind, Repairing the "World", Noachidiocy, Memetic Symbiosis, Palliative care of Peoples destined for Engineered cultural, historical, Memetic and Genetic Euthanasia and the discovery of truth by consensus,,,, amongst other things.

But he's startin' to get it, and James is not going to be a Happy Chappy when he does, unfortunately. And so the NeverEnding story goes.....

It could have all been avoided though.........

Hang on isnt this what the BNP have been saying for many years now? And isnt Melanie one of the biggest critics of the BNP?
- James P, Liverpool, 26/10/2009 20:19
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