Thursday, October 01, 2009

Don’t Drop The Soap @ndy

@ndy’s still at it, perpetuating absolute, one hundred percent, totally discredited LIES. This time it’s about the so-called ‘Holocaust’, known to the special interest political lobby group who call themselves ‘Jews’ as The ‘Shoah’.

If @ndy is so keen to ‘expose’ groups like the National Anarchists as fakes, thereby claiming the high moral ground and the ‘true way’, then why does he openly publish such utter claptrap such as the following tripe?

The quote below is taken from a bogus ‘National Anarchist’ website (he and his cohorts have created several) set up by @ndy to do a hatchet job on Welf Herfurth and/or the actual National Anarchists. It is difficult to establish if the writer is trying to be ironic or not but the result is that the entire piece is rendered worthless and misleading by such statements:

“The ‘baby-boomers’ in the West experienced a lot of brainwashing in the sixties and seventies; and part of the anti-nationalism of the German boomers is a revolt against one’s parents, who were acquiescent at the time Hitler and his associates were busy gassing all those Jews and turning them into bars of soap, etc.”

@ndy, the entire lurid, Hollywood promoted ‘soap bar, lampshade, ashtray’ mythos was dispelled and disproved DECADES ago and this is even accepted by all the major Chosenite groups. Excuse the pun but the soap story just didn’t wash…

Whether he wrote it with his own hand is quite irrelevant. Through the republishing of this nonsense he is an accessory to the fact and as such, as Whitelaw Towers has proven over and over, possesses zero credibility. So why, we ask yet again, does the system still appear use him and his loony bum chums as a source?

Again, the only logical and sensible conclusion is the ‘useful idiot’ theory. @ndy and his Anarchist vandals produce a Red Fog of disinformation like a herd of farting cattle produce greenhouse gases. They are thereby willing tools and accessories to the State’s control of the people and the ruthless crushing of any real political dissent.

We believe the so-called ‘real’ Left Wing Anarchist’s main problem with the ‘National Anarchists’ is that they expose the Left’s willing complicity in Globalism. By their very nature, the International Socialist Movement and all its various associates, Anarchists and Communists included, are Global. Therefore, unlike the ‘tribal’ National Anarchists who appear to work primarily locally in a clan based network, the ‘real’ Left Wing Anarchists are putty in the hands of International Finance and the Global ‘World Village’ conspirators.

With no Racial/Cultural integrity they are nothing more than generic puppets dancing to the tune of the Internationalist franchise merchants. They might just as well be sponsored by the hated McDonalds and Starbucks they rail against.

@ndy’s latest awkwardly contrived attempt to curry favour among the younger, and therefore more gullible, ‘anarchists’ is embarrassingly clumsy and as transparently phoney as anything to have come out of the FDB Lie Factory over the past few years. This dunderheaded ‘historical revisionist’ is now claiming that the Right Wing has stolen all the Left Wing’s ideas in an attempt to fool the Red Yoof that they are really the good guys.

Well, guess what @ndy, we ARE the ‘good guys’ and it was your lot that appropriated all OUR true Socialist ideals. National Socialists and National Anarchists ARE the TRUE ‘Left Wing’. You do not have a ‘revolutionary’ bone in your body. We actually want real change and social justice for the Common Folk whereas you and your shower want obsequious compliance to the authority of the New World Order.

You do NOT represent the Workers. You can’t, because you are NOT one and will never BE one, whereas the vast majority of OUR ranks are made up from genuine Working Class Folk.

You are a lapdog for the Socially Elitist Bourgeoisie and their masters who promise them Paradise in International Finance. If you even HAVE a ‘class’ it is that of the Café Class, the political dilettantes and pseudo intellectual wankers, who frequent trendy Coffee Shops, Wine Bars, Theatres and Art Galleries. Stick with your own crowd @ndy, you patronising, pretentious little prat, and leave the salvation of the Working Class to those who really belong and understand.

Judging by some of the commentary around the Internet several of the more intellectually vigorous of the Left Wing are beginning to wake up and smell the sickening stench of rotting gefilte fish wafting from your rhetoric. Let’s hope lynching traitors is as time honoured a tradition in the ranks of the Left as it is elsewhere when they realise you’ve been selling them out all along @ndy.


National Anarchist said...

The attacks on the National-Anarchist websites are a sign that @ndy and his groupies are frightened of what National-Anarchist organising is capable of. They know that we are capable of stealing their thunder and if they don't act quick, they'll lose all the legitimacy and credibility they created amongst students over the past 100 years.

We're not worried, we laugh at their attacks and keep up the motivation to fight back.

GI Jane said...

Absolutely, one hundred percent spot on!